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 My younger sister has confided in me that she hears nasty voices in her head,shes 13.what could this be?
she says it usually happens when shes on her own and its two people,arguing ,usually or telling her to do things.Its happened at school a few times and she said she cant concentrate ,she seemed ...

 Why are so many people jealous?
Just look at this... http://answers.yahoo.com/question/index;_ylt=ApljqnBNVMpaL44MnwPBxdPsy6IX?qid=20060621184832AAKs3K2
Jealousy is sad.
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 Why am I so depressed?
I'm so depressed I think im going to commit ...

 Is being lonely good or bad?

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WHich do u think is worser, Being lonely or feeling lonely even with companions?...

 Do you believe in hope ?
I'm soo happy I made it to 16 years of life, the 14 years I spent happy and the other two I just been in I spent depressed and on the breaking point where I can committ suicide at any moment but ...

 I feel suicidal?
Today has been a nightmare, so stresful, even my therapist doesn't call me for 4-5 weeks for another appointment. nobody gives a damn and im not ringing them..*** them. i cant deal with life and ...

 What could be wrong with someone who is unable to hold a minimum wage job? Can't pretty much anyone do an?
adequate job at one?...

 Self harm, Think i'm losing it?
i started about 2 3 years ago ermm it started off first time ever was at work. then when i started getting depressed and was numb and panicie. now i do it for them reasons plus i see the scars and ...

 Carnt sleep please help!!!!?
please please help i have not been sleeping for a couple of months now and its really getting me down am really stressed and things are getting on to of me. am usually a happy go lucky girl who is ...

 Apart from shooting myself, is there any cure from absolute grief?
I'm looking for reasoned answers here, not from r&s people.
I'm losing control of my perception of reality. What is the point of stuggling on through a debiliating illness and ...

 What would you do to shock me?

 Do u sometimes wish to die?
I am only 15 almost 16!!i find my life really hard specially having my GCSEs exams!there is too much pressure on me!!sometimes i feel extremely depressed and i wish to die in order to get away from ...

 My dad has a brain disease, that will kill him... i dont kno if my friends can help... should i tell them?
this disease is eating his brain away hes 50 years old... it makes him forget how to talk and think... he also is making my mom break down to a sad mess... the docters have no clue how long it will ...

 I hear voices THEY ARE REAL everyone looks at me like im mad but i swear im not they tell me to hurt myself
i hear voices they ARE real i no they are
my mum looks at me like im mad
she took me to see a man and they put me in this plane room for 2 weeks
why cant they hear or see what i see?<...

 I cant control my anger!!!!!?
my anger is getting out of control. i used to draw or workout to control my anger but it hasnt been working recently. my first instinct when i get angry is to beat the crap out of the first thing ...

 Has anyone ever made u sleepy by the way they talk?
every time my english teacher talks or teaches, idk its just the sound of his voice and the way he talks makes me sleepy!...

 I want to quit?
i have been cutting now and i want to stop like i went from drugs to this am i crazy?...

 What do you really think about suicide?????
i was abused when i was little and have never been able to move on from it. i have tried to kill myself several times and self harm. i know that it hurts the people who love me but i can't ...

 Is refusing to sleep unhealthy...?
You see, my friend and I haven't gotten any sleep for the past 26 hours. We want to continue. Is that unhealthy.
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 Should people who attempt suicide and fail be prosecuted for breaking the law?

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Mental Institutions are exponentially more expensive than jail. Who will pay the bill? Suicidal people cant hold ...

What's your reason for not ending it all???????????????????
Mine is that i have some foolish hope that life will get better. and i'm scared that the christians might be right and if i end my life, ill spend eternal damnation in hell. Whats yours???????

something can happen no matter how small... as long you smile every once in a while something will come up... and you dont know what... so keep on just to find out :)

I have to stick around and see what happens next. Who knows? Maybe something will get better.

I hope for a miracle--but that's probably a pipe dream.

Life is all about change. That's both good and bad. It's good in that things do get better from whatever is bothering. The bad thing is that something else will happen to bring you down again. That's the way it goes. But again just like this time, things end up getting better.

Rather than taking the easy way out, the goal should be trying to figure out how to put yourself in a better place. I won't even go the religious angle. That can only lead to more confusion. Rather than that, find stuff that makes you happy. Surround yourself with that. Be it playing video games, collecting (anything), hanging out with friends, watching movies, listening to music, anything. If you don't already have a hobby, find something you enjoy. Find online groups that share that interest. Before too long you will be focusing on tomorrow more than ending it today.

