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Should i believe what the voices in my head are telling me?

yes, they would not lie to themselves. this is your inner guide, your angels in life, trust them.

if you want to talk back to them, do not do it out loud or move your lips as the wierdos that have no voices will toss a net over you. they are just jealous the voices do not talk to them

well, if they're reasonable.. mebay u should.. if they're not, then u should consult a psychatrist !!

If it's the little guy with the white robe and the yellow ring over his head, yes. If it's the little red guy with horns and a pitch fork, no.

Only if it's the truth......

No, they'Re-Mine. Give them back.

Only if they are on key.

i do

şιlvэя άпđ ĉðłď♥
Yes. They are correct.

NEVER they arent real all they want you to do is to harm yourself or someone/something else

well, if there will be no bloody masacre, yes

♥ On
you should start taking your medication again .

It all depends if they are bad or good things. That`s meant in a serious way. If they are saying bad things, then try not to let them take hold of you, they will get stronger if you do. I know that`s it`s easier said than done. Good luck and take care.

Take responsibility for the voices, they are yours, and what they tell you is what you are telling yourself.
As Beck would say "Its all in you're mind, its all in you're mind" .

if u r really hearing voices get help now..you could have schizophrenia...or some other form of problem..i have worked in the Mental health field for 11 years...like i said if u r really hearing them don't mess around the longer u wait the worse it will get
the reason i keep saying if u r really....is because there are so many people that like to make up stuff just to be asking something....
But this is something u don't need to mess with..are u in your 20s..that is the prime time to get your 1st system of that condition
i have dealt with a lot of people with this....GET HELP

James Blond
it depends on what the voices say. don't always trust them btw.

If you don't know if you should believe the voices in your head, how are you going to know if you should believe the writing on your computer?

what is it saying??????/

joey v
that depends if you think the "voices"are a reliable source. If its bad stuff your "mind" keeps telling you, then do the exact opposite-"contrary action"

yes. It does no good to argue with voices in your head.

are you schizophrenic?
My brother was and he listened and he ended up commiting suicide
DO not listen to them!!!
take your medication


Your Drug Buddy
All is illusion. If you would like to believe what these voices are saying, if they say nice things, then believe them. If you don't want to believe these voices in your head, if they say nasty things, then don't believe them.

Since you've already dissociated yourself from your voices you're totally free to choose. I think you're probably larking about but if this is a serious problem and these are worrying or negative thoughts, NO, DON'T BELIEVE THEM. There is no them and us, there is no enemy. You shine like the sun x

everyone lies even the little voices so be careful but sometimes they have some great ideas

Sometimes the voices mislead you. It is always good to get a consensus of the opinons of several of the voices, and see if they agree. Why not bring in the opinion of other people too, and see if they agree with the voices? Some people will think you are strange, but other people (psychologists, therapists, etc) are pretty open to listening to what your voices have to say. Just make sure that it is not a religious counselor, or they may say that angels are talking to you, or worse, that you need to be exorcised of demons. You don;t want that. remember that movie, the exorcist? Too much head spinning and projectile vomiting for me. Try a psychologist first and avoid the hassle.

depends on what they say if its like go kill your neihbors then of course you should but if it says something like go do the dishes no dont!!!!

It depends what they are saying.All kidding aside,Definitly not!!!

Voices? like as in other peoples, or your own thoughts. I often think i guess out loud in my head as if I am speaking to myself. You should get help if it is causing you stress or telling you to do harmful or self-destructive things.

Maybe you should get an evaluation. Not to sound rude but that kind of sounds serious or you could be psychic

It depends. What are these voices dictating?

Repeat after me:

"Kill all humans, must kill all humans..."

Heh, heh, heh.

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