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What could be wrong with someone who is unable to hold a minimum wage job? Can't pretty much anyone do an?
adequate job at one?

All you have to remember is that people run the gambit from being mentally challenged through being a genius.

When you are closer to the left side of the bell curve, you tend to lack skills that are more prevalent to those who reside to the far right. THAT is why it may be harder for someone to hold down a job.



they just have to keep trying they will find their lives calling hang in there

Angelo A
Unhappy doing remedial work and probably thinks can do better on government handouts.

well, some minimum wage jobs aren't THAT easy- you show up to dig a ditch at a construction job and you will need to do actual manual labor, which can be hard.
usually though someone who has difficulty holding a menial job its because their personal problems get in the way- they may drink too much, fight with their family, be into drugs, have sleep problems, transportation problems, health problems like migraine headaches, there potentially are a lot of reasons folks fail at jobs. but mainly, its because they don't place a high enough priority on holding the job, if they did, they would think about it before getting wasted the night before or whatever

Bradley P
This is partly in response to all the people who think minimum wage work is so easy that only the "lazy" cannot do it.

Get hired at a Taco Bell, or a Subway type of place (never mind any Fast Food place that does *fries* for the moment)....really get hired doing basic, menial labor at a Wal-Mart sometime. Or hell, even get a job *washing dishes* at a popular, local, non-franchise pizza place.

The problem, especially for folks with mood disorders like myself, is not the *job* we get *hired* to do, ok? If the job remained the one we were hired to do more of us would stay working.

The problem is that nothing we do is ever enough. If we get hired to work two days a week, there is *constant* pressure to fill in for people and work the third day, then the fourth and fifth....if we get hired to wash dishes, we also end up having to mop the floor around the dishwashing area too. If we get hired just to *bag groceries*, we end up having to do that *and also* greet *and also* drag several hundred pounds of shopping carts back in by the dozen....

In short, we get hired for Minimum Wage, no perks, in *theory* to do a minimum job, nothing extra, but then the Pressure Game starts and people keep wanting to pile on *way* more work and *way* more hours than what was asked for (or hired for OR PAID FOR). Or....what started as a job where two or three people adequately kept up with the workload *rapidly* ends up being trimmed down to a one-man job where the one person is scrambling to *not fall further behind*.

In short, really plain English, the reality of Minimum Wage is Maximum Work. Which is HELL for anyone already in a bad way from a Mood Disorder who is *already* having to deal with *way* too many burdens in life as it is. It's enough to make a *sane* person crazy, so what happens when the over-worked new hire is *Already Gone*, so to speak? And let's not kid ourselves, the ADA (Americans with Disabilities Act), with its "reasonable accomodations" is really *not* enforced to any meaningful degree anywhere in the workplace, and this is *clearly* the case especially at the bottom when there's *nothing* going for the job *but* that $5.15 an hour payday.

So....I'd humbly submit, it isn't laziness. It's a sincere desire to *not* suffer anymore....it's about knowing that you aren't fit to be de facto plantation labor, knowing that this "work" will just make you crazier, have you quitting in three months or less, and have your reputation ruined *even further*.

Really. I speak from the bitter pain of experience here, I have been hired for and lost more minimum wage dead-end work than I care to even think about, and in the end, most of it (the occasional abusive boss aside) was from the ill fit between the Endless Pressure Game to give "more more more" from one side, and that $5.15-an-hour and-no-perks grind on the other. Not to mention what this was doing to the tatters of my sanity here....

Just saying, don't hate us....we aren't as lazy as you have been *led* to believe by the Media. Remember, the Media and the Politicians have NEVER worked for Minimum Wage in their LIVES. They don't know. And they don't know what it means to be considered "broken" by society, on the one hand, and to be locked into that Unjustified Pressure Game on the other.

Don't hate us poor folks if you don't know us and don't know *first hand* the choices we have to make here, ok? Please?

Thanks for your time, and have a good day! :)

Thomas K
Most minimum-wage jobs require interaction with people or repetitive execution of simple tasks.

Most folks can START a minimum-wage job, but boredom, bad attitudes and the small amount of pay for long hours will do them in after a while.
Add to that the reduction of hours on a week-to-week basis, may mean that the total pay is insufficient due to the reduced hours. Grocery stores are like that.
Having to work nights, weekends, holidays also impacts the social life, so the party people just don't show up, leaving the business short-staffed.

For the above reasons, YES: almost anyone can do the work. It's not particularly difficult work. NO, there are not nearly so many who can/will HOLD a minimum wage position.
There is no particular loyalty today for employers to retain people nor for people to stay, particularly in these entry-level positions. The company can always get another body (aka "human resource") and the employee can always get a position down the road that's just a little better for them. It does not take much for them to leave. They are not abandoning anything like benefits, bonuses or seniority after all.

