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why can't we leglize weed?
Should marijuana be legalized? and why?
i believe it should be legalized because it's a healing medicine. it keeps alot folks out of trouble.i know it makes me happier.That's why my sister n law calls it .....THAT HAPPY...LOL

I think it s hould be legalized but yet controlled. One shouldn't be driving or working while in their system and stuff like that. Controlled

Sure, whatever..

[email protected]
Coz the government could make s~#t loads of money out of taxing it.

coz we like it.

Coz it makes sum people crazy.

Coz drugs are bad - DON'T do them KIDS.

Coz then we would have difficulty finding minimal rebellion!!!!

oh I'm all out.

Tim P
Of course refer should be legal, it would make the world a better place, and i agree, we should keep the govt hands out of it, and keep it natural.

Remember Charlie
If they Legalized it,they figure the younger children would have excess to it.So I doubt it will ever happen.

I don't think marijuana should be legalized. It might be good for somethings, but it can also mess up your live in the long run just like any other drug can.

same as above
For certain medical conditions, yes, weed should be legal. To be perfectly honest with you, has it ever been proved the weed is as addictive as coke. Does using weed make you go rob people for money or make you desperate enough to sell your wedding ring?

Annie Red Head
No, Because it is a gateway drug, we have a responsibility to our youth to not legalize it. Yes, I know alcohol is a gateway drug as well, so what do we do? Prohibition didn't work. Legalizing weed won't be for the best, I'm afraid. I know a lot of people smoke it and don't have problems, but you never know who will be the one to go further in experimentation and become hooked on something much more addicting and costly, that could possibly ruin their lives, is it worth the risk.

Decriminalized, yes!

either legalize all drugs.....which is fine with me....or no legalization of mood altering drugs......marijuana can easily be a gateway to the hard stuff for addicts.....unfortunately people don't know that they are an addict until they switch to the harder stuff and find themselve in prison......not a good idea for this reason.....all or nothing.

Hell yeah, it should be. Its a lot better for you than alcohal. With marajuana you just wanna chill and talk. Alcohal makes u wanna do stupid stuff and go places.

no because it causes lung cancer and lung cancer is a drain on society

yes it would upset the drug pushers.

OH HELL YEAH!! I watched my daddy and my ONLY uncle die with cancer!!!!! a wee bit of POT would have and DID help them SO much!!!!! WHAT IS THE PROBLEM!!! JUST TAX it and let the sick have it!!!!

well i am not all for the whole pot smoking thing but i do have to admit that i have a friend who is bipolar and she smokes pot alot and she says it helps her to chill out. she has tried psychiatric medicines prescribed by a doctor and she said they all made her feel like a zombie. so i suppose it can be helpful for some people. i also know of a few people who smoked pot when they were going thru chemo for cancer and they were able to eat a little when they couldnt before smoking so. who knows. it seems to be more useful than alcohol and its legal. and cigarettes for that matter.

Robert m
yep its good for u

yes it should as a matter of fact it has only been illeagal for less than a century check out a book called the emporer wears no clthes by Jack Herer it has a lot of true points about everything marijuana is good for the only problem is that it cant be taxed
we are on the right road with all this pro medical marijuana though thankfully

I think it should be legalized for medicinal purposes only. It is beneficial to cancer and AIDS patients in treating their nausea and enhancing their depressed appetites.

no it should be prohibited...

Tara B
I've never heard of someone running over a kid because they just smoked a blunt, or going crazy and going on a shooting spree at their local mall. I have a counter question: why can't we legalize pot and make tobacco illegal- I've never heard of anyone dying because of the THC they inhale, but a heck of alot of people die everyday from cancers caused by the chemicals in a cig! Don't get me wrong- personally I smoke both pot and cigs, but obviously one is much more dangerous than the other!

marijuana is the most commonly uses illegal substance in the United States. it is used by many people, most of which aren't your stereotypical "druggie", with no life agead of them. Many of them hapen to be very successful, good people. Think about it almost if not every person who reads this paper will know (even if they don't realize it) at least one if not several regular users of marijuana. Its often made out to be much more harmful htan it really is, unfortunatly not every one realizes this.

