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 I hate myself and I want to die??
But not in an emo way, i'm sick of this world, i want out.

but there is a catch.....I'm also afraid of death.

Fun times >:(...

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Kayla B
Should I comit suicide?
Should i ? My life stinks right now, and i feel like suicide is my only option. I just want out. If you want, you can try to talk me out of it. My life is just soo messed up. And i wanna run away or do something to myself. I know that i posted similar questions like this. But the things that are happening in my life. My life is just getting worse. But again you can talk me out of killing myself if you want! But i don't know if i'll ever stop having these kind of thoughts!

you need jesus

Life will get better, If you commit suicide you will never know what it is like to experince the rest of your life. Things can get so hard at times, i know that for a fact. And it feels like nothing in the world is going right, and all you want to do is die. You feel empty inside, and where you heart is supposed to be, there is a dark hole. Suicidal thoughts can be the worse thing to feel in your life. And you can say "you can't talk me out of this" but honestly i think all you really need and want is the attention, to be wanted, to be cared about. Other wise I dont think you would have posted this. Because people that commit suicde just do it, they dont tell people. So please, tell some one what you are feeling, if you need to tell your parents, they can bring you to a hospital and it seriously can make your life turn around. Please just find help.

dont do it life will get better ive been through this kind well kick if wanna call it before many times

No, don't do that, please. Go see someone for help. You CAN stop having those thoughts. Everything will be okay, just schedule to see a therepist or someone of the sort.

If you want people to try and talk you out of it then that must mean you already know the answer is NO. My sister passed away last year and I watched her struggle to hold on to life, why on earth would you want to take such a precious gift and throw it away. Don't give up, someday you will look back at this time and say wow, I'm so glad I listened to all those people on Yahoo. Lots of times it helps just to talk to someone.

I will tell you one thing life...it never gets easier. I have been through what you are going through and you know what? For a long time i thought i was cured!! I wanted to die so bad...but who said life was going to be easy. It is these things that makes us remember what it is to be alive. I look back at life now and think about all the times i thought i was alone.....and see that truly i wasnt. There is something bigger than us! You just have to be strong and believe in yourself and your destiny. Dont waste your live and put an end to it change it and make it the best you can. Whatever your going through.....hold on. You are worth it! You were put here for a reason. And i may not know you, but i believe that.

Don't do it until you tell me what is really bothering you! What you are expressing here just reveals an intolerance to your situation.

Hold on for one more day thinks will get better. Every day hold on one more day. Talk to someone. There is help and hope. Please don't hurt yourself. Think of your family!!!!!!!!!!! What would it do to them?

autumn leaf
I'm really sorry you hurt so much, but try not to hurt or commit suicide. That would be very sad .

Golden Ivy
It may feel awful at times, but read this! :)

Kayla, I had similar feelings when I was a teen. When I learned more about depression later on, I discovered that I had been flitting in and out of depression during much of my childhood and that I had spent two years being suicidal. I also spent a good 5 years contemplating running away but couldn't see a way of actually doing it. (I lived in a very remote place for many years.)

I suffered in silence for years. The friends I had weren't great at keeping secrets so I didn't feel I could trust them if I let on what I felt. The only thing that got me through it was writing in a diary everything I felt and keeping in mind that one day, I would no longer be in the situation I was in.

There is a light at the end of the tunnel. If you can contact a suicide hotline or manage to talk to a counsellor, pastor/minister, something, it would undoubtedly help. If you can't, just keep focusing on the light at the end of the tunnel. You will make it there one day and you will be glad that, despite the suffering, you got through it onto better things. You might have heard about people leaving their careers on a high note--don't leave this world before you get a chance to experience that high note.

This answer may seem mean. I have worked in the mental health field for a few years. I know when people continue to TALK about committing suicide, they don't. People who TALK about committing suicide just want the attention. It's the people who are silent and never complain about anything are the ones who really do it. If you need someone to talk too, go see a therapist.

How does your life stink?

In typical depression, someone feels sad about something and trys to withdraw from the world to get away from it. They feel a strong urge to just go someplace quiet and cry for hours and contemplate how miserable it all is. I should know. I have been there. The sleepless nights spent contemplating how futile getting up is, the thoughts of how to kill yourself and what will happen after, the desire above all else to be ALONE where no one and nothing can bother me.

I got over this by realizing that doing very little constructive activity and being alone all the time was part of what made me depressed. I started to make a deliberate effort to go out and make friends even when I did not want to, to do schoolwork when I did not want to, to have fun when I would really rather feel sorry for myself.

You may not have the exact same feedback loop, but I would bet that there is something that you do in response to stress that makes it worse. Whatever it is, identify it and break the cycle by any means necessary. You can be free.

If you update your question with the details of the problems in your life, both I and most of the other questioners would be happy to dispense advice.

Hard Doodle
It saddens me to see someone like this. Nobody is beyond help. I went through a phase in my life where i got so lost i thought there was no way out. THERE IS ALWAYS A WAY OUT. Know that what you are feeling is just a phase and it will pass.

no you should not comit suicide. do you know that there is help for you ,all you need to do is get on your knees and pray to GOD. ask God to help you he will hear you

if u think that u will have a better life u will have it better.

