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***PLEASE READ***<-please tell me what this sounds like!....thanks?
i am on a very strict diet, i only allow liquids for most of the day. when i do eat, it must be alone!
i exercise a lot (i biked 8 miles yesterday, in an hour) i do at least 40 sit ups a night. i must drink the equivalent of water, before i drink any thing else.
i can only take in 500 calories of solid foods
ussually its below that.

i do this all in secret, i'm home alone. so noone knows this

how would i tell someone?
should i even tell anyone?

please answer NICELY!!!!

Thank you!

dude...i think you should tell someone...man i'm kinda there but not really...i don't do what you do is just that sometimes i don't eat...but when you do tell someone...tell the person you trust the most...and that you're sure there not gonna be mean or anything...oh...and chill out...you don't need to do all that...

Mike M.
This is no diet, it's anorexia. I strongly urge you to seek help from a deitician and a mental health professional. Also, your body needs more rest, so please don't excercise so hard. You could very well be killing yourself. Do you really want that? I don't believe anyone in your family does.

You have a serious problem.
500 calories is not even half the caloric intake you need. Plus, given your exercise level, what you are doing is extremely unhealthy. It sounds like you're actually an anorexic. You are clearly obsessed with weight loss.
I would urge you to consult a qualified therapist ASAP, and stop that insane regimen you're putting yourself through. Exercise is always a good idea, but what you're doing is dangerous. You could even kill yourself.
Best of luck to you.

It sounds like you are anorexic or becoming so. You need more calories than that. If you cannot tell your mother, please give me her name and number and I will because you really need help before you seriously injure your health or worse yet, kill yourself.

you should not starve yourself but at the same time you should not over exert yourself with eating! eating is a BIG part of health and stamina! With working out, you tear your muscles, reduce amino acid in the process... amino acids are essential to muscle protein. Depending on your athletic goals, your protein requirements can vary. Inadequate protien in your diet can limit muscle protein synthesis which can compromise your athletic goal and abilities! Your body may not be healthy at this poing and I advise you to start checking into this matter immediately!

Peggy M
Yes, you should tell someone. And it sounds like you're ready to take this courageous first step.

Who can you trust with this information? Do you know any stable, responsible adults who can help you get out of this trap? If you do, then approach the person you know has your best interests at heart and ask them to help you find help.

If you're not ready for that, a family doctor or public health nurse will know where to refer you to. And they will not judge you.

Don't try to battle this alone, or even with a friend. You need professional help.

You're very brave to reach out. Big hugs. Stay strong.

This is a very extreme diet and exercise program. Why are you doing this alone? You really need to let someone know. If you are not willing or able to check in with a medical professional, please let a friend or family member know. This is a lot for you to be doing on your own. The emotional support is important, but you should have someone watching out for you in case this starts to cause you problems so someone can get you help if you need it.

Please tell someone and good luck.

You could try seeing a nutritionist if you are not compulsive about this diet. If you are, find a licensed therapist who works with eating disorders. If you are under 18, you should talk to your parents. If that's not an option, talk to your doctor about how to best get help. You're not taking in enough calories for the energy you're using. That's very unhealthy because your body will start depleting your muscles and organs for energy. Just because you exercise does not mean that you are not anorexic - which is an illness that is best treated before it advances and you do your body serious harm. Good luck!

From your previous questions, it's obvious you think you have an eating disorder.

You've obviously reached a point where it is of concern to you, but finding the right words to tell the right person can be really hard.

Why not write down what you've written above, and go to your doctor, and show him it, he'll be able to refer you to an appropriate mental health professional in your area.

Admitting you have a problem like this to a doctor can be very hard, but once you have, you'll realise that they are very sympathetic and experienced in dealing with this problem.

The Average caloric intake a person should take i s1250- 2000. 500 is too little, your going to hurt yourself. If you want to stay fit and thin but healthy, go to any GNC type store and buy vitamin shakes and protein bars. They are healthy and good for you.

I think you have a problem..maybe you should talk to someone before its to late and your about 50 pounds lieing in a hospital bed

Steve B

Don't tell anyone.

Lat them be surprised when they see the non-fat you!

Yes! i think you should tell someone cause what u doing is not healthy at all and what u body may be perfect but what going to happened if you can't use it because u get sick so tell some one and get help, there is a lot a people like you right now so maybe you wont be by your self

ok if u think that u r hurting ur self or u tinks it not good for u and u need help sure but if u wanna look great and ur not hurting urself keep it a secret until u r satisfy with ur self

justin s
I'd tell some1 sounds to me like you need help, thats a shitty diet to be on. Go to a nutritionist and tell them that

Fan Of Shinoda
Hmm, it's not a very good idea to stick to liquids mostly each day. How long have you been on this diet? Not to be mean or anything, but you should really eat some more. The water will do you good for your digestive cycle, but the minimum an average person needs is 1800 calories each day. You should probably tell a doctor or a close loyal friend.

truth seeker
this sounds like anorexia nervosa to me, but i can't be sure. i recommend seeing a psychiatrist or at least telling someone that you trust. you are not alone in this struggle!

u should tell ur mom or ur best friend or ur brother and sister

yes you should tell someone, you have an eating disorder. please find some counseling.

It sounds like OCD. Make an appointment with a psychologist and get your life back.

um no offances but that diet is VERY dangress!!!!!!!!! do tell someone about so they can help you get a better one!

You wouldn't be asking if you didn't think you were in trouble, big trouble. Do not fool yourself into thinking that this is just about food and weight. You have a problem that needs to be addressed right now! If you're not comfortable talking to your parents, talk to your school counselor (I am assuming you are very young). You know you have a problem, so deal with it.

Laura S
its good to exercize and all, but geez, woman, eat!

Rainbow Brite
It's called a Eating Disorder. Please tell your mom or someone you trust...A.S.A.P

It depends upon if you are at a healthy weight or not. You should go see a doctor or a dietician to get on a healthier diet Plan for YOU. This could turn into anorexia if you push it too far. Please, PLEASE remember that you are