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Bayou Baby
Should I tell my new boyfriend that I have Bipolar Disorder?

Yeah, or else if he finds out he might be mad you didn't tell him. good luck.

Karin H
I would tell him. The strongest relationships are build on trust, honesty and love.

Truthfully being bi-polar is just a saying because there is no way to really see if somebody is bi-polar. there is a test but its just a list of questions. 70 percent could take the online bi-polar test and show to be bi-polar. The same goes with adhd you cant prove its there. If you look at the brain of a supposed normal person and a bi-polar person it looks the same.

Although a true crazy person a differance in brain waves can be seen.

Yes i am sure that there is such thing as some bi polar or adhd people but doctors give this out to anybody with a pocketbook. Money is in the treatment not the cure.

Even if you really are bi-polar i think your bf wont mind. He seems to get along with you so far.

yes. I think any true relationship ment to last has to be built on the fundaments of trust and truth.
There is nothing wrong with you having the illness, besides it can be treated and controlled.
Imagine how dissapointed your boyfriend would be to find out from somebody else and he would think you lied to him.
Invite him to some neutral and quiet place and tell him all about it. I am sure he will understand, and if not he is not the right person, not your Prince Charming
Good luck


Gently, yes! If he's actually your boyfriend, and if he's the kind of boyfriend you really want, you need to be upfront. Any guy who freaks out right away probably can't handle a relationship, and if he knows what's going on, he'll feel more respected AND be more understanding if you have some rough moments.

yes you should

Not A
try to tell him in a normal way, and try not to get too upset about it.

Cheryl S
I would, but I would have literature prepared that he can read so that he will fully understand the condition. Help him to understand what may happen as you enter either a manic or depressed stage. Also explain medication and other ways you have learned to cope.

ummmm...duh....you should be honest with him upfront. b/c what if he wasn't cool with that? and you waited until you were really serious? if he was a good guy, then he wouldn't have a problem with it, but what if he was one of the guys that would drop you cold? you don't want to have any secrets if you want to have a true honest relationship that is going to last.

here is another example: if you were divorced and you didn't tell him about it until you got really serious about each other. he might not believe in divorce-and therefore cannot continue to date you-(im not saying that he won't continue to date you if you tell him..this is hypothetically speaking) if you want a good relationship, it should be first built on honesty, because if you aren't honest with each other, then the relationship is basically a lie.

and if he can't handle you having bipolar disorder, then he has issues and you should drop hiim.

Vanessa :)

Yes, what kind of relationship could it be without complete honesty with each other. That is one of the basis for a good relationship. Unless you really don't care about him.

its the best thing to do. best of luck buttercup!

if you are looking for a long term relationship or it to go somewhere for future yes, if you are just dating around then you dont need to say anything right away, but eventually id say, honesty is best especially if your moods go from one mode to another.

yes. be honest with him

uh yeah. If he likes you for who you are he will understand and deal with it. If he doesn't understand then he isn't worth it :P. Hope this helps :P.

I would.

Yes, why keep something like that a secret. When he finds out he will be upset that you hid it.

Alex A
i think yes and if he breaks up with you for that hes not worth it!

Professor Bradley
Yes. If he loves you, which I'm sure he does, he will understand. Being bipolar you should tell all those who care about you so they can support you. There's nothing to be ashamed of. I hope it all works out well!

yes.......that will test if he actually cares for you or not because if he freaks out and dumps you then he didnt care at all

hell YEA!!! tell him before it goes too far and one of you gets hurt

absolutely tell him. if you're being treated for it then it should be a non-issue.

Well if you are hanging out with him and it starts happening then yes because you should be completely honest with him..and im sure he will be ok with it, because you were honest

Secrets will eat the soul... Just tell him. Besides, it's not THAT much of a big deal, is it?

Richard C
At some point it will come up, so be up-front now. If he accepts you for being you, then great. If not, you know before you invest a lot of emotional time.

I have it too... Let's meet for Irish Coffee

It matters how long you've been together?

Gardener for God (formerly dmd)
Yes, that way he will know what to expect and not freak out if you do.

Most definitely -- I had a best friend who was bipolar and it was very confusing to me for a long time and then I found out. Because I CARED about this person, I make myself knowledgeable about it which made it a LOT EASIER to communicate.

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