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What Wtasdcvg
Things are not working out for me. Going through a lot of crap. In need of guidance. Help!?
am a college freshman male, and I am currently going through a lot of ****. I finished my first semester pretty strong, but this semester I am so struggling. I bombed all of my first exams: organic chemistry, multivariable calculus, and biology. Everything I thought I was pretty good at. I take my poor performance as a wake-up call and am trying to make some changes. I rearranged things in my room, hid everything that seems to distract me, and etc. However, I am so stressed out. I keep telling myself that I will literally kill the next exams, but the school is so full of hard-working ppl that I am sort of going crazy.
There are also other things that bother me greatly. I had a knee injury while doing squats in November, and it is still affecting my mood. And there is a girl of my interest, but things aren't working out the way I want them to be. For example, I was gonna ask her to lunch today, but she was sick and didn't come to class. I have to wait till next monday for counseling.
Additional Details
i need to get the f out of this depressed state. Even though I didn't start this semester strong, I really want to finish strong by accomplishing all of my goals; getting straight A's, winning the girl's heart, and gaining additional 10 pounds of muscle. Please help me out. I need help, but I don't need God's help, for I would like to learn how to solve my problems myself. Thanks for reading this.

I am actually going through almost the same thing right now. What I suggest you to do is be very good with managing your time. Set your priorities well. For me, academic is the most important thing at this moment, so most of my time I spent for studying. Being healthy comes after that. It is best if you can wake up early everyday and jog/run/walk for at least 15 minutes. It will pump you heart and make your mood for the whole day better. And for the romance part, I suggest not to stressed about it too much. If she really is for you, she' will be yours.

Sounds like you are trying to become a superman on your own. Sorry that doesn't work. You had better look at the gifts God has given you instead of turning your cheek? Does God make you feel inferior? Thats because you are inferior in front of him. Afraid of what he's going to tell you? Are you learning in an area that you are good at which brings out your gifts God has given you, or in an area that you only wish you were good at or people expect you to be good at. Better step back and take a look at your plan before it crashes. Asking for help is not a weakness, its a strength. By the way God is hard to hear, you have to really listen and when you think you have the answer, check the answer using Gods direction and rules. If it doesn't fit, you must omit. You can't go wrong if you pick the right direction. Good luck. This may not be the answer you are looking for but it is the right one.

Man, aside from what these other people say, I really don't think you're clinically depressed, just in a tough situation.

Take it all one step at a time, and try not to think about how overwhelmed you feel, it only makes things worse. Manage your time more wisely. If you eat lunch every day like I'm assuming you do, and she eats lunch every day like I'm assuming she does too, I'm sure you'll work something out sooner or later. The muscle building seems to be the least important, so just keep that at the back of your head. As far as your classes go.. well ****, if I had classes like those, I'd be failing them too! Don't worry about the hardworking people, just worry about yourself. Or, if there's something in one of the classes that you just don't understand, why not ask one of your other classmates for help sometime? I don't know, lol. Good luck.

crystal w
i say take time for your self do something u injoy that help u talk to a family or friend that u trust

A. swap your food intake from fat 'n greasy to nutrient high and calorie low
B. take two tennisballs putt hem in a sock place the on top of your pillow and put them on the back of your head before you go to sleep
This a stillpoint induction which causes considerable relief from your stress. Because the your occipital bone gives your brains more room to float in the fluid
C. Please stop
alcohol/coffee/drugs medical and recreational and tobacco
avoid the red meats be low on salt
D.Find a daily 15 to 30 min workout
E. Lower your expectations
F. Find someone you can trust all the way.
G. Throw awy your microwave and freezer
H. Buy the best matras there is and you improve your sleep dramatically
I. do a daily breathing workout by conscious breathing for 30 minutes you walk out of the fantasydrama you are in now.
Just close your eyes breathe consciously for 30 minutes.
J. Inhale total freedom exhale all the stress and yuk!
K. massage your feet and calfes daily
L. Your knee wants love for it represents traditionally a place which holfs sadness, (maybe you have been working to hard
Can you implement structural moments of selfcare and rest in your life
M. Buy a bottle of coldpressed sesame oil and put it all over your skin, this to drastically improve your nervous system ability
N. Just after you wake up take 30 min soft coocked oats as your breakfast. Oats are excellent perseverance providers....
For taste add the canadian maple sirup
O. Please do not forget that you are being put to the test in everything that is happening, this is a thaought pattern to help you stay away from the drama.
P. Grounding is key to the information intake you are exposed to. So pick up yoga, sports, and slowfoods But please do ground.
Q. A real quick technique to be relaxed and calm can be found on gary craigs website with his emotional freedom technique
Good luck my friend

Gardener for God (formerly dmd)
Its good that you want to solve your problems and learn to cope, but God can help you through it, but you have to want him to and believe he will.

