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 What makes you go crazy?

 Ever get so mad you want to bite or cut yourself?
This has happened to me sometimes- but I never actually go through with it. Anyone else expierence this? And no, I am not this crazy out there type of girl. No one would ever think I had the ...

 Is self-injuring/cutting ok?
i have been doin it for 2 yrs now..i think it's ok..as long as i dun show it to anyone..coz sum of my frens who found out..they freaked out ..after seeing the band-aid/blood/cuts...so is it ok?.....

 What do you do to cheer yourself up when you feel hopeless and depressed?

 I hate the world today?
I'm such a ***** and hate it. I have been mean all day to people who love me. I have anger problems. I just wish everyone whould die and leave me alone. I hate everyone. I think I hate you too. D...

 Why am i still on yahoo answers when i should be going to bed?
yes its addictive quite fun and nice to hear peoples point of view but for f**k sake why cant i get a grip on myself chill out and go to bed!!!! lol
Additional Details

 I just caught my husband eating toilet paper?
I asked why he was eating it, he said he was just wadding it up in his mouth. ???!!! whats wrong with him!
Additional Details
yes, I ...

 Where do you go when you die?

 If i didnt have my parents i would have killed myself by now.need soem help?
i just feel horrible i have a math teacher that is driving me insane i wanted to kill myself since the day i stepped in her door at the beggining of the year. she piles homework on me andwonders why ...

 Why do people laugh at me when i go outside?
Why do people seem to laugh at me when i go outside and face the world? People just always seem to look at me and alot of others will laugh in their cars. I am a 17 year old indian guy and consider ...

 How long should you mourn before you carry on with your every day routine?
I'll try and keep this short :)

A very good friend of mine was only 27 and killed by a drink driver two weeks ago.

After this I started over eating, stopped going to the ...

 Are you scared to die? Why or not?
Many people have died since my life began and since my Granmother passed on the 22nd of December I feel kind of lost and scared of death. Mostly when I am alone and the kids are asleep.......

 Does life get better or worse as you get older?

 Shall i commit suicide becasuse i am depressed?

 Females only! How old are you and How many hours of sleep do you get a day on weekdays?
i need to do this for my math class Please help me Thanksss!!...

it all started 5 months ago with my aunt dying, i started picking fights with my friends and family. I only like hanging out with 2 of my friends. I have been really depressed and I don't know ...

 I cant stop cutting myself?
I have been cutting all over my body for about 6 months. On my legs arms and sides. No matter how hard i try i just feel like I have to keep cutting. Its too the point where all i can think about is ...

 Is it weird that I'm affraid of penutbutter?

Additional Details
I'm afraid I'll suddenly become allergic to it and my throat will close and I'll die
cause I ...

 I m afraid of the computer, how do I stop my fear??

 I Accidently Cheated On My Girlfriend Last Week?
and I confessed to her, she hit me, ran out and broke up with me.

Then I saw her on campus yesterday all hugged up on some nerd. I was furious.

I'm just a vulnerable guy. ...

rock n roll rebel
Ways to make you feel better when you are sad, other than drugs and alcohol!?
Okay so i am really depressed and furiously angry cause of some emotional issue(long story) and was wondering what you people do to feel better when life is low. I mean listening to metal music only gets you so far.
Additional Details
Please stop with the exircise come on!!



When I'm really mad, (especially when I'm alone, 'cause this looks really stupid) I lay on the floor and just let the emotion was over me. Its kind of like grounding myself, and it makes me breath. I also like to write a little bit, or listen to music. If I've had a little bit of time alone, I can go and excersize, but I need space before I can face people.

read a daily devotional book everyday.

ok all the above I'm with-ditto on the sun, the exercise, and not drinking!! I'm a metal head too but I found that other music helps- piano solos, (keith jarrett) old jazz (coltraine, duke ellington) ...also shower from comfy hot to really cool water (it's kinda silly and invigorating, that's what helps!) get creative, write stupid lyrics, draw comics like you were 6 years old, force yourself to laugh inside..(even faking it works!!) help someone else who's down...but get out side..

happy pills.
a hobby.

Talk to the animals .
Dogs and cats give unconditional love and are a great comfort.
Also small babies and and toddlers always make me feel good.
They are very uncomplicated little people.
They are a joy to be with.
Lending a helping hand to a fellow human being can also boost your morale

Have a flick through any cable channel until you see one of those adverts for kids who are beaten in the home day in day out, or one of the millions of websites showing people being blown up or burnt or shot etc. You get my point. It's a quick reality check. You obviously have internet access in order to have posted this question, I presume a roof over your head (where the internet is connected) and if you have these two I assume you able to eat a meal everyday.

Life can't be "that" sad can it? Unless you are one of those people mentioned above.

i find a place where i know i am alone and i write my thoughts down and read them later , exercise, read books that are good to take over the bad thoughts that come running through

A few things to try: A long walk to just "be" is good, add headphones with some music that uplifts you. Call a good friend and just "vent" a bit. Hang out at Yahoo Answers and help someone else out with some great advice or just a good laugh to make them smile. Go get a punching bag (and gloves!) and beat the heck out of it. Go on an all out cleaning spree around your house, car, office cubicle - whatever. You'll be exhausted and you'll have a great uncluttered space to enjoy.

