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Please help me. Im feeling suicidal?
My ex said he doesnt love me about 4 months ago. im lonely and wish someone would love me. I cry sore at night with so much pain in my heart. I dont wana live anymore
Additional Details
im female..............

Dana H
There are still plenty of people who love and care about you. I used to make lists of these people to help me get through times like what you're going through now. They really do help. I used to look at my important people list many times throughout the day when things were really bad. I'd see how many people who were there for me, and I would feel better about myself.

Don't give up life is worth fighting for.

you can't keep living like you're worthless. Get a dog, take it for a walk,pet it, take care of it. it will give you unconditional love in return. I believe that everyone has a soul mate out there, it's just a matter of finding that person. You need to keep trying. Moping isn't going to get you anywhere. Suicide is the easy way out and you're going to go to hell if you do it. Life can get better if you make it that way. Go out with your friends. Live for the moment, laugh and live. Don't let some things get you down. You can pull through. But look at everything you could miss by committing suicide. Plz, try and come around

john n
I've been where you are right now. With time you will realize that an ex isn't a good reason to feel suicidal. While you probably can't imagine it right now, things will get better, and somebody else will come along.
It happened to me about 15 years ago, and when I think about that person I feel foolish for having wanted to end my life because that person left me.
Try to keep yourself occupied with hobbies, outings, anything that will distract you. Time will pass, and so will the pain.
EDIT: For BOB and The D.A.- and anyone else who doesn't know what humanity and compassion mean. If you can't help and don't have anything nice to say...Go to next question.

No one is worth all that. Try and stop dwelling on the past. I'm sure he's not suicidal. Do you think killing yourself will make him feel guilty or what? You need to get a grip and a positive attitude. The positive attitude will help more than you'll know. Now, go out there and find something worth while to do, liking volunteering at a hospital or something where you feel needed and helpful. I would recommend you go see a doctor though. Things will get better. Sometimes you have to help yourself a little, too. There are way worse things than being dumped, believe me.

Change your avatar and see if it will help.
Don't give up because life is full of surprises and most often good surprises. Life is not a bed of roses as has been the saying for ages. Giving up is not the right solution. Always hope and treat veryone you meet with dignity and respect and see the change you will make in this big world for yourself.

YOU ARE WORTH MORE, NEVER FORGET IT. He is not worth your love or tears.

Believe me there is life beyond him.

Let us know how you get on, people DO care.

Make an appointment with mental health.You will then be on your way to feeling better.

Suicide is never the answer. There is always someone out there who will love you - sometimes you just have to look harder. There are so many people out in the world you are bound to find someone... The probability of you finding someone is very high just by pure numbers regardless of what you look like.

All I can say is that with girlfriend/boyfriends - they will always disappoint and hurt you. Try to find something else to put your effort/worth/life into because people arn't perfect.

Please call your local suicide hotline.... There is hope and support out there... if you want to talk you can IM me - or send me an email.

If you are really suicidal and have a plan, you should go to the emergency room or call 911. I am serious about this, they can provide you immediate help.

Ring the Samaritans
08457 90 90 90

buddy d

You ever hear the saying, "this too shall pass"? And it will, but right now you just cannot think of anything, but your pain. You need to talk to someone about this, your minister, your priest, your rabbi, a favorate teacher. And if you feel hopeless right now and are thinking of doing something to yourself, do not hesitate, call your suicide hot line. They will be there for you. Do it now, please.

Rachel Bitchface
To end your life because you don't think someone loves you is stupid. You have family don't you? I am sure they would care if you died. You should just go find another boyfriend. I am sure this pain will get better with time. Stay strong and you will be fine.

Nothing is worth killing yourself. Please seek help.

