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Avi G
Who Thinks That School Causes Most Of The Suicides???
Its Either That Or Family. School Has Alot of These People Who Dont Have Any Friends And Get Made Fun Of. Well I Used To Be One Of Those Kids And I Was Really Depressed.But Who Thinks That Causes Alot Of Suicide? And If You Dont Tell Me What Think One Of The Biggest Reasons Are.

Feeling alone is a pretty much what makes someone suicidal, so if someone doesn't have any friends, or is being bullied, school is the worst place for them to go because , well, school isn't the best environment for someone who's alone. Also family issues that make a teen/anyone feel alone can be terrible because then you have no place to call home if you don't enjoy being in your house with your family. Both are huge contributers, I don't think anything else really compares.

i dont think that skool couses it i think famelys cause it...ur at home more then skool...now at skools you cant even swear at all....let alone bully

no i agree with you. teenagers/ kids in general can be soooo brutal and terribly hurtful to people that they decide aren't 'cool'. it's really a shame :-/

yea I am one of those people but I have 5 friends and I am always depressed and I been thinking about suicide alot lately
I hate it when people make fun of me it make me cry alot.

haha, yeah why is everything in caps
but i would have to say school causes a lot of stuff

school does!

It's really sad that kids who turn to suicide feel they don't have any other options. hopefully the kids who don't feel inclusion at school can find some comfort at home. And vis-versa, those kids living a chaotic life at home can hopefully find some peace with their friends at school or some comfort with other friends, maybe not at school, maybe friends across the neighborhood or local community center.

Wesley C
that is one of the reasons but not the biggest personal problems in life

Voice of Reason
School, friends (lack of), and manic depression.

brian l
School Makes many people sad and makes many people in to jack***s it could cause suicide i wouldnt be surprized

I don't think it's school. You don't think things like that happen outside of school?
I think it's the person themself. It's their own fault for caring so much as to what people think. Caring is good, but letting it get to you like that is crazy.

Emily Jayde!!

I think you could be on to something.
Invest some time & do the research &
you could be famous!

MANY factors can cause it....not just one.

agsf a
school/family dont cause suicide, a person not understanding how to cope with living commits suicide. they see no easier way out, and theyre right to some extent. dying is easy, living is hard

you r quite right...teenage suicide is on the rise in this country and needs urgent attention!!

BMW 325 2003
That's terrible. It's school the most, becaus today's kids are nothing. Their should NEVER be a point in anyones life where youve actually thought out and tried to commit suicide. Their should be no reason whatsoever. Their is no excuse, you get bullied then you stand up for yourself or get help, you should not end your life becuase of school....

murder x scene
i think ur kinda right because of the bullying. and also people might break up with their bf/gf at school and have to see them all the time.. or get failing grades. so i think ur right but i also think family life has a lot to do with it too.. and if something bad happened to them like rape

Jessica F
I think the number one down here in my state is if a teenager breaks up with their bf/gf then that could cause suicide attempts. This guy at my high school shot himself in the head he didn't die, but like he isn't the same.

You are correct.

This is how it all works:

Kids push each other down so that they may get higher.

It's a terrible cycle.

☼ kayla ☼
yah, I definitely agree with you

ive been there once
i starting 2 wonder if im still near that edge...

The reason for suicide all relates to the person's enviroment and lifestyle. School can definately be a huge factor.

yes!! I agree with you!!

The biggest reason is depression, not school.

yes i agree. it's most because of social relationships *sigh*

School (bullying) was mainly the reason for my Suicide attempt, but family problems didn't help either.

why is everything capitalized?

its due to lack of faith in god.

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