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To all those who think that i am silly to want suicide but this being the third and final time?
i dont need any sob story but the way how not oh dont be stupid and what a nutter you are until youve been there dont comment

do what you gotta do, but there are alternatives

Richard L
Honey, If You Were Going To Do It You Would Have Done It By Now,So Grow Up And Stop Coming On Here Looking For Attention.

♥ Glitterbomb ♥
just do it? u know you wont? why keep crying wolf?

things always get better there is always some one worse than you , and we will miss you on here xxx

I don't want to come off as inconsiderate, but suicide is very selfish. I know it might seem like the best decision now, but just think of you parents, or the people who love you, can you imagine walking in on your mom after she had killed herself and how hurtful and traumatic it would be??

It does seem like an easy way out. I`ve tried it a few times and could never go through with it.I`m really glad I didn`t do it.I didn`t see any hope or any reason to even try. Then a while later things got better. I look back on the way I was feeling and what I wanted to do and realize that things weren`t all that bad. I have friends who checked out early. They have missed so much cool stuff. Then I think of all the things I would have missed if I would have gone through with it. For one thing,I never would have gotten the chance to feel REAL love. To feel needed and wanted. I didn`t have any of those things when I was younger. I was poor,abused,and very lonely to name just a few things. There were much worse things happening to me in my life. Suicide is something you can never take back.Nobody will feel sorry for you.Nobody will understand. It won`t take long before you are forgotten too.Your family and friends will be sad for a while,but life goes on and they`ll get over it. Thats not what I wanted to happen to me and my memory.

Little Star
ive been there, it can only get better i promise you hun, please believe me, just take the chance on life and remember your a long time dead. suicide is a perminant solution to a temporary problem. Please dont do anything silly, email me if you want i have been where you have been, dont give up hope- things can change and one day you will be happy- thats a fact if you want it bad enough it can happen. Please dont do anything silly x

i think that if you have tried everything to be happy and it hasnt worked then you should be able to make the choice. i have no qualms about suicide as long as you have planned it out and have tried to make a happy (or at least bearable) life for yourself.

i have been there, i have been severly depressed for decades (yes i am that old to have suffered for decades), but i am lucky, my depression is in a type of remission.

I am all about life and not death.

~suki~ ♥
I don't think you are silly or a nutter. I do think that at this moment you are very unhappy, sad/hurt. When we're feeling like this it makes us feel very alone and isolated. You sound angry, I'm guessing probably because you're feeling no one really cares about you?
You say don't comment 'until you've been there'... well, as you can see, many people here who've taken the time to answer you have been where you are right now, including myself, and they are glad they are still here now. I know it may not feel like it right now, but you WILL feel better - it's not always going to be like this, you know.
If you want to talk to someone you can phone The Samaritans on 08475 90 90 90. Or, if you prefer, you can email them:

[email protected]

They are there for you any time, day or night.
God bless x

You have not mentioned the problems you are experiencing. It is not funny to be so depressed and controlling the situation is harder than many people think. Have you seeked counselling, do you have anyone to talk to. Just by sharing your feelings on Yahoo is a brave step and you should be credited by this. Try to contact a qualified councillor, speak to your GP to arrange one, you may initially have to rely on drugs but this can be overcome after help. Keep strong and keep your chin up. God bless.

if you want to talk to someone who also thinks of suicide a lot, feel free to email me.

I tried to kill myself 10 times in under 2 years. E-mail me on [email protected] if you want to talk, I know what wanting to die so badly feels like. I'm here, e-mail me if you think it will help. I'm ready to talk.

I have been there and life is better now. Get some help. E-mail me if you'd like.

This is a casual site for bored users, this is NOT a counselling centre, a crisis line, or a psychiatrists office. We cannot have a "conversation" with you on this site.

Your question (which isn't a question even) is inappropriate and distressing to people here.

Now, if you would like to know where to find 6 inch garden gnomes in Iowa; this is the site for you..

I've been in some deep depressions where I have considered suicide. The thing that has always stopped me is thought of the impact my suicide would have on my family, particularly on the younger members of the family.

I'm not being funny here but if that's what u want do it. Don't give a second thought to all the people out there that love you. You put yourself first. Take the cowards way out coz that's what it is!!!!.

I've been there where u are now and i thought 2 myself, I'm bigger than those who make my life a misery i'm better than those who take the pi$$.

My thoughts on life

Now 6 years down the line I have my son the best thing that has ever happened to me.


Kathryn R
Ok I've been there a couple of times the last time a few weeks ago right before Christmas. This is from my perspective I never really wanted to kill myself what I wanted to do was to end the pain. The pain was so severe and seeming like it would never end, that I wanted a way to end it. To me it seemed like suicide was the answer, I was able to keep it together long enough to talk to my doctor who was able to make some changes in my meds and to make sure that I was ok he made sure that I saw him and my psychologist and another therapist and he would call me once a day to check on me and see if he needed to admit me. I'm glad that he cared enough to do those things. But what I really wanted was to end the pain and to know that someone cared enough to make sure that I didn't kill myself. I've had instances where I ve seriously thought about suicide from the age of 8 through now and I'm 52, but I always remember what it looked like and felt like when my parents had to bury 4 other children and what my children would feel. There's no way that I could do that to my parent or my children especially the youngest. But when your life feels like it's one big pain it can be hard to see how other's might feel. You just want to end the pain that you're in.

Trust me.Things can get better.

apple lover
i'm not trying to give you a inconsiderate answer but it might help you to listen to the song "Everybody Hurts" by REM

Connor MacLeod
you should just think of all the good things in your life like family,friends and how sad they will be without you

Rick A
Do what you have to do


The World

Will be a lesser place without you.

Peace. Rick

Hot Pink - yummy mummy to be

what is this the third a final time your going to tell us or going to attempt it???? and why come on here and tell us your going to do it?????

Try and keep yourself busy, listen to your favourite happy tunes.If you're stressed out try drinking a hot milk with honey.Phone some one you trust and tell them how your feeling - I know that isn't easy but it will help to vent how you're feeling, I f you can't speak to a friend then try phoning samaritins. You could try going to this website and chat with people that have been in a similar situation that you are in now.
DON'T BE AFRAID TO ASK FOR HELP!!! If things are really bad then phone NHS 24 and they'll contact some one on your local community mental health team. Don't be afraid of the stigma of being 'mentally ill - it happens to 1/3 of the population at some time in their lives. If none of that is any use then if you want and have skype you can talk to me if you want :) (just edit your question to let me know and i'll sign on and give you my contact info.
Hope this helps, just remember it's always darkest before then dawn...

?abɣ∫o?ia? βaЯbaЯiaϰ
please don't do it hon, you matter to me...although i have bpd and alot of the time not much use to anyone myself, but please dont, i pray you wont, if you ever want to talk you know where iam, i will pray for you, godbless

I just had someone comitt suicide in my family... what it does to the "people still left behind" is unbearable at times.... Perhaps you should think of that....

I'm not exactly sure what your question is. I'm really and truly not trying to be rude, but your ramble doesn't make sense and isn't phrased in the form of a question. I'd absolutely and sincerely love to help you, if only I knew what you were asking.

A permenant solution to a temporary problem

Take it from someone who knows

Johnny U
so what do you want us to say? i'd say by the fact that you are posting this is that you want help. so, call a suicide hotline and they will get you to where yo can get help. you where not born to just to die by your own hand.

it takes a lot of guts to take your own life but if your reading this don't you think it would be a good idea to talk to someone who could really help.... hope to hear from you soon... whats the reason behind this thought?how long you been feeling like this?....

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