You will learn as you get older that what you are sweating, is the small stuff. If you weren't sweating the small stuff, your grades would come together. Get your priorities straight and things will flow better. Try biofeedback for pain and mood related problems and btw - don't be so desperate for the girl, it isn't attractive to girls, it is more scary.

Sounds like you have all you need to change and I feel confident, by just reading your question. that you'll do what you say.

You recognize some changes need to be made, you're focussing on a goal, you've investigated some means to do so (rearranging your room, ridding yourself of distractions, making an appt for counselling). You seem to have ambition, will to change, and the know-how to do so.

Keep your head up. Follow through on your plans and you'll turn this around. I too had a similar wake up call freshman year. I bombed 2 exams and had to take one class over. I'm now finishing a PhD....

Hang in there and focus on something good in your life. Anything. There are probably a lot of good things going on but you do not see them because you are focused on the negative. Are you healthy? Has your knee gotten any better at all? Are there any classes you do like or do well in? I believe that what we focus on expands. I don't mean to make it sound simple. You have to work at it. It has helped me in the past. I am grateful for so much and I used to focus on the negative as well. Don't be so hard on yourself. Maybe you push yourself too much. Life is short. Believe me, it really is. Enjoy what you can everyday. Good Luck.

my friend, as an experienced person, i advice you enjoy the life whatever it brings to you. do not forget that after years and years, you will look back to your memories and you will just "smile". so why don't you start smiling now? yes i can hear that you think i am crazy, but not.. be crazy and smile to the life. don't forget that it belongs to you to be happy..

lovin' life...
Hey, you shouldn't be hard on yourself. It's obvious that you take school seriously and that you want to do well but you also have to realize that your accomplishments cant come at the expense of your own well being and sanity. You should maybe see a guidance counselor and talk with them. It may help relieve some of your stress. It might help to take less classes so you can put more effort and concentration on the ones you take. Another stress relief is exercise. It's a great way to take time out for yourself and a great way to release tension, not to mention it's great for your health and for you. Do things with friends, get a hobby or a pasttime and then relationships can develop from that. Know your self worth and don't sweat the small things, life is too short to constantly worry about whether or not you can achieve everything at the pace we want. You obviously work hard to get where you want in lifee but you have to enjoy it too! Hope this helps! Take Care!

College can and is extremely tough..and with relationships pushing in it's even tougher..Seek out a guidance counselor..family member, friend...someone you can sorta "vent" on/at...just plain talk to. You might be surprised at the suggestions/help you can really get. Don't carry this burden by yourself. Your knee injury can be treated by seeing a doctor, which I assume you are doing. Don't neglect that. As for the girl..you can ask her another time..don't let one day get you down so low. You mentioned counseling on "Monday"...see if you can increase that to more than perhaps once a week or more than your schedule already is....Good Luck.

Without GOD~ you will continue to struggle without help.
With GOD, it will all be put into perspective.

u choose your own battles.
This is nonsense~u think you can live separate from the GOD who created you, and then turn around and say "NO THANKS"////

So, you've listed your issues HERE.
AND we can conclude that "it's just not working out" no matter what you do.
You also then say you do not need GOD in order that~ u can do things your own way...which brings us right back to YOU WRITING this plea for help...so your essentially saying that us random Yahoo ANSWERER'S are "entitled" to help you "figure out how to do it YOUR WAY" and GOD is kicked to the sidelines?

Think about the nonsense this is.

PRAY, fella. PRAY.

The first year of college is very stressful because you have to become able to independently figure out how to make all the elements of your life fit together and work for you. It's not public school where a lot of teacher hand-holding goes on; you're on your own in college. Kids aren't there because they have to be; they're there because they have chosen to get a higher education and they're very serious about it. With the amount of money parents are forking over for their children's college educations, they know they have to do their best. You can lower your stress level if you do these things: Prioritize. Study comes first, whatever amount of time it takes to get it done well is the amount of time you have to give to studying. Have a quiet, undisturbed place to study. You may need to go to the library if you're in a dorm with noisy people. You need to take care of yourself physically and emotionally too. Get enough sleep regularly; eat nutritious meals; don't over-do junk food. Keep caffeine to a minimum. Exercise regularly; a long walk in the fresh air is good for both your body and your attitude. (This might be a good time to multi-task and ask the girl to walk with you). College relationships take a while to come together because everyone else is stressed too. Don't get too upset too soon. You don't want God to help you but He would if you'd ask. Five minutes of Bible reading and two minutes of praise before bedtime is a great sedative. I wish you the best in your educational endeavors.

