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peek a boo
These Girls at school... =[?
I am an unpopular kid. I'm not like one of the geeks. But I am not popular either. These girls are always making fun of me, i don't know why, all of my friends hate them. The only reason i can think of that they make fun of me is that i'm there. They really annoy me. People just say to ignore them. But they haven't got bored. I have always hated them, they are horrible girls that find it funny of anothers misery. When i'm at school me and my friends won't even go in the toilets if there in there. Thats how bad it is. I don't want to speak to them cause they will go out of there way to make my life a living hell. If they see pictures of me on Bebo and stuff. They will go on about it for weeks. I have only just got back to school, and i'm already annoyed. Do you have any suggestions... =(

I know all the.. TELL THE TEACHER.
and all that crud.. something better... thanks..x

Hey,what means to you to be popular?Telling the teacher is not a solution,it's very embarrassing for you.Why don't you make fun of them,they are not better than you.So what if these girls make fun of you?

Jackie Jaundice
Dish it back out to them. See how they like it.

in a word girl.....**** them......watch the thumbs down now..
Forget them, go into the toilets if you want to, do what YOU want.
Your life is about YOU not them.
Take control of yourself...and be who you want to be.
Use your mouth if you have too...im quite a vocal bird....and dont stand for much ****....and I tell it how I find it.
It will probably be difficult...but now is your chance to develop and get a grip.....Its a new year and a new start. Good luck to you.

that is called bullying and is against school rules. Go to the principles office. I had to do that back when I was in high school and i was being harrassed by two girls. Talk to the principle and it will stop.

You know I experienced this in high, my family and I lost everything. I had to change school and for months I had to wear had me downs. The kids treated me terrible. I did what you did, ignored them, I even told the teacher. I wish i could go back in time because i would give those wenches a piece of my mind. Don't be afraid girl. i have two daughters. My eight year old is so timid she lets people talk about her, and it hurts her feelings but she never says anything back. A few weeks ago someone hit her and I flew of to thAT SCHOOL LIKE A BAT OUT OF HELL COMPLAINING. Now she does not want to tell me what going on in school. I try to give her backbone to stand up for herself but I guess she can't I couldn't. My four year old forget about it she'll give you the time of day.
Please don't let these girls continue to treat you bad. i promise you it will change you life. It's a cold world out there sweetie, there will always be those that want to put you down. Make a change NOW.

My handy chainsaw and I will deal with them.

If they are insulting you and wont stop then just agrre with them and walk away , my freind whos got red hair is allways being bullied and he just agrees if soomeone insults him and walks away.

Sweetie... i am 12 and I went through the same problem as you are going through in september. I am just like you but i am the kind of popular as in EVERY ONE KNOWS MY NAME (not the everyone who talks to me)

All I did was talk to the guidance counsler (i emailed her coz i am as scared as a pupppy) and she had a conference witht that brute!
Now I feel bettter.

And most of the time...those girls are stupid so use very high vocab. (i know it sounds nerdy but just do it) THEY WONT EVEN KNOW WHAT YOU ARE SAYING AND THE WILLL BE SO EMMBARRESSED!!!!


Play like you're making fun of them. When they walk by laugh. The only way to get past this is to let them know they don't bother you. Im the evil one in school too, and honestly when you get older you realize how stupid you were. Im 25 now and realize, I hate myself for being like that. They'll regret it one day.

Whats the worst they can do? Just don't be scared of them.
People can sense fear, and if they see your not afraid from them they'll eventually quit. Just ignore them, don't even look at them. Don't get teachers involved cause their not worth it.
Just put it in your head 'whats the worst that could happen?'. Thats what i done, and it eventually stopped cos the bullies knew i wasn't afraid from them.
Good luck. Let me know how it goes. xx

Well, I kno it sounds kinda bad but act like it doesnt bother you or when thier bothering you or somthing give them a look that says "what a freak" or "whata dumass" And they might move onto someone else if you dont seemed bothered. But if you ignore them somtimes it makes em want to antagonize you eve more so give them eye contact...somtimes. :]

you hav to act like it doesnt bother you or theyll keep doing it.i was bullied in high school and these girls picked on me and called me names and spread horrid rumours .i dropped out and had to go to college to catch up.dont do this dont let them win.talk to your sister or your mum who can act on your behalf.look for a website pacifically for bullied kids which will give you more info.learn self defence and some quick remarks incase they start.ther is nothing wrong with you it is them.y are your friends not helping?

The Saint
Have you had about "silence is the best answer is the best answer for fools".

