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Ops O
Suicide should i just do it?
i tryed it befor and im am seeing a counserler and i try my beast to stay happy but then i get deppersed again and i mean realy deppersed school is realy hard for me and so was life at home my dad was all ways drunk out of his mide and he uosed to smach evey thing up and then he thretend my mum he said he was going to kill her but i like him now and some times his drunk but not as much and it realy herts me to see him like it and then my brover overdosed and killed him self and i cut my self im 14 i now most people wwill just say dont do it but i dont now should i do it thanx cya
Additional Details
plz dont take the mick thanx

Annalise B
arr bless you why dont you add me on msn if you have it as my dads out and im home alone its [email protected] x

Abdallah Y
Hey, what the hell? Why are you commiting suicide. Suicide is for cowards. I am 17 and I also wanted to do it when I was 9. Everyone at some point of their life, get suicidal thoughts, even rich and famous people (Marilyn Monroe). But only cowards who can't bravely face life's troubles do it, while others just move on, facing all their dangers. Besides, suicide is a sin. You are too young to die. Life has it's up's and down's , just like a roller coaster ride. Just be patient and some thing good always happens. Trust me on this one, because I know exactly how you feel. Don't do it, I beg you. I will always be your friend if you want, I will try my best to make you feel good. Please don't do suicide. I promise you, at some point of your life, you will laugh at those memories , just like how I am beginning to do so. Don't do it, please, if not for you, then atleast for those who ike you, If no one likes you, then think again, you have your counsellor, you have God, if yu are not an athiest. Hell, even I am beginning to like you because we seem to have a lot of similarities. So please, be strong, be brave, fight all those troubles and with passage of time, you yourself will see the positive results.
See you!!!

Life is tough for many, many people. Especially at your age. It's quite common to have "bad" times and feelings of depression, but you have to look past the ugly times a realize that life is a series of good and bad.
Hang in there. You'll never know the good times around the corner if you end it prematurely.

Hollywood! [I can make it]
no, don't, just think it will hurt you and EVERYONE around you... I had a family member take her life and it hurt EVERYONE and she was young she ruined her life, though she was a great person, and thats what you could be if other ppl (ur dad) could be there for you... seriously I know Exactly what you are going through and it seems hard but don't let it good luck

DONT KILL URSELF! nothing is worth it! ur only 14! u still have a whole life ahead of u..i know this sounds like what everyone tells u but trust me,NOTHING IS WORTH IT. 2 or 3 more years and u can go out on ur own and explore the world,find a job,meet a girl and forget about all ur worries and problems..theres a period of time in every body's life where the whole world gets to be against them..this period may go on for months or even years..trust me..it will pass..just be strong and hold on..engage urself with something to distract u from all the problems..play sports or find an activity to keep u busy...and try to work hard for ur school coz that will help u be strong when u go out their and face the world..theres a lot of good in this world..u will find this good some day soon,,and if u dont.the good will find u..:) and let me remind u one more time and pls, pls always remember this: Nothing is ever worth it..

DONT DO IT!!!!!!!!!!! your only 14!!!!!!! you have no idea how much you could miss! you have been given a life! dont throw it away so rationly! stop thinking and worrying about these things, and start enjoying your life! i can undestand that its hard, but dont give up! keep fighting!

Emily C
No!!! do not commit suicide
see a counselor, you're 14, they should have one in school for you

hey relax. u are not the only one who has got such a life. my friend's father is also like that. she called me so many times crying, saying that she hates her life. but she never said she wants to die. if dying is the solution to all our problems then the population in the world will be really less! trust me suicide is not the answer to this. there are so many people who have worse lives than yours. trust me i have seen it. i know and understand that it is hard. but life is precious. you get to live in this world only once. its a blessing. not everyone gets such a blessing. just study hard and get a good job and move out. until then just bare them. everything will be ok. try to enjoy life. you never know if you will get such a chance again. God bless you :)

If things arent going well, stand up and be the boss. Dont just quit your life... talk to your dad and tell him you dont like how he gets drunk, try to focus on school and not thinking of the thoughts of suicide. Your to young, imagine all the things you can experience :) Think of the bright side, and keep those words in your head.

amanda ohh
dont do it first of all im sure you'll have a better life l8ter on when ur out of ur house. plus u r way too young! try doing some sports and study more im sure you can make a difference in ur life someday just keep trying.

