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 Is writing in a journal healthy for one who is depressed?
I thought it would be a good outlet to vent my frustrations - however - I read some where recently that this can only add to the stress - which is true?...

 I'm just so ANGRY!?
I am always so angry at home. At school I never lose my temper or get into slanging matches etc but at home my brothers and sisters and even parents just drive me up the wall. Sometimes I just can&#...

 Can I have a hug?
I feel really bad, like I'm crying inside, and I want to hurt myself, and I don't want to be alone but there's no one else home, and, I don't know, I guess I just really need a ...

 I'm afraid to leave my house because I think I'm too ugly. How to get help?
For the last year I have not being able to go outside because I think I'm too ugly, and I get panic attacks, and angry on myself for being so ugly. I really need help....

 What reasons are there to live?
What exactly is the point to life?...

 Anyone else getting slightly addicted to Yahoo! answers?

 Why am I wasting time on here instead of working?
It's Friday. I have no motivation. Someone help me....

 I dont want to live?
if you want to know something more see my Q&A page..
its realy a devil day
my love left me forever today i dont a ray of hope now .. he will never come back to me he dont love me .. ...

 Help! I'm a depressed teenage girl...?
Okay.. so here's the dealio.
I'm a 13 year old girl and lots of things are going wrong in my life.
My best friend is slipping away...
Schoolwork and tests are harder than ...

 When was the last time you cried?

 Does drinking alcohol make you feel depressed afterwards?
why exactly?...

 Why do depressed people like to be mean and crude to others?
Why do depressed people like to be mean and crude to others. I've known a few people who are depressed that take anti-depresants. One of them takes pain killers for recreation purposes. I'...

 Is it normal to be scared of these things at thirteen?
I am scared of sleeping by myself. I don't know why, and this only happend last year. I wa scared when I was little but now I seem to be scared of loads of stuff. I am scared whenever I try to ...

 Do you think I'm destroying my body?
I suffer depression, & I haven't left the house in over a week. Most of the time I can't even get out of bed. I've had stuffy nose & stuff like that. But anyway, I usually eat ...

 Depression, is setting in. How can to shoe it away?
Feel like crying today....

 What r u most afraid off?

 How weird is this?
Okay so.. I was at my friends house and we were on the computer.. She left for a few minutes and by mistake I clicked onto her Sims 2 game. Since i've never played this game I was curious to see ...

 What REALLY came first the chicken or the egg ?

 Should I tell my new boyfriend that I have Bipolar Disorder?

 Do you think that suicide is the answer??
i have tried and failed at this and i believe i was supposed to go the first time, my life is completly empty and i am numb, i have no feelings for nothing...nobody can understand me and i can see ...

What are you feeling right now?

Irritated, frustrated, not a happy camper!


Disturbingly happy.

i feel some what annoyed.

Olive Green Eyes
Pain between my shoulder blades that has not gone away in 5 days. I need help!

pain, depressed, pissed off. anyone want a white husky/german shephered/wolf mixed dog?

Genio Atrapado
depression, sadness, anxiety, allergy, want to smoke pot, get drunk and dirty, but Im @ work, kill me

Very sick, have a cold. Sore throat and a fever :-(


But I'm trying to put my earring back on so it's kind of hurting me. So I feel kinda mad!

a little depressed but I see my shrink today!

Annoyed I hate summer. I am more of a winter person.

Tired.I'm at work on my 10th 12 hour shift.

Sonny M

I'm pretty tired ..I took this sleeping pill last night and I was only supposed to take half..put I took the whole thing and I'm still tired...bblaahhhalk aldfjalsdjksjd;ajd

i feel lonley wat about u?

Chri R
I'm real happy, always am and I love your flower.

happy/. just saw my friends earlier. and i lost weight.

annoyed, sad, upset, scared, nervous, etc. etc. (the usual)

Rubber Duck

So happy it's Friday. I have a full weekend of honey do's to do myself

Laydee T
You know when you get butterflies cos you wanna see someone and you're thinking about them??... Like that.

Game Guy
50% bored bacause I'm sitting at work and all my energy is drained.
30% happy because I've finished all the work that needs to be done and I actually have time to post here.
15% hungry bacause I haven't eaten all day.
5% aroused...only a little though ;-D

Like my head will implode. I can't think at all. I'm going to scream.

frustrated... my mail is late and i'm expecting a big fat check...

Care - free I suppose. Never had any REAL worries.



Matthew Hatton



Ladies Man (Agent Jake)
Well, I'm kinda confused wit life......

Its like............sometimes happy, but sometimes really sad.

When things are allright, I feel happy and joyfull. But, when things go wrong, I feel so miserable and depressed.

Who is need right now, is a person who can help me outta my emotional problems..........Maybe a girl....^_^

And sometimes, I feel sad, to realise that there is no girl whom I am capable of having as my closest frend....

Right now, I'm kinda sad............

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