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Daddys Princess
THIS is so gross but i hear people say it..?
when you take a S H I T....doy ou look in the toilet before you flush? WHY?
Additional Details
FOR i have no name...
you read this so ou wantd to know what it was..you took the time to answer..so do not come at me with that...I AM NOT 3 AM 30 BS

Absolutely, every time. You can tell a lot about your state of health by your "product." For example, if it floats, you're getting enough fiber in your diet. If it's way, way dark, you've got internal bleeding; way light indicates a lot of bad conditions. If it's like rabbit pellets, you need more water to help digestion. And so forth. What an interesting topic, hey? Also important for summer--if your pee is sort of orangey, you need to drink more water. Dehydration can seriously affect your mental state.

Floater? Suspender? Sinker?

Mrs. Canary
why do people look in the tissue when they blow thier nose?
Or smell their fingers after scratching their a$$?

all animals look at their poo.

this is a weird question...

you kinda have to unless you try to totally avoid it. I mean you would have to flush it sitting down to avoid it. you also look at toilet paper after you wipe your butt dont you? why? you can ask the question lol.

it may be due to potty training as well.

if you do what the above person suggests, you may get gross bacteria all over your butt. may want to wipe, get up put the lid down fast and then flush.

You can tell things about your body's health from the way it looks and whether it floats or not. Don't ask me what, I just know that some say that.

Sometimes. The inspection of feces can give some idea of general health. I ask you, why not?

Feces is just the waste product of what you have eaten. It is the toxins in organic food.

Of course. I want to see what's in my body.

Satanic Demonic Prometheus

the answer is......hmm...i dont know
i rather not share but it is pretty funny

eww thats gross


just to check if it was nice lol

Actually, despite being a littel gross it's not entirely a bad idea.. suppose you had bleeding intestines, or something.. if you had blood in your feces, it's something you'd want to know about so you could get it properly checked, and otherwise how would you know? It's not like someone else is gonna look for you.

Samuel C
That isn't gross, it's natural. Your bowel movements are a good way to know if your plumbing is working correctly. Also, go see a doctor if you see things squirming in there.

Lupe M
YOU NASTY no offence

of course! I always play a game and try to guess whether or not the toilet is going to clog or not :-)

If you do you might be looking for blood in your stools, this is the only reason why you would do that. blood in your stools can be a sign for bowel cancer.

that is the most perverted question

Bite me
Very sick and I don't cause I'm not 3 I'm 30!

You should look. It can save your life.

By looking you can see if you have intestinal worms, intestinal bleeding, etc. which when gone unnoticed can kill you.

Mainly reasons of securing health and well-being.

Stools (s h i t) that keep their shape with high moisture content is most preferred.

Hard, pebbly stools are a sign that you do not have enough fibre.

Stools that disintegrate in the water and are light in color indicate that you have TOO much fibre.

when it comes down to it, you will be asked questions about the color, consistency, whether it floats or sinks by a doctor, because this is useful in determining a diagnosis. many people should get over it, its things like this that get people to the doctor when they have hematachezia (bright red blood in the stool), a sign of colon cancer. i guess the question comes down to, "would you like a few extra years with your family b/c you looked to see?"

strictly medical considerations

If im at work, not only do i look at it but I leave it in there too. Then I listen to people talking about it.
I like to leave the turds that have peanuts or corn in it

yea cause it might b blood in it and then u can get urself to the doctor cause something might be wrong...

Actually its not a bad idea to check whats in the toilet, it is an indicator of your general health

I do. I want to see what I have accomplished. It is a man thing I think

I think people do that because they want to make sure there is nothing wrong with it, like there may be blood in it or something- then that would indicate a problem.

Or they look simply out of morbid curiosity.

of course! That could be one good way to find out if you are sick if something doesn't look normal.

It's human nature, back before there were doctors, the only way to know if you were messed up inside was to check your fecies. That's my theory anyway. We continue to do it now because of our animal instincts. Now if your caught sniffing the toilet paper after you wipe...now that's gross.

St Guido
all animals inspect their feces.

we like to see if it is colored or discolored
are we eating right is it solid

It is a indicator of health


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