You are too young...you have not seen life's wonders yet...just chill......talk to your friends and parents.....DON'T DO IT

*emo kid*

Bubbles S
Just hang it there. In about 4 years, you will be out of the house and away from all of the problems

Connor M
what a FREAK.....

Get your butt off the computer and get serious help.

Jammin Justin
Dude, you have a lot to live for... You are 14 you have lived only 1/5 of your life.... you have SOOOOO much more to live for.

Just look at your situation and look at the best outcome for YOU and look at it and learn from example!!!!

Don't drink! thats the best thing you can learn from this. Ya know it gets more difficult but you need to keep ur head up.

Also, tell your Counselor of these thoughts and let them know your true feelings. DUDE there is ALWAYS a light at the end of every tunnel of pain. So don't worry...

Just think of your future and **** the rest. do what makes you happy. Hope it helps dude.

If you need any help please contact my email... ill listen if you need an ear with an unbiased opinion

All the best

Look, the only person who can help you is yourself.

Dont take this the wrong way but sometimes you have to be cruel to be kind...

Get a grip, you are not the only person in world who goes through **** in there time. You have to deal with crap life throws at you. Thats just the way it is.

You can either handle it and be strong or pitty yourself and try and end your life.

I use to be just like you. My best friend killed himself when i was 14 and i commited suicide but it didnt work.

Then i thought, what the hell, im here for a reason, come rain or shine and im going to make the most of it which is what you need to do.

Take each day as it comes, dont worry about the past or future and live for tomorrow.

Talk to yoru family and get involved with life abit more!

No don't do it! I know life is hard, believe me I was molested by my father and have gone through life with major depression and every kind of anxiety imaginable. I've had two mental breakdowns and I'm only 28. Sometimes its hard to find the support you need with the people around you, but support is out there, you just have to find it. There's always time to turn your life around. There will be brighter days ahead if you just hang on...

keep strong!
life can be real tough sometimes
but you can do it, believe in yourself

life is hard for lots of people, but that's no reason to commit suicide. you should really get on medication if its that bad.

Kayla J
it would be commiting a crime!dont do it
God help u my friend

You're only 14? Wow, you have lots of life left. Do you wanna live the rest of it in misery like this, or be deceived into thinking that death before it's appointed time is the best you deserve? God can fix you, He made you and He knows every second of your life and every pain in your heart, He can fix you. I'm not talking about church or religion or christianity or whatever, I'm talking God. Check out this website okay? Seriously just look at it, what else do you have to do right now?

Please don't!!! There is enough death in the world already! Please don't!!! Please!!! 14 is way to young for anyone to die!!! I'm sorry your life isn't looking so good now, but it must get better! I almost know it will. I will be praying for you.
Best of luck to you!

Lamb Lover
no no no no!!!!!!!!!
i know that there is at least ONE person who would be very upset if you committed suicide!!!
dont make that person sad...

Lucy O
yikes! this is your only life, dont waste it! if you lose this life, youll never get it back!

jodi h
Please don't...your life will change before you know it...I hated being a teenager and thought of suicide often, I'm so glad I never did it because I realize now that life is great no matter what the situation....example: I have no job, my husband left me for a younger stripper skank, I have no money, I'm in bankruptcy and may loose my house...amoung a few problems! BUT, I love my life, everything changes and things always work out. I hope you take this advise...

Grow the hell up. They're are people everyday that die and do not want to and for you to take the easy way out and kill yourself is a joke. Go out and do something useful for your life, instead of making stupid things like this get a job and make a name for yourself. There are abortions everyday, murders, and freak accidents that happen to people who do not want to die. You need to live life instead of wanting to kill. If you kill yourself think of all the people that will miss you and a one way ticket to hell. I'm glad to be living everyday.

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