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Really need help?
im 14 and feel really depressed.i dont know what to do.i dont want to ring a helpline so dont suggest that plz.i scared myself by thinking about killing myself the other day.i used to self harm and i am starting to do it again.i cant talk to my mum and dad about it because i dont even know why im depressed.i want it to go away as im doin some pretty important revision and tests in school at the moment.please help.i dont think its stress xxbecxxlxx

I think you really need to speak to someone you are close with or a professional. Your GP can help to start with and they won't tell you parent's if you don't want them do. I had to have couselling when I was about your age as certain things in my life that i didnt think were worrying me really were. I know it's not nice to do but it really helps and they are never as scary as they may seem. If you don't like the first person you meet with you can change until you are comfortable talking with them.

The only way you can start to feel better is to talk to someone about it. If you're feeling like harming yourself then you really need to do this right away. I understand that it can be hard to bring it up to a parent but if you really can't talk to either of them then go to another relative, a teacher or a school counselor. Please take the first step and let someone help you. :)

Cutters are all intelligent. You have had a period of severe depression and the imbalanced chemicals allowed the lower brain to illegally interfere with live thought. Someday you will have emotional experiences strong enough to over ride the logic patch that is now in use by the upper brain to keep the world flat. It is a thought process that enjoys the self harm. After the self harm is over there will still be some depression to battle but we all struggle with that and there are many ideas of what to do for depression.

Hey there, just please don't do anything drastic! Remember that this is your only life, one shot is all you get. Don't ruin it. Now, saying that, depression is sooo common its not even funny. So many people, and a whole lot of them your age go through this daily. This is not to lessen the way you are currently feeling, just to make you realize your not alone. If your to the point of considering suicide, and your already hurting yourself, you must get your butt to a psychologist. Go to your school counselor if you feel comfortable and see how they you should go about it. I know once when I was about 16 I went to regular doctor for chest pains....They said I was fine, but gave me a psychologists card and told me I seemed sad. I never went, and was fine, but I never had thoughts like you have, and I never hurt myself in any physical way. So, you can try that route, just get a regular doctors appt and they can get u to the right place. But it does seem like some depression meds for a while will get you feeling good again. Don't take them for ever or depend on them, just for a while, try w/ out them, etc... Good luck, if you need to talk please do so.

my e-mails on my profile...u can come talk to me anytime (i want to be a phycologist actually) i know exactly how you feel, exactly! i'm in the same possitionas you basically. i'm 15 get really down at time, trying to get ready for my finals and am pretty much an emo mess most the time ... i could do wiht talking to someone who's going through the same thing, what bout you? maybee it could help?

good luck

It's not just going to go away bec, you need to speak to someone. It does not matter that you don't know why you are feeling depressed but you really should try to tell someone that you are not happy and that you want help.

why are u depressed, whats there to be depressed of, i can help u, just think about what your depressed of, and later think of it more, and later on, it turns silly!!

Natalie B
Ignore 'Your majesty'.
Do you have a teacher at school that you trust that you could talk to? Or even the mum of a friend of yours?
Talking really does help.
I don't know what else to suggest, except take some time out for you, to treat yourself to a nice warm bath or something that makes you feel better about yourself.

OK did anyone do hormone work up on you?
Is there anyone anywhere you can go to?
You may just need that helpline, hon.
I used to feel that way, but not act on it.
This is a big concern.
But please believe me, there IS a way out of this.
PS very often, these thoughts come as a way to try to avoid the things we are scared of, like tests, etc.
You may need help from a therapist who knows all about phobias, and anxiety, and how to get through these things without backing down!
Never back down!
I don't care how bad it gets. Take a nap, let your body reset itself, and get up and get going!
And if you can't, then you need some meds at first. Maybe forever. So what?
The sun ALWAYS rises.
You will live through your tests. Yes, you will. You'll be OK. No matter what.
And if that's not it, I'm sorry. But I know that's when the demon haunted my mother and me. Only when scared and backed into a corner.
Come out fighting!

not sure
ok hear goes depression is a huge thing and is difficult to deal with, what you need to do is make an appointment with the doctor anyone of them and say to them, if not confide in a teacher you like or trust they will take you seriously and help you out honestly.
Please try these options you need to talk about this.
If not have a look at the smartains website, this really helped me out but not as much as talking to someone face to face, i eventually confided in a friend who then helped me approach the doctor.