The biggest thing to remember is that this will pass eventually. Faster if you work it out now. A friend once told me that depression is anger turned inward and anger is just a reaction to being hurt in some way. So, consider how you might take care of yourself if you were physically sick or injured and take steps to care for yourself. Taking a long walk or a bath or just cranking up your music and dancing around your house could be just what the doctor ordered.

Good luck!

If you can, get out in nature by yourself, watch wildlife and clear your mind (at least for awhile) it tends to help me calm down and regroup.

You have over 40 answers now. Your additional details say " Stop with the exercise now". For this i suggest you pick up the best and let the question not remain open.
May you pick up the best. One more thing, please copy paste all the answers and try to follow one answer per day for the next 40 days. I think you will overcome your depression very soon. But please think POSITIVE while following the answers. All the best !!

Drink a **** load of water, until it feels like you will puke. Then read a book. I know that it sounds incredibly stupid, but believe me the, whole "I'm drowning" feeling helps.

I'm really sorry to say "exercise", but that's one thing that you can do. If you seriously loathe exercise so much, then write about your anger. Once you've written about your anger, come back to it later and try to think about ways to help yourself. That's what I usually do. And if it gets to the point where I can't help myself, talk with someone. If that doesn't work, then talk to a councellor.

definately a funny movie and some pizza

what are you really into. try writing down the good old times, drawing, or cookin. it has helped me in the passed and it still workin for me now.

Just u sit alone.Find out the reason of ur sadness.Try to forgive and forget it. Now u again think what u have brought with you to this earth and what will come with you after your death. LIFE is very little and every one has to leave and go from this world today or tomorrow. Then why this sadness ? Enjoy and make others happy. I am sure in future such sadness will never accure in your whole life. God bless you.If you finf this is right advice pl do acknowledge.

excerising , crying and talkin g to a trust worthy friends

rhonda y
Start a journal. Walking is a great idea. Scream and yell (privately~~maybe in the shower or bath). Dance. The news will make you feel better, you can always find someone worse off than you.

call a friend, kiss a baby, smell the sunshine....sun is actually very good.....do something nice for some one you hate......curl up in a ball and cry until you don't feel like being depressed anymore.....chocolate......exercise........

Talk to yourself in the mirror?!

The best if to "forgive & forget"!

Don't put it to heart. U don't live your life for them =)

20 minutes of sunlight a day makes depression go away! It's proven that if you go outside everyday for at least 20 minutes, along with a piece of chocolate as small as a Hershey kiss, you are less likely to be depressed .

live your life with no worries

Sometimes music can make you feel worse! Get outside and do something that will make you feel good. Don't go anywhere that will remind you of the issue. I just started trying something to keep my mind off an issue that is depressing me. When a thought comes into my head that is about the issue I just say...ya ya ya ya as many times as need be until the thought is gone. I usually do this to myself so people don't think I've lost it...Good luck, you'll make it!

All above advices are craps, only one thing will help to feel better and keep you away from suicide is start reading Quran, A religious of Islam.

You can start it rightnow and see ther result.

Well, if you're a believer or want to be.. there's always God. Call out and He will listen.. Seriously!! If you can get to a Bible study and here a born again Christian testify at the wonders they've discovered being re-born.. you'll wonder why you hadn't done it sooner.. Find a study Bible at the book store or Library.

meet ur family, loved ones &old friends and go on outing with them

Bad days - everyone has them, so you go for a walk and you turn it around.

It's more the intensity that you can control because somethings in life were meant to depress us so it's a matter of how long we're depressed. and then here are some things that you can take some control over how you feel by using some of the strategies listed below:
1. Learn some ways to relax and incorporate them into your daily routine. Even if too much stress and tension aren't the cause of your depression (although they very well might be), they certainly aggravate it.
2. Identify things that are pleasant for you and plan them into your schedule. Research suggests that depressed people have a lack of pleasurable events in their lives and that they actually avoid things that give them pleasure.
3. Increase your activity level. Unfortunately, depressed individuals don't have much energy for exercise, so they tend to remain inactive. Low activity level serves to increase depressed feelings, which then inhibit activity further. To break this cycle, schedule daily exercise that is appropriate for your lifestyle and conditioning level. Take a walk, it's not how fast you walk, it's just the movement - the act of doing it. Remember the turtle and the rabbit. The turtle won the race because he kept on moving at a slow comfortable pace. It's the fact that he finished the race that's important.
4. Identify self-ctitical thoughts and switch to self-rewarding thinking. In other words, get off your back. It is easy to make yourself depressed by being overly harsh and critical.
5. Analyze your social behavior. Many depressed people are lonely and isolated. By learning new social skills and assertive communication, you can often get needed support .
6. Children might avoid the need for presciption antidepressents and if the one of the parents are depressed, getting the parent help can prevent the child from becoming depressed.
7. Listen to soft soothing relaxing music or something with lots of rhythm. Music is to the spirit of mankind like a bandaid is to a cut.
8. Learn way to control your anger ie: a hobby such as karate, tae kwan do, tia chi, yoga or anger management classes.
9. Learn to meditate. Two minutes, 10 minutes and 20 minutes.
10. Research shows that depressed people tend to be deficient in mostly B vitamins. Take a B vitamin complex and 5000 mg of sublingual vitamin B12. (Se vitamin therapy in my list)
11. Drink lots of water add a few drops of apple juice or grape juice to the water to give it a sparkle. Research shows that even a little dehydration can cause us to be depressed.

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