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i do not i see it as the only true thing that someone can do just for them selves
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 I suffer from depression.The doctor says I am eventually going to kill myself.WHAT CAN I DO?

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This is what the doctor said. Iwas surprised when I HEARD IT....

 Have you ever feel like you're screaming inside but no one can hear you?

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 Nasty question but?
interesting to know how you would do it.

If you where that p****d off with life, to the point of committing suicide, how would you go out of this world?

Dont worry, im not p****...

 What are you scared off ?
Think im scared of the dark....

 I really hate my life right now.
This past year my three best friends betrayed me. My dog whom I grew up with died. My parents always fight and said that the might be getting a divorce. I cut myself because the emotional pain is too ...

Should i kill myself?
I am 16.
my life is worthless.
i hate everything.
i have been depressed for as long as i can remember.
i just cant live anymore.
should i just kill myself?
please, no mean answers. I want my last few moments of life to be mildly happy.

Miss Lilly Hill
You are only 16, you haven't lived yet. The next twenty five years will do it. Wait. Really, get involved with the word of God. Connect yourself with a church that uplift the name of Jesus Christ. Study his word and act according to the word. We love you and so do Jesus Christ. Be Blessed

lauren g
no! go to the doctor! it might just be an imbalance making you feel this way. and if not, then nothing a councilor couldn't help out.

commiting suicide is a very selfish thing to do by the way. think of all the people you will be hurting. do you really want your family to have the last thought of you as finding you all bloody then having to clean up after you?

please for me tell your parents and go to the doctors

IM 15, ALMOST 16..
ive been where you are about 100 times and back. Sometimes i still feel depressed. But you have to think about certain things when you are feeling like this...think about all of the things that you have been longing for your whole life, and if you got the chance to experience those things.You would never know if you commit suicide. Think about what DOES make you happy. go and do these things. and please, TALK TO SOMEONE. it may be hard to do when you feel like this, but if you let it out in some kind of way, you will feel alot better about yourself. Im actually kind of depressed right now and have been for the past week, but i am getting through it, and i have managed to get through it every time. Pray and ask god to heal you of whatever it is that has got you down. listen to all your favorite songs. spend a day eating all the ice cream you want. watch your favorite movies. take a walk and think about everything you would like to change about yourself, and YOUR LIFE. you need to release everything that makes you feel the way that you do. and if u feel like NOTHING can make u happy after u try to fix things, as much as i hate to recommend this, look into getting medication.

good luck. i hope things get better. you will be in my prayers.

the answers buff
Please dont kill yourself. Every life here on earth is worth something. Everyone is special. You life will get better dont worry. Suicide will simply lead you to hell. We all dont want to end up in the burning fires. Please, you are making the wrong choice. Every cloud has a silver lining. Its all about patience. Need someone to talk to? you can drop by an email to me :)

no im 16 to and having a really hard time in life with drugs and family. i used to this i was worthless but u have to kno theres is alwayss omeone out there thats has it worse. dont kill yourself ur only gunna end ur life and u havent even lived it your so young u got ur whole life ahead of you. i can see that u dont want to be deressed anymore but tthere is ways to fix that. please dont kill yourself your worth more then that. please think this through i have been in ur possision and iv been fighting it so u can to..

no thats not a good way to get away from your problems

talk to your family and friends or call the suiceid hottine (google for the number)

just live your life happy even though there may not much to be happy about

PLEASE rethink the situation. ALL seem so bad when you are young, and NOTHING ever seems to look like it is going in the right direction. I PROMISE that it DOES get better, it ALWAYS does! PLEASE find someone you can talk to. Heck, call 911 or a radio station! Call someone from a church or a friend, if you can't talk to your parents. There are medicines that can help you, too! Sometimes, deperession can be from a chemical inbalance and can be fixed with a simple pill. Sometimes, you just can't help the way you feel. Others can help you! WE have ALL been there at one time or another! I will pray for you!!!!!

a s h b e e
i would ask people who care about you that question.
and maybe you will feel a whole lot better to realize how much people actually care.