Answer Girl 2007
Well I hope most people could, but there are probably some that can't; those that are mentally hanicappied, depressed, or have psychological/emotional problems, those you never learned to read/write.

Maybe they just don't want to.I know for a fact that even mentally handicapped people can get on at Wal-Mart.Maybe your friend lacks the confidence to be able to perform certain tasks.That could happen.

Before I completed my education, I had several minimum wage jobs. I was able to hold them, but the lack of respect with which I was treated motivated me to continue my education and develop skills that would allow me to become more appreciated and more highly compensated.

Now I am a teacher. When I interact with people, especially other adults with minimum wage jobs, I treat them with a great deal of respect. I respect them for working even though their jobs are often boring, exhausting, and depressing. I respect them because, at this stage in my life, I'm not sure if I could handle a minimum wage job.

People who hold minimum wage jobs often have a stronger work ethic than other workers. For the most part, they are not treated well. I really don't blame those who tire of the work and quit or get fired. I think the solution is to pay a living wage and to have more respect for those who work at minimum wage jobs.

It could be a lot of things. Maybe they have a learning disability or other mental problem? Maybe a problem with authority where they won't follow directions....?

You don't give any details so it's hard to say.

Not true with the bipolar answer below me, my best friend is and has held down a job forever, it is the state of mind and how much you push yourself, otherwise pure lazyness for not holding one down...

It could be any number of things ranging from simple laziness, a sense of entitlement that they deserve more without first paying their dues to any number of mental illnesses.

It's easy to assume anyone can do this type of work, but before writing them off as lazy, it's essential to first look at the big picture.

Sure anyone can hold down some worthless job but if you're not happy, why stay?

If you can find something else that makes you happy, do it.
I say people who seem to jump from job to job are either lazy or unhappy.

Most people can be taught to do any thing so yes if you are able bodied the average person can do any job. But the difference is will you be good at any particular job...we all have talents and the trick is to find out what you are good at. We are not all suited to every type of job

Minimum wage isn't enough to live on, so the stress is higher than a high paying job. In my experience, the higher the pay, the less the stress, and so it's easier to hold the job.

Remember, this is a capatalist society. That means that if you're paying minimum wage, you are only going to get minimum effort. The blame for a poorly done job shouldn't go on a minimum wage worker, but on management that thinks it's getting away with something by paying such low wages.

you do know, i presume, that there is a rather high number of Vietnam veterans in the ranks of the chronically unemployed.
if you don't know, then you should.
something about their experience changed them so that they are not able to work.
it's surely not laziness.
i think it's the lack of ability to follow instructions, particularly from managers who, for lack of a better term, are idiots.
keep in mind, they risked their lives, for their country.
and are not looked down on, and told that their burger flipping technique is wrong.

that's just one example, but i suspect that there are many similar, and more recent, ones.
so, no, it's not necessarily lazy, although that is surely the reason in some cases.
the problem is, that it's not easy to tell the difference.

which makes it difficult for people who are sufficiently mentally handicapped, that they can only see the world as good or bad, and not in shades of gray.
that mental lack, is the major reason that there's a discussion about how Iraq is going, or is global warming real.
stupidity is golden, for politicians who understand how to manipulate it.

There is a laundry list of things that could make a person on be able to hold a job. alot mental health related and some not like not being taught responsiblity and gets fired etc. I have been thru about 2 jobs a year when i worked. stay at home mom now. I tended to go so over the top happy then burn out. or i would say somthing to a customer that was inappropriate when they were rude to me. some people are not people persons and most minimum wage jobs include dealing with the public.

I've worked many jobs in my life, minimum wage to very good wage. The hardest job I ever had was minimum wage convenience store clerk, the list of duties to be done (aside from waiting on customers) numbered 47 things per shift...the store was in a prime location, no backup clerk allowed...worked 9 hour shifts, usually with no break and no lunch due to customer flow. If you complained that you needed backup at least long enough to eat, you were let go.

duties included, fronting shelves, restock cooler, restock ice, completely GI the bathroom, stick measure gasoline tanks, refill windshield washer stations, sweep parking lot, sweep and mop store, empty trash bins every four hours, clean and refill mocha machine, refill creamers, make coffee, change syrup in soda fountain, special tracking on sales of particular items, check food items for expiration date, keep hot dogs loaded on hot dog machine, refill condiments, restock sold out items on shelves, reload lottery tickets as they come out, redeem lottery tickets, maintain national lottery machine, give directions, there were many other requirements as well...all for $4.75 per hour with no benefits of any kind and no store discount for employees.

In retrospect, I'd quit too.