Hope that things will get better (they usually do), leftover Catholic upbringing and family.

Your hope that life will get better isn't necesarilly a foolish one.. if you want things to get better then do all you can to make it that way. The only foolish thaught here is 'the christians might be right'. Remember you are here for a reason! xXx

Would never do that to my children. They would be left behind in pain.

retep g
Life is too short as it is, and we are a long time dead.

How it would make my loved ones feel-- closest ones like my brother and boyfriend.. and some hope that when time passes things would somewhat get better...

i dont care if it ends. im going to heaven and im going to see my family =]

mine is the exact same reason you gave in your question.. so I wait.

Mainly, I trust that God has a plan for my life. My life isn't mine to end, and to do so would be selfish - my fiance, my parents, my family and friends would be devastated - why would I want to hurt them?

I believe that although I don't like myself much, I accept that others do and I can be a friend to them. If I can help others to feel loved, then my life is worth living.

god, life is just so amazing, bloody scary, but full of opportunities. i always think that no matter what, i can go to greece, work in a bar, read books and slow down if it all becomes too much. it is a selfish thing to do when that happens, but you need to be when you're thinking that drastic. i think daily life is about unselfish things like kids, mortgage, taking care of loved ones and mucho responsibility. you have just got to decide what you want...greece(your idea of it) or the normality of everyday life! its not about christianity, its about YOU and your happiness and what you need to be content and care free.

I have heard also that suicide does not good aftermath, you go to a place that's ,let's say not good.... that's what's stopping me. But the real reason i don't end it all is because I'm scared. I have tried but everytime I get a really bad feeling. Life is bad I know but you know, as difficult as this is, there's always hope. have hope in your heart that we, as true children of God that we are (if we're not His children, whose children are we?) are loved by God & He will help us only if we ask. Please believe me, I'm too suffering very much & want to cry all the time, don't have anyone to talk to really & only can turn to God. I wish I could do sth more to help you, but I all I can say is pray & ask God. He will hear you.

"Always look on the bright side of life..da dum da dum"

Life is too short as it is,the last thing I would want to do is curtail the short time we have here anyway.

chris w
Wife kids moneyy..................


amazingly intelligent
The Christians are right. You have no right to decide when to end your life. You might be having some bad days, but every time you wake up it is a new chance for fulfillment and peace. Get in touch with God. He'll listen to you and improve your life.
Everyone has a struggle with life. Christians know this is a testing place. God is perfecting our souls. We place our lives in his hands because he knows best. When we make plans we commit them to the Lord for him to establish. He is the good shepard and he will always help his flock.
May you come to know the peace of God that passes all understanding. Even in adversity I know I am never alone and God is using every situation for my ultimate good. That gives me peace.
God bless you. Life is worth living.

i have hope that there mite b sumn better

My life is incredible amazing and fabulous and good. But it hasn't always been and I have felt like you do so you are right not to end it, this too will pass.

All the best for the future.

I have too much to live for!;

There is a lot in this life to look forward to. Life is worth living. You may not see it now, but life will get better.

'Ending it' is the easy way out, and a very selfish thing to do. Think of the people who love you, and how they would suffer. My brother was killed nine months ago, and his passing has caused so much heartache for so many people.


Sir Sidney Snot
TO be with my Family as long as I can

My cat.

My Kids

If you have ever been in a situation where someone in your family has taken their own life then you would know that it is torture for those that are left behind wondering if they should have known etc

Agustin-Jean F
I'm hanging on just in case there is a chance of a sensible question on YA

It is a totally ignorant person who calls someone desperate enough to consider suicide a lunatic.

Some people feel so lonely, trapped, afraid, guilty that death seems the only option.

It really is n't.

If you really are thinking about doing this, please Im begging you speak to someone now. You can even speak to me if you wish, I will give you my email address.. I am a psychaitric nursing student, but more importantly I am the best friend of a 19 year old who killed herself 5 years ago, and I have seen the devestation it leaves behind.. when someone does something like that, they kill off a part of every person who has known them.
You may not feel loved, wanted or worthy. But I am a person and I care.

Religion aside, you get one chance at life. We all **** up, we all, without exception have regrets, some have minor regrets, some have made huge mistakes. We are all worthy of a second chance.

Lots of love



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