& life isn't worthless.
you're too young because things will get way better.
it's a matter of time.
you're just at a confusing part of life.
diffferent people deal different ways.
but killing yourself isn't a good one.

you'll never be able to see what happens in the future if you just die & end it now.
plus, your parents or your legal guardians will get fined if you commit suicide.

just don't do it.

the fact that u came to answers means you want to talk to someone. so cut the rope, unplug the hair dryer, and drain the bathtub right now. get to therapy right away, it does help! dont focus on the negative because u start to think about worse things then u get paranoid and it only makes things worse. good luck

blueberry cold on my toe
no don't kill yourself silly.

look in the yellow pages - or call your local hospital and ask for the number to the crisis center or the suicide hotline Asking should "I kill myself" is a loud cry for help. You want help - think about it....You need to get it now.

Can you talk to your parents, or do you have a favorite teacher who can help you get help? Don't give up on yourself - you have years and years to go to try and reach happiness. Suicide is not the answer.

You answered one question on answers. You stated you and your mom both suffer from panic attacks. Does your mom go to a doctor? Is it someone you can talk to?

You have this whole website to talk to people - don't stop trying to ask for help here. I am sure you will get lots of replies to your question.

Read only the ones from people who are concerned about your dilemma. There are a lot of people out there who will listen and talk to you.

Please pick up the phone now and get a phone number to a crisis center or the suicide hotline They will help you right away.

call the doctor get on some meds

You're on the computer, so I assume you have a roof over your head, and food on your plate every day. That's more than a lot of people in this world can say, so you have plenty to live for.

Not from Earth

Porcelain Doll
My daughter is in the hospital, due to her health. Over the last 2 months she has been in and out, more times then i care to count.
She was told yesterday she could come home today, well today came and has nearly gone. And she is still there, will they let her go home tomorrow? i have no clue, her health is poor and with out receiving a new heart i will lose her.
She is my everything, my only child who has so much to still do and see. At 18 she is to young to die, and wants to live. She has been depressed due to her health, but that's no reason for her to give up.
She hates being in the hospital, and that to is no reason for her to give up.
There is so much she can't do right now, and yet again it's not a reason to give up. You have your health, that is worth living for. Your only 16, sure it can be a hard time for some that age.
But it shouldn't be a reason to want to end it all, i'm know what i'm going thought as a mother. Please don't let your mother ever go thought the same pain and heartache, are your parents aware of your depression and how you feel?
Talk to them, and if you feel you can't. Then speak to a good friend or a teacher, to get the help you need.
Life is so worth living for, even when you think its not. Think of those that are sick and don't have much time left, and would love to be in your shoes. But mostley think of the hurt your family will have to live with.

please dont! you have your whole life ahead of you! your life will turn around soon. i promise. just wait it out!

Mr. R
No, never. Things will get better. You're only 16 and you have a long life ahead of you.

The Dude
of course not. it's totally normal to think about it, but just live life and try new things.

no i dont think you should and i know everything will get better

Love Lockdown
No you shouldn't,
I don't know you,
but I'm sure there is something you like,
whether or not its a color, or something as random as pickles.
Everyone has something to live for, and I think you have to find what it is:)
Don't kill yourself

No, think how it will effect the people who love you. If not for yourself, stay alive to help others, things will get better.

My intelligence > yours
Don't kill yourself. I suffered from depression for a long time, but I eventually started seeing a therapist (something I REALLY didn't want to do) but it changed everything. Just being able to talk to someone, someone that you know understands, makes a huge difference.

You're very young and you've got a lot of life to live, don't cut it short. Things will get better.

16 is a very young and depressed age, many ppl suicide, dont waste your life like that, there's only one, live to the fullest, try your best out there, wishing you much lucks <3

You have so much more to live for. When i was yoru age i went through the same thing. My boyfriend of 3 years broke up with me, i was in depression, i cut myself, my parents beat me, and so much stuff went wrong. I just didnt want to live. But i kept going and you know what LIFE GETS EASIER. you mgiht not see it now but it does.. don't give up sweetie life is beauitiful and jusdt because its hard now it wont be hard forever. my life se to be so ahrd but im soo glad i ddint commit sucide. please dont do anything!

ummm no, u need help talk to ur mom.

no you need help and you should seek counseling. I love you, and your life isn't meaningless.

Your only 16, imagine being 80 years old and have to deal with a stroke, dimentia or alzheimer's.. or even having no money or a job.

I am sure you are overreacting and there are a lot worse problems out there then the ones you are facing.

You only have this one shot so try to make the best of it as you can Tomorrow is another day and you can start changing things to make it better than it is right now

take me home 2nite
you're young, it will get better, trust me

Joel C
No... you just need a drink.

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