Oh...and don't forget the lingerers...the one's that come in and you have to listen to for half an hour as they tell you how tough it is cause they aren't getting a pay increase this year and how tough it was to get by on just $18/hour...and you have to smile and nod sympathetically while you grind your teeth at the buffoon that's making four times as much as you who is in such fiscal pain.

Often holding down a job has less to do with being able to do the job than it does with just getting along with your co-workers. Lets face it, nobody wants to spend day after day with someone who has an attitude problem regardless of the tasks being performed.

Also, what boss wants to keep repeatedly reprimanding someone who clearly acts like they have no desire to work well with others. It's a heck of a lot easier to find someone who will.

Minimum wage jobs are as a rule the worst of the worst. I don't know if I could hold one myself due to the low pay, the lack of respect, the working conditions, the hours, the attitudes of supervisors, and having some co-workers who are difficult, immature, combative and lazy. I have worked minimum wage jobs before and have worked with some really fine people, but also with some really immature irresponsible ones that would not have been able to get a higher paying job. So, I do not think just anyone can do that sort of work. Sometimes a person needs a job where he or she is more highly regarded and more autonomous. Another thing about minimum wage jobs is that oftentimes employers have to, or feel they have to, micro-manage their workers, and this interferes with a worker who is self-motivated and capable.

It could be there isn't anything wrong with a person who is unable to hold a minimum wage job other than they need a different type of work more closely suited to their skills and interests. Or I suppose its also possible there is some other problem going on with that person making it difficult to function in a work environment.

mentally ill or super lazy.

Casey P
You really should be asking yourself this question.

Most minimum wage jobs are for beginners, and young people, or the uneducated, or the getting educated. The rich don't want to PAY people good money if they don't have to after all. (Trust me I've worked for 30 years in the worst and in the best!)

Some people just dont want to work...they feel they are being controlled and they want to be in charge of their own life, even if it's unproductive and going nowhere, they'd rather that, than work.

Maybe that really awful and menial job is just a reminder that that's the best they can do too and it's probably extremely depressing and stressful to stay in it.

I had a really high paying job with great responsibilities before I had my children. 10 years later I try to get back into the workforce and doors slam in my face. Everyone wants young babes as the first thing people see. Those are the worst jobs of all too, everyone dumps on you and you are paid the lowest.

I could never take on these awful low paying jobs again....I'm just past that....if I have to work for peanuts, it's going to be at least in a job that has good people in it and no brainwork required....people are out to kill you these days for $8 an hour....no thanks. I've been savvy enough to make money from home over the years and will continue doing that before I clean someone's toilet thank you.

I kind of have a deep respect for people who work so hard for nothing these days. I don't want to be that person however. I've ruined my back doing menial jobs when I was young...no more thank you.

So I am going to keep looking and upgrading my skills in the meantime until I can get my foot back in that corporate door and do what I am capable of doing. I'm not even sure I want that...but if the right thing comes up.

It's a shame that so many people come here to our country who are doctors and nurses and other skilled trades and end up cleaning toilets because they don't meet this country's criteria for working.

I long for the days of the industrial revolution when this country was booming with opportunity and there was money to be made for everyone who wanted to work. I bought and paid for my own house in less than 7 years in those days!!! Would take a lifetime if I had to start over now. No one stands a chance without an education these days.

Those days of making good salaries are long gone (thanks to free trade and those who get paid $3 a day...but hey, share the wealth around the world no?)

Here's an interesting fact. The US makes less than 5 percent of the worlds goods yet purchases 80 percent of other countries....scary isn't it?

Anyone can do them, but they are mostly alot of work, and no pay. In fact, too much work, and an @sshole boss on top of it, well, think about it....

Yes, anyone can do the job, but not everyone can shovel all the sh!t thrown at them by petty-tyrant managers and customers eager to boss someone around. That was my experience. I have been much better at holding a job since leaving fast food and becoming a clerical temp--that was my way to office work.

JC is the MAN
Yes anyone should be able to hold even a min. wage job. Even handicap persons can maintian a job. The most common way a person can loose a job in my opinion is not being respectful to co-workers and customers. Of course any illegal or unethical activities would also prevent someone from holding a job. Besides these issues, one of the biggest potential problems is lack of transportation.

the problem with minimum wage jobs is they tend to involve a lot of customer service (being really really nice to people who treat you like crap) and you'd be amazed how many people treat you like crap. and the problem with the employers is that they don't empathize in the slightest if someone upsets you and even if all you do is sigh at them that's bad service. i can understand how you can get sacked from a job like that. if only people treated each other with respect, especially those in a job in which they serve them, holding down a low-pay job would be much much easier.

The lower paying jobs are usually more physically and most likely have more arrogant a**holes on a powertrip trying to manipulate them so no not everyone can do it.

No not everyone can, there are reasons why some can't;

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