Try studying at the library instead of in your room. Ask the girl out on a date and see how it goes. Wait until your knee injury heals before you start working out again so you don't reinjure yourself. Just relax.

2 different courses in the same science are too early for you being a freshman. Well, these are your business.

Don't worry about any friends who is/are busy. Do it yourself and being there early for class from the library, coffee shop, university student center and cafeteria or the bench of each building.

When you are in the dorm, go to the student room, if not, college laundromat or kitchen, or your room.

Nader 06 *UAE spirit*
Alright listen to me carefully

i graduated recently and i used to be a top student I'll tell u that this is really normal believe me!

give urself a brake and rethink and remember things u did in the first semester remember the good ones!


u r a brave man and u can do it again!

forget all the carp things and launch urself to life!



Remind yourself that you finished your first semester strong and that you are capable of doing the same this semester -- maybe not as strong but that's okay. Next remind yourself that you are a freshmen. On top of the list of difficult courses you are working on, you are working on a whole new lifestyle, new social setting, new friends, new surroundings, becoming a full-fledged adult. This whole new world has finally settled in on you and you sound like you may be feeling overwhelmed. Now take a deep breath. You're going to be fine. Give yourself a break. You've already recognized that you needed a wakeup call. Good for you -- some people never hear that call. Consider if there was some big change between first and second semesters. Could that be the cause of what sounds like a temporary loss of focus? If there were no big changes, review what habits you practiced the first semester that made you successful. Try reapplying those habits but don't forget that it is unlikely the courses you are working on will get easier as the semester progresses, they may in fact just get harder. You may have to find new strategies to succeed at the level you seem to want. Don't forget study groups can be very helpful. You sound bright and like a hard worker. Don't compare yourself to others -- there is no telling what makes them tick or what is going on in their heads. Talk to your counseler as often as needed. Good luck.

I'm glad you have counseling coming up. In the meantime, try to get an hour of strenuous exercise a day, like swimming (since your knee is hurt), to trigger your good brain chemicals.

What does your advisor think of your class load? It seems heavy on hard subjects.

Why are other students, room decor, gaining weight, and a girl part of the mix? You need to simplify your life.

Bonnie D
There is a LOT of stress at college, and they provide excellent counselors. It sounds like you are already scheduled to meet with one, so that is good. They will decide the level of your depression and if you need meds, etc, or just need to talk it out. It also sounds like you are very hard on yourself. The exams you bombed are HARD subjects. Give yourself a break, get a tutor, and calm down. It sounds like you are working hard.

Exercise is an important stress reliever, which is why the knee injury may be affecting your mood. Go for walks if you can or swimming if possible. As for the girl, relax. Things will work out, if not with her, then someone else later.

Try setting some priorities. You want straight A's? Let the girl and the muscles go until the A's come. Although working out may be a stress reliever for you, it sounds like that it is adding to your woes. If you are truely obsessed with your grades and your muscles, I find it hard that there will be time for the girl at all. Trust me when I tell you, she will notice that as well.

You aren't alone. Freshman year of college is a highly stressful time for students. Being outside your comfort zone, dealing with new social situations and an increased workload. I'm sure you also feel pressure from yourself, your professors, your parents and even friends. The most important thing you can do for yourself is to take care of your mental health.

Talk to your parents about some of the problems you have had with your studies. Or if you don't feel comfortable, use the student services that your college offers (believe me, they are there for a reason!). You can figure out what you can do to improve and what things you can avoid that are hindering you. Though you may feel that this failure is an indication of how your life is turning out, it isn't. You still have three more years to grow academically, socially, professionally and mentally.

If you feel that it is the "crowd" you are hanging out with, then try getting to know other people in your classes. Try joining some campus clubs or a fraternity (if you wish). Get a tutor to help you with your studies and start testing out what studies you feel you like -- as well as studies you feel you excel at best.

Take a deep breathe and relax. Remember that you are not alone and that you will make it through! In four years, you will turn around and be amazed at how much you have grown and how much you have accomplished. College were some of the best years of my life, full of academic pursuits, parties and the bestes friends a girl could hope for. Good luck!