Well, they are still on your tail because they know you get angry, when the trash talk you. try ignoring them, like when they talk about you, just look into your friends faces and bust into a provoking laugh, make sure the don't realize you are faking. like the toilet stuff, just imagine the are blabbing dolls. be scared not of them.

Hey; remember they might want a fight, so be ready to give to them to the fullest. (but don't start one)

tara c
you could always confront them. most likely they are just making stupid comments that probably have no backing what so ever. so call them out on it. ask them what there problem is, step up to the plate and let them have it, do it with the support of your friends, they don't have to say anything but make sure they are there to make sure the girls don't do anything stupid. good luck, don't be affraid to stand up for yourself, your worth it and don't let them make you feel other wise.

well, theres not much u can do , but in my experience, if u act like they're not bothering you, and pretend to be carefree in front of them, that will piss them off lol. And when your with ur friends and ye see them, start laughing, and they'll get real worried lol.Then eventually they'll know they cant break u down, it takes a while but ur way better they are, there just immature gobshites lol, and they'll end up with no friends if they keep acting like that, so keep that in mind, at least ur a good person and youll get sumwhere in life :)

gillian m
ok it might seem like hell if you stand up for yourself but if you do they will back down beacuse right now there walking all over you!

mary c
Fight Bac....sometimes you have to and it sounds like things have gotten pretty bad.


Ingrid ☮
It's you against them. They have their little clique and you have yours. If you guys stand up for eachother whenever they make fun of you, they may back off. If this fails to work, tell someone! I know you think that it's a "loser" thing to do but its not. If you're being harrassed and their not stopping, you could tell the guidance councelor and ask to remain nameless during their discipline.

Einstein was a LIBERAL.
You'll probably read this and look this answer off as average. If you are then stoping reading it. But, if you listen to it, then you'll know it's the truth. Are you ready? Think about this. Okay, here I go: at some point in your life you will never see these people again, EVER. Period. The end.

they are acting like that as they are getting a reaction, or are jealous... it makes them feel big to belittle others.. which is rather sad for them..

people continue like that as adults and are insecure losers as a result.. so it's their problem not yours. just ignore them =)

I had the same at school, 1 I met years later and realised how bad he was at school and apologised.. I just said.. hhm ok.. and when he'd gone, laughed when he waddled off as he'd turned into a lardy muppet..

I wouldn't worry about it, at your age people are like that, their problems not yours..

The reason most people make fun of other people is because they have problems there self's you may not see them but they have stuff go in on in there life's messing them up to just know your the one not being mean to someone just take it as a lesion to never be like that to another person they in the end will have consequences fro there action and if you are in high school or Jr high not sure witch one you are in if any after you graduate from it all that stuff disappears same thing happened to me hope this helps


Kandi3eeee ♥
Don't get effected by it my friend was teased for 3 years until she met me. What to do? Don't show that its bothering you if you dont show misery they WILL get bored because hey they wanna see misery in people the best thing to do is dont give them misery you should give them the silent treatment with a smile. Have confidence and when they tease you say puh~lease and roll your eyes at sometimes. They will know your not weak and an easy target after. If they keep trying dont give them anything to see like misery and anger. Dress nice and hangout in big groups that you have with your friend and when they walk by and try to laugh at you say pleeaaase that was soo last season. Be confident being confident is like the key to being popular trust me.

i hope those girls stop
good luck

Tell them off... Absolutely humiliate them in front of as many people as possible, and then ask them how it feels...

;-) gimme some ammo and i'll help you come up with a tounge lashing...

Underdog ♫
Confront them, or give them a taste of their own medicine.
If you let them see that you're strong, then they will realize that it will be harder to get to you. Just hang in there

take a boxing class.. and kick their asses!

They are bullying you...if you really dont want to tell the teacher then get even meaner than they are...pick out the ringleader...one of them is in charge...pick on her worst weakness....big nose...stringy hair...whatever it is...EVERYONE has a weakness....everytime she or they say anything mean to you...you say something about their weakness...."At least my nose is normal...yours looks like it's been in an accident"

Lots of people will disagree with me on this...but I have been there...I remember girls like this and I stopped them picking on me and my friends by picking on them worse.

Theres like no way to escape that. There's always going to be ' them girls' no matter what school you go to. You could tell a teacher, but often that doesn't solve anything. I guess you just stay close to the friends you've got, and try and ignore them or give them a taste of their own medicine without them knowing it.

Flavor Vortex
Karma has a knack for sorting out the trash. Just keep on keepin' on, it's all you can really do.

It wouldn't hurt to practice some tolerance on your own part though, "the geeks" could be the coolest kids you'll ever meet.

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