What many people don't realize is marijuana is much less harmful than alcohol or tobacco. Yet it's the one of the three that gets a bad rap and is illegal. Marijuana isn't even physicaly addicting. You certanly don't see meetings for marijuana like you do with alcohol and AA. Unfortunatly due to American culture the less harmful of the three is illegal.

The most common reason why marijuana can be harmful is that people can often come across laced marijuana without realizing it. Marijuana can easily be mixed with other more harmful drugs with out the buyer realizing it, until they have already used it. This is a dangerous thing that causes many people to do more harmful, hard core drugs without realizing it. If it were to be legalized the government could provide guide lines, like it does with alchol to insure that people knew what they were putting into their bodies.

Marijuana actually has many helpful benefits toward diseases / sicknesses. Marijuana can reduce nausea, vomiting, and loss of appetite caused by AIDS. It can Reduce interlobular pressure, which alleviates the pain and slowing and sometimes even stopping the progress of glaucoma. Common side effects of chemotherapy are nausea, loss of appetite, and vomiting, all of which marijuana would help. It can limit muscle pain and relieve tremor nad unsteadiness of gait for multiple sclerosis patients. Marijuana can help prevent epileptic seizures in some patients. It can also alleviate chronic, often debilitating pain caused by myriad disorders and injuries. Each one of these applications have been deemed legitimate by at least one United States court, legislature, and/or government agency.

Due to these reasons and many others many people are going to jail/prison on a daily basis due to simply smoking a little pot These aren't dangerous criminals that would kill or rape someone. Many of them are teachers, lawyers and respected members of their communities. But yet we still pay thousands of dollars of tax payers money to lock up non dangerous "criminals" yearly even though most aren't going to stop after they get out of jail. Don't you think the money spent here is a waste? Couldn't it be going to more useful things such as hospitals, disease research, or better schools? These are the things that would benifit the people of this country. Certanily you would rather benefit the people more than throwing a non violent pot head in jail who was only trying to smoke a joint and relax after a long days work in jail. There is up to forty million regular (note thats just the regular not occasional users) drug users in the United states. If we were to throw all of them in jail it would cost $500,000 per million people, plus the cost and space of building many more prisons. Couldm't that money be spent on building hospitals? There's already about 1.5 million people tax payers are paying to keep in jail over drugs. From 1990 to 2003, nearly 5.9 million people had been arrested for smoking marijuana. Thats a greater number than the entire population of Alaska, Delaware, The District of Columbia, Montania, North and South Dakota, Vermont, and Wyoming combined. This country simply can't afford to put 40 million more in jail.

Marijuana should be legalized. It has many uses such as helping sick patients. People are going to smoke it no matter what the government sais, and with out govenment guidelines this can be dangerous. Not to mention the fact that we have no way we can afford to throw all those people in jail. Its much less harmful than alcohol and tobacco, which are legal, so doesn't it make sense that it would be also?

Ofcoarse it should! How could we deal with living in this hell hole without it?

It should be legalized because for one thing marijuana in and of itself isnt' that dangerous. For another thing, if it were legalized the whole rebellious apsect of it would be gone so kids would try it a few times and eventually just move on. Also it would get a lot of people out of the world of drug dealing which will only save lives.

marijuana should not be legalized because people would find one more good reason to want to abuse it. It definately does not do a thing for anyone

No...it is usually a stepping stone to the more addictive drugs. Pops

Yes I do think it should be legalized. The cost of medication today is through the roof and alot of people have to live what days they have left in pain....

YES! Not only cause it great, but if it was legal the goverment could tax it and it could take our country out of debt!

Jesus S
yes because cigarettes are legal, beer is legal, we just need that weed

I believe that rather than lowering the classification for Cannabis, it should be raised.

Cannabis causes stress, psychosis, paranoia, delusions, anxiety etc etc. Added to which, it can bring on schizophrenia if you are genetically biased. (A Cannabis user is three times more likely to develop schizophrenia than a non-user)

Cannabis is the only drug which causes permanent brain damage. It damages the cerebral cortex irreparably.

In my experience, 98% of long term hospitalised mental health patients in the UK have been regular Cannabis users.

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