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 How do i relieve from stress & anxiety ??
Its become a habit with me to get easily tensed up with little things. Something that's not happening correct or not in order makes me anxious & irritated. You can say that i am stupid ...

 I want to treat my depression without medication, any suggestions?
My depression is mild and my doctor is OK with me not treating it with medication in the short term. Serious answers only please....

 Is talking to yourself a problem?
i talk to myself alot but i got it from my parents. they say it isn't a problem but my friends think i just got mental problems.is it a problem?...

 Give me a reason why life is good...............?
after a **** few months, i need some inspiration. why is life good and why does everything go wrong sometimes?...

 Why should I stop cutting?
I do not understand, why should I stop cutting myself? Everyone deals with stress in different ways, and cutting is how I deal with mine. I have never cut deep and I have been doing this for about 5 ...

 Why do people speak before thinking?

 I used to cut myself. Should I be ashamed of it?
I used to cut and burn myself as a kid, in order to cope with depression, and now I have a lot of scars as a result. At first I wore long sleeves constantly because I was ashamed of it, but I live in ...

 Is writing in a journal healthy for one who is depressed?
I thought it would be a good outlet to vent my frustrations - however - I read some where recently that this can only add to the stress - which is true?...

 I'm just so ANGRY!?
I am always so angry at home. At school I never lose my temper or get into slanging matches etc but at home my brothers and sisters and even parents just drive me up the wall. Sometimes I just can&#...

 Can I have a hug?
I feel really bad, like I'm crying inside, and I want to hurt myself, and I don't want to be alone but there's no one else home, and, I don't know, I guess I just really need a ...

 I'm afraid to leave my house because I think I'm too ugly. How to get help?
For the last year I have not being able to go outside because I think I'm too ugly, and I get panic attacks, and angry on myself for being so ugly. I really need help....

 What reasons are there to live?
What exactly is the point to life?...

 Anyone else getting slightly addicted to Yahoo! answers?

 Why am I wasting time on here instead of working?
It's Friday. I have no motivation. Someone help me....

 I dont want to live?
if you want to know something more see my Q&A page..
its realy a devil day
my love left me forever today i dont a ray of hope now .. he will never come back to me he dont love me .. ...

 Help! I'm a depressed teenage girl...?
Okay.. so here's the dealio.
I'm a 13 year old girl and lots of things are going wrong in my life.
My best friend is slipping away...
Schoolwork and tests are harder than ...

 When was the last time you cried?

 Does drinking alcohol make you feel depressed afterwards?
why exactly?...

 Why do depressed people like to be mean and crude to others?
Why do depressed people like to be mean and crude to others. I've known a few people who are depressed that take anti-depresants. One of them takes pain killers for recreation purposes. I'...

 Is it normal to be scared of these things at thirteen?
I am scared of sleeping by myself. I don't know why, and this only happend last year. I wa scared when I was little but now I seem to be scared of loads of stuff. I am scared whenever I try to ...

What are you scared off ?
Think im scared of the dark.

Cancer and dying. and loosing my family and friends

wasps, evil looking things

Martin W
small spaces

loosing controle over my life.

spiders & and lakes/oceans.

getting in car wrecks, losing someone i love, dying alone

Spiders. Definitely spiders.

Me Me
Losing my mom. And my marriage. It's at the brink. We have a son. I'm scared of dying and leaving my precious baby boy behind.


Oh, yeah, and this current political administration.

Clowns, I don't know why. But they put a little scare into me.

spiders, ghosts, heights, and dying alone. (Amazing I can leave the house, huh?)

i dont have no mirrors in the house.


Ghost and pain. Loneliness.

being physically abused. ='(

I have Phobophobia.

Story Teller
My physical fear is heights. I want to jump out of a plain, bungee jump and I love the views from high places. But when I have been on the space needle it is difficult for me stand at the edge, and when I am hiking in the mountains it is almost, and sometimes is, impossible for me to go to the edge.

But the deepest fear I think I have is that I will die, without letting those near me know how much I believe in them, wish them the best and love them.

green terra

X Fatality X
Drowning in the ocean.

Fred M
being burned alive

[email protected]


I´m scared that someday someone i love will be in a dangerous situation and i won´t be able to do anything to save them.

being without my family

george o
mostly the dark cause if you stare into it looks like as if you can see some one


Anna C
World problems, health and well being for my family, losing my dogs, having a secure financial security and spiders.

my mommy getting old.

snakes, losing my loved ones (including my dog) and a painful death

Another Bush in the White house

Da Ben Dan
being alone....

deep water and fire

Me too, i sleep with the telly on

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