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Chief Slapaho
Should people who attempt suicide and fail be prosecuted for breaking the law?

Additional Details
Mental Institutions are exponentially more expensive than jail. Who will pay the bill? Suicidal people cant hold a job

Absolutely NOT that is ridiculous they should be helped there is obviously something wrong with them and jail certainly won't fix it

No, they need psychiatric help instead of jail time.

No, I think they must have enough problems as it is. I think they need some help.

Who would that benefit? Nobody, so what's the point. I believe once someone is at a point where they are making attempts at taking their own lives, they wouldn't care that they are breaking a law.

poker man
If anyone going to comet suicide (which I don't recommend) hold your breathe till' you die. So you can't fail and if you do fail hold your breathe in court and die in a "pretty" fashion. So yes.

If you're thinking about it, please just make sure you're dead


In some states it's a crime, but on most of those they generally send to a mental health facility

Nope...but they SHOULD be forced to get medical/mental help.

Well, they are committed to an inpatient mental institution for at least 3 days. Have you ever been in one? It is alot like prison.

Yes. People who "attempt" suicide have a romantic notion of it. I did when I was 19 or so. The image in your head don't correspond to the real world. Going to jail or court should wake up any stupid notions running through your head.

here in wyoming you get thrown in jail, I am not sure about other states but it is not legal here.

Not at all these people obviously need help not prosecuted!!!
I wonder what makes you even want to know peoples views on that??
strange thing to want to know

I think it should be mandatory that they go to counseling afterward, but unless it was expensive for the city, county etc. they shouldn't be prosecuted.

Kenneth G
no but they should help to get help

What law would they be breaking?

no.... people who try to attempt suicide is under a Satanic attack by Satan...Call own Jesus ask Jesus to reveal himself to you and pray and get someone to pray with you and for you....The Lord would not have you do this for nothing in the world....Jesus loves you and when you try to attempt something like this is because Jesus has big plains for you and satan is trying to but a stop to it trust in our Lord for this and He promises us all that we ask of him he will do ...I am praying for you right now and what I ask of our Lord he gets it done Jesus loves you when you think no one else dose..Trust in him he will set you free from all this ..God bless you ....The res ion you did not succeed is Jesus was already with you ....

Debbie M
People who attempt suicide need help.
Suicide is not against the law.

They need to be hospitalized and helped in why they are trying to do harm to them selves.

yeah right, give the suicidal person another reason not to live. People commit crimes to give themselves a reason to commit suicide.

thats like punishing someone on a hunger by sending them to bed without supper


I dont think it is illegal to kill yourself....if you think about it....what punishment could they give you for suceeding...ha ha

No!!!!!!! This is not something that can be helped. And don't you think that have been going through enough. I mean when you are at the point when you are ready to end your life it can't get much worse than that. Prosecuting wont help.

not at all............. they should be put in a mental home!!!!!

No they should be forced to receive some intensive counseling, so they can deal with whatever was going on. It could be emotional, or mental issues at hand. god bless

how is it against the law and why should it be. Shouldn't the people who caused them to be suicidal be prosicuted by the law. That is a very stupid law. I mean the law is for punishing people who do wrong to others. HOw are they hurting any one but them selves. The people who caused it should get introuble. How can you possibly make their lives worse.

NO. You're only teaching them to succeed next time. I think we should all have the right to off ourselves. For one thing there'd be a lot less traffic here in ATL. >.<

I suppose the "punishment" would be to force them into therapy. I think penalizing them is just going to make the situation worse.

I'm in awe that the gov't has the right to control whether we live or die and yet the complain about ppl coming over illegally. Maybe if we let some ppl off themselves there'd be more room....

They need psychiatric help, not jail!

joe d
No, they should get help

tina m
No. That's ridiculous.

No they should be offered psychological help. They need support.

Gone fishin'
No they could plead insanity.

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