New Girl
This is a very touchy subject. I'm very sorry you are feeling this way. I've been there though. Let me start by saying though that you are better than this. Now I know I don't personally know you but you have to tell yourself that you are. Suicide is NEVER the answer. I know everything may seem hopeless right now but I am a very firm believer that everything happens for a reason. I know how easy it is though to forget that when you are feeling depressed and lonely. All I can really say here is that you need to just pick yourself up and keep repeating it. Show him what he lost and don't let him have it back if he comes running when he realizes how great you really are. I've been through a divorce recently from a man I was with for 13 years. I've also had two miscarriage which were even harder to get through than the divorce. I know your pain! Pick yourself up though and go on living. It's really hard at first but I promise....things do get better if you pursue them with the right attitude! I hope I've helped in some way! I hate to hear that anyone is thinking about suicide.

ask comfort from ur family, hang out more with friends, get a girl

MANY PEOPLE LOVE U, and ur ex doesnt-- that is one person, but there are many more people that do love u. so be strong and everthing will be ok.

4 months lets move on.....

I think that the problem is much deeper than your lost relationship. Please seek help as soon as possible from a doctor or therapist. This is a tough question because it is so complex and I am not qualified to give any advised besides for you to get help from a qualified professional. If you do not have medical insurance go anyways. You could even go to the emergency center. A medical bill would be better than the alternative. They can help you. You might have some sort of imbalance that a simple medication might fix. It sounds like you might have a problem with depression. Life can get better and please don't give up. It does get better and pain does go away over time if you are giving the proper tools to deal with it.

dark dude
sitting infront of the computer, probably reading other peoples sob stories isnt helping, get out, down to the put, call up your gurlies, go out and get smashed! enjoy life!!! we all feel like this from time to time, its life am afraid, (good luck) find yourself a new lad, make the old one jelous as sin

Ashley S
Listen it's not the end of the world. It's normal to feel lonely, but don't base your life on some guy who didn't love you. He's not the only guy out there - for one. He can't help that he doesn't love you - it isn't because you are unloveable, he just wasn't right for you. You may not realize that now, but you will eventually. No need to end your life over something like that! There's so much to live for.
Try giving your time at a soup kitchen or something like that. Join a club, get a hobby. Do something rather than feeling sorry for yourself and moping. I know what it's like to feel lonely and depressed, and the worst thing you can do is sit around and think about it. Get some fresh air, Hun!
My father committed suicide when I was 11 and it really hurt me and his parents. Think of all the people who will miss you. It won't hurt the guy as much as it'll hurt you. Give it time the heart isn't the easiest thing to mend.

-Please try to be yourself, don't kill yourself for someone who isn't worth of even your tears cause even though it's painful you have to accept the fact, just like everybody in your situation has done, that guy has moved on with his lyf ,come on try to move on yourself just like he did cause i know deep down his heart he likes to see u surfer because of him,gal i know that when he'll see u go on it'll hurt badly .So gal try to look good ,find someone who loves u and care 4 u more than he did cause i know this time it won't be a lie! the guy that is coming will sacrifice his life for u and the day you leave him he won't feel suicidal but he'll feel more than what you r feeling right now .Am telling u the cause for your break up with your coming angel will be your x boyfriend .
-i know deep down your heart doesn't want to feel the pain you r forcing it to feel and your tears don't wanna run to your chicks bcoz of a good for nothing .Your heart wants to open for a new guy and your tears wanna run to your chicks bcoz of the guy, So don't force your heart to feel sorrow when it doesn't want to,deep down it doesn't really want TO FEEL IT!
-Try 2 4get about your x .And if any guy comes please don't hesitate to open your heart for them,not every guy is a betrayer!!!

u got ur whole life ahead of you yet don't end it on a waste of space
enjoy life while u are single because there is going to be hundreds of guys to go out with just u watch and wait

Dizzy D
IT is a fact that relationships do break up my dear. It is normal for you to feel the pain but it is not a good idea to stay in a onesided relationship hoping things will work out. Things can just fester and the couple end up hating each other to an extent that they do not realise when someone else loves them. I feel this could be your situation. No one will seem interested in you if you are constantly in distress over your break up. Deep breath and get a grip. you will soon relax that way and hopefully the right one will come along, but take your time do not enter another relationship just to be in one.... wait a while and someone will come along. Bless you dear and good luck.

Honey you cant let a man leave you feeling that way, you have to pick yourself up and start again. My fella died 4 months ago and I just have to get on with it, I bet you can too

This isn't the place to ask for help, seek some help from friends and family close by and professional help too.

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