You need to stop. Feelings follow thoughts, not the other way around. So you need to challenge yourself to think positive thoughts.

If you continue having the negative thoughts, they are a symptom of depression. Have you spoken to an adult or caregiver about this (school counselor, nurse, doctor) Go to a psychiatrist -- a medical doctor that can get you on an antidepressant, and go to a counselor --a talking doctor to help you get a better outlook on taking control of your feelings.

Finally, your life is a blessing to you and to others. The world needs you -- you have been given gifts to use by God and He wants you to put them to good use and stop thinking about dying.

♥Camie Q.T.Pie♥
you really, really shouldn't. i really shouldn't be posting this cuz if u do it n/e way i'm gonna feel somewhat responsible, but please don't kill yourself. is your life really so bad that you think killing yourself if the only option you have?

I felt like that this morning and after a good cry in my room ,I decided I ain't going no where until the good Lord calls me I got a lot of work to do.I am 62 have been in the hospital 2 times this year , I am broke ,bills past due, electric might get turn off tomorrow kisa scattered ,one son who was away 20 years in jail came home .and has turn aganist me after I raised his son who I got at the age of 81 months and now 21, I refuse to give up some
body needs me ,so I'm stayin,I know you can think of 1 person who need you,come on it"s almost Christmas, let's beat the depression this year, I need people like you to talk to.someone else is worse off than you

Big Finger
Everyone has issues in their life - its just how we deal with them.
No one is perfect.
Life is all about experiences.
Different people will experience things differently to other people.
People's perception of the world varies widely.
There is no one correct way to see the world.
All views can have merit (in some form or another).
How we deal with life's challenges is up to us.
No one else is responsible for our happiness.
We are responsibile for our happiness.
If we dont like something in our life - change it.
It is that simple.
Start a new life.
Move to a new location - revamp yourself - make new friends.
Everyday is full of new experiences - if you want them.
Dont live in the past - that is gone.
Live today & move forward into the future.
Freedom is about not allowing yourself to be bondaged by life's obstacles.
Let go of all the chains of anything that holds you down, that stops you progressing, that stops joy in your life.
Stop being a people's pleaser - wasting your life just to please others.
Start living life - how you want it.
A new life doesnt start with the world around you - it starts in the mind.
By changing your mindset - you can do anything.
Life is about the journey - not the destination.
Life is to be enjoyed - not regretted.
All the best.

krazy kat
you need to speak to someone you w/ not find what you are looking for here

when you think your life stinks look at thous who go through hurricanes and floods and great big tides they have lost everything they own and family and friends and still go on. and you think you have it bad being able to get on the computer and complain. try getting some help and try going down to the soup kitchens and help out there and learn what life is really about and then see if your life is so bad?!!!

No you shouldn't. Life is a gift and you only get one, so make the most of it.

Absent Glare
No. Your life can't possibly be that bad. Perhaps life has dealt you a terrible hand, perhaps you simply expected too much of life, but no matter what, nothing in your life can possibly explain suicide. If you are young and the people you depend on abuse you, then you can always just run away from them. If you feel betrayed by everyone you have come to know and love, then you can always leave them.

You seem like a perfectly nice person that does not deserve whatever makes you feel this way. For that, I apologize, but we live in a cruel ******* world. Theres not much I can do about it. There is always hope, please never submit to such a decision. I believe that theres someone that cares for you and to end your life is not fair to them.

I'm in the same place as you. For me suicide is a choice and not my only option, it is the same for you. Suicide is a permanent solution to an impermanent situation. We have to remember that and then we can decide what is best for us. I hope you decide to live and find ways to achieve peace and happiness.

Can't stink worse than mine. At 34 I live w/ my drunk mother, my controlling father, my attitudial 33 year old brother, my 83 year old grandfather, and, a piece of heaven, my three year old daughter. Now, I continue to live on and work trying to get myself out of this situation that I'm in. It's part of life. We have good times and we have bad times. Take it one day at a time and keeping working to make your dreams reality. That's what life is all about.

NO!!!! There are better ways to solve your problems. You should talk to someone you trust very much before you do something that lots of people will regret. I don't know you, but I do know that there's someone who cares about you very much and will not like to know that you're dead. And you never know what's in store for you. right now may be bad, but God has something good for you coming always. Please don't hurt yourself. I'll be heartbroken. :( I'm sorry you're feeling bad right now. God Bless You!!

You are being very selfish and self centered. My cousin was in an accident, on Christmas day, because another person was driving too fast and hit the car head on. She will never have the use of any arms or legs again. She is still on a breathing machine and just had another operation because her bed sores were so severe. If you are healthy and get around, get up and help someone and stop feeling sorry for your self. The world doesn't owe you a living. You owe the world to make a difference while you can.

No. Please call the suicide hotline.

to the world you're someone
to someone you're the world

Get a therapist to talk you out of it.

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