You need to act on this and talk. even try your mum and dad!

Joanne W
Sweetie, you're a teenager, I don't mean that sarcastically, just your hormones will be in overdrive at the mo. You do need to talk to someone, otherwise you could get worse. If you can, try putting a little citrus oil in an oil burner, it should lift your spirits & boost your moral. Good luck hun. xxx

Number 3
You need help sweetie, so you really should talk to your doctor - he will be able to help. There are options open to you, medication, conselling, cognitive behvaioural therapy or physcotherapy amongst other things, so don't be scared. You need to honest and open though and get the help. I know its hard, but be brave and make an appointment to see your doctor.
Sometimes we don't have a reason for being depressed, so maybe try talking to your parents, they might understand and be able to help. But please, talk to someone.
It can sometimes be tempting to bury your head in the sand and pretend you don't have any problems, but in my experience, that isn't a good idea - problems don't go away unless you deal with them.
Email me if you need to talk, I've been where you are x

There's obviously some issues that you need to deal with, go and see the Dr and ask for some counselling,or have a word with one of your teachers at school. Sounds like you need to talk to someone about the way you are feeling. I hope you feel better soon.

What you feel is pretty common and it's not limited to young ones these days. Find a let out that will entertain you and make you forget about depression.

You really need to talk to someone else about this. Your mum and dad will most likely want to help you. It can be really scary trusting someone with things like this, but no-one can help unless you tell them whats going on. A lot of people with depression cant find a reason for it, sometimes there is no one specific reason. Helplines can be ok. They should let you be anonymous if you dont want to give your name, and they should be able to tell you other places you can go for help.

I just wanted to say that you dont need a reason to be depressed, or even know what you are depressed about, sometimes you will never know because there is no clean cut answer to why.

Deirdre O
You really need to sit down with your parents as hard as this may seem at the moment. Stress may be causing your depression but it can be caused by a chemical imbalance in your brain as well. If you speak to a doctor maybe there is something that you could be on to stabilize your mood and help you to deal with day to day situations. I understand that you are not planning on hurting yourself but you may feel that way again soon and you need to alert your parents so they can help you through this. If anything were to ever happen to you your parents would never be able to forgive themselves.
I think that sharing this with someone instead of carrying it around will be a relief to you as well. Please I urge you to talk to your parents or at least to a counselor at your school. Good luck.

im 15 and i used to be the same way as you...self harming ect. everyone says get help, but i understand that its hard and not something you would want to do...talk to a friend... a friend you can trust and you know wont judge you. telling someone you care about helps alot. remember that no matter what you think someone does care about you and things will get better. it sounds lame but it does. high school, or middle school are the hardest years, but once you find out who your true friends are, and start accepting yourself for who you are, and gain self confidence you'll make more friends, maybe get a boyfriend, and feel much better. nothing is worth your life or safety. tell someone you can trust, and maybe make a promise to stop. You dont want scars in the future, trust me on this one.

try adding more fruits and veggies to your diet. If you can go to the gym or just try working out at home.
i had the same problem when i was fourteen so i totally know what your going thru. Always try to rationlize everything even if you dont want too. Spend time with your friends and go shopping. even if you dont feel like it you'll feel better once you get around others. it took me a long time to get over it but now i'm an adult and i still feel bad sometimes but i try things like watching my faveriote movie or eating something i really like ( but dont overdue the eating it can become a problem too if your not careful) i dont do it more than 2ce a week.
it could be putting to much weight on these tests you mentioned. sometimes you dont always know when your stressed. you just said that doing these tests is more important then getting help and i do see your point but i also see you put the tests before your own well being.
relax and try to have some fun
you'll get thru it. Remeber you have a long life to go. it's not even close to over. just think about the next big step for oyu. Going to highschool. then graduating. it may seem far off to you now but it's not that far wawy then you can vacation in mexico and lay on the beach in the hot sun and really relax.