You sound clinically depressed, and in that state, nothing anyone says to you here is going to do much good. Your mind is in a circular thinking pattern and no matter what someone here might write, you will no doubt come up with reasons why this or that will not work. Not your fault, it's the way depression works. I am glad you are getting counselling. You may want to look into antidepressants because you could have a bipolar component to your depression. At any rate until you do see a counsellor, try using a mantra that I have found very very helpful. Keep saying to yourself, "this too, shall pass".

Whoa, sounds like you're really depressed. You need to calm down and find a trained therapist to talk to. Since you're at school, I'm sure the college has a counceller. Go talk to them.

Also, quit trying to do everything all at once. You're in a stage in your life where a lot of transition and change is happening. You can't expect EVERYTHING to fall into place right away. Focus on one thing at a time.

Good luck.

I am sorry that you are feeling so down right now. Your plate is definitely full. You have put a lot of demands on yourself and that is good but, it is also good to lessen the load sometimes. I commend you on your high expectations for yourself in school. Your classes are not easy. I don't think you should be so hard on yourself because you did not do so well on your exams this semester. I think you are taking the right steps by making changes to help improve your scores on the next exams but, you did not suggest that you are doing anything fun outside of your studies. I really think it is important to do things you enjoy just for peace of mind. Studying and focusing on your exams all the time, will drive you crazy. Find other activities you enjoy and make time for them. Give yourself a break. And as for the girl, just wait until next Monday to ask her out. You will be in a better frame of mind and it will go smoother. People can pick up on moods and it is probably for the best that she was unavailable for you to ask her out today. Good luck on your exams and take it easy.

Lovely Lady 27
Wow you sound like a typical college student to me. I remember those days it was awful and I wouldn't ever go back. I had trouble with anatomy and I had mono and my boyfriend cheated on me it was awful. I got counseling and I got a tutor. I also talked to my professor and told him that I was going through a lot and I didn't know if I could handle it. I told him that this class was too hard for me but I wanted to do well I just didn't know how. He came up with some extra time for me and set me up with my tutor. I ended up studying so much that I forgot about my boyfriend and even about trying to get another one and then when I got a B+ sorry not an A but better than an F, I was so happy I went out with my friends and met a guy. Life still is hard but I know that I got through that so I can get through anything. Just work hard get help if you need it and relax, take some time to do something you enjoy. Ask the girl out next week it will be fine, and go to the school nurse for your knee. Or go to the doctor. maybe there is something they can give you for the pain. And read up on nutrition to get bulk, DON'T DO DRUGS! Okay well, good luck my friend. I hope all works out for you.

You are piling a lot of expectations on yourself - losing weight, getting the girl, straight A's and so on. You are expecting yourself and your life to be perfect and no one's is.

To be happy, you are going to have to set realistic goals and not get thrown off if you don't meet them all. I bombed a few classes in college, got rejected by a few guys and never had a perfect body, but guess what? I graduated, am married, have a job and a life that I like. It's not perfect and there's things I'm working on, but I'm not expecting everything to be perfect.

If you get a B, your life will go on just fine. If this girl doesn't work out, another one will. If you don't make your fitness goals right away, just keep working toward them.

There will always be people who seem to have their lives perfectly together, but it's not true. Everybody has their stuff that's going on - no one has a perfect life. If they appear more hardworking, then they are giving something else up - relationships, fitness, whatever. Trust me.

Texas Mom
Talk to your counselor as soon as you can. If not your college counselor, see if another is available.

...not just to vent.

You need help. Maybe they could so some psychological or self-help exams for you.

The first year of college is really tough for everyone. See a counselor on a regular basis for guidance and help.

wish I were
forget the girl and work on your grades and yourself. you won't have time to do all well and the grades and you are the most important!

You sound like you have a bright future ahead of you. Depression can affect the most intelligent among us. You are doing right by getting rid of distractions. Study a lot, and every day for a little while give your brain a rest. Good luck with the girl.

you sound depressed.. You have a lto going on in your life, stress, inujuries, girl problems, ...
1st. You need a way to deal with stress. Think are you taking classes that are too hard? If so drop some or get tutroing
Make a schedule to maintain work and talk to professors
Start Yoga it'll help you deal with stress ( lots of guys do it) it'll also help with your knee injury
Biking can also get out some stress as can art or some other hobby
DOn't comapre yourself to the other kids in your school focus on yourself... Dont' sweat about the girl she'll prbaly sya yes adn even if she doenst' wahtever... shes' one of many..
Does your school offer free counseling? if so take advantage of it becuase having osmeone to talk to can really help
College is stressful talk ot your advisor
Get a psychologist..

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