Everyone feels depressed and alone from time to time. One out of three people will experience a major depression and almost everyone will face a life crisis at some point in their lives. Feeling depressed, angry or suicidal can be a natural reaction to some of life’s challenges. These feelings do not mean that you are defective or weak. You do not have to struggle alone - there is help out there.
The first step to working through these uncomfortable feelings is to talk with someone who cares. It helps to talk to someone rather than to keep these feelings and fears bottled up inside. Someone else can give you support, strength and hope. If you talk it out with someone, you may be suprised to find that there is actually a reason for these feelings inside there somewhere. Please talk to someone.

Usually there is no reason why a person id depressed - it just happens sometimes. It's to do with levels of certain chemicals in the brain that are needed to feel happy not being high enough.

My best advice for coping with depression is just to do more things that make you happy. Singing, dancing, eating cereal, watching movies, running, looking at cats, playing with yourself or whatever. If you do things that make you happy even for a while then your brain chemistry will begin to rebalance itself into a happier level.
Another thing is to look forward to something, anything. This makes the future seem better. I remember 3 years ago I was thinking about killing myself but decided I must see the new series of Doctor Who first (sad I know but I loved the original show in the 80's) so in a way the Doctor saved my life. If you have something good ahead then you can go on more easily.

I myself suffered from depression for may years since when I was in 6th form until my early 20s and I have a lot of scars from self-harm all over me. I found when I really did want to stop this it was easier than I thought it would be. But don't worry too much about self-harm, this will sort itself out soon enough, just concentrate on being happier.

So to recap what I have just told you:
- Depression does not usually have a specific cause.
- Try to do things that maken you happy.
- Look forward to things that you might enjoy.

I hope you feel better soon. Have a great life.

Miss RoZy
Your mum and dad would be heartbroken if you harmed yourself. Please dont do that. Is there absolutely no one you can talk to. Without knowing where you live its hard to suggest. Its not so bad talking to people. Being a mum myself I cannot emphasise enough how much your mum would want to help you. Anyway try writing down all the things in you life that get you down past and present. If you see your gp he can prescribe medication that will help you through this. Someone close to me committed suicide when I was 5 yrs old and I will never get over it or understand why so if I can help I will

well defentally dont kill your self or even think about hurting your self its bad talk to your parents they might be able to help see if someone can help figure out y u r so sad snd depressed all the time!

barbara b
First of all Beccy, its ok to feel sad, everyone does. You don't need to explain what is making you sad, just that you are feeling this way.
But just like what everyone else is saying, you need to tell someone who will just listen, sometimes it is scary to admit that you feel this way, but once you say it out loud, its amazing how better you will feel,

You could start by telling your mom you've been a little down lately and don't know why. Have a little talk every day until she finally sees that you are in a lot of pain. I see by your other questions, that she really loves you, so please let her help you. Don't hurt her by hurting yourself. A lot of people care but they don't know how to help.

Definitely, without a doubt, talk to your parents about it. It does not matter if you know WHY you are depressed. Most of the time people DON'T know why. Sometimes there is NO REASON. Often it is a chemical imbalance in the brain...other times it's just chemistry. In any case, if you are honest with your folks, and just tell them how you feel, and suggest to them that you would like to see a doctor, you WILL get better. The first step is to talk to your folks. Then go see a doctor. THe doctor will suggest medication, which you definitely should take. I have several friends who because of depression, take medication EVERY DAY. There is NOTHING wrong with that. You take a pill everyday like you would a vitamin, and it HELPS! You feel better and you can live your life normally. Often, in conjunction with the medication, talking to someone (therapist) on a regular basis is very, very helpful. There is NOTHING wrong with you. This is very, very common. I know tons of people like this. You just have to take the right steps to help yourself. You can do it. I know you can.

No one knows why they are depressed. You are ahead of the game because you are aware you are depressed. Please seek help. Go to your counselor at school or a teacher you like and tell them what you have put on this page. There is help out there for you. I know you want to feel happy again. So please do it now.

I think that you need help from your doctor, if you cant talk to your parents then this is the best option especially if you are self harming, but you have to be honest with him/her tell them you are harming yourself otherwise they wont be able to give you the best help.

Looks like you are a smart girl. you know its ok to talk to your teachers or counsellors. you can even discuss this with your close friends. Killing yourself is not the answer, smart people don't think that, they find a way out of ugly situations. Also remember there are some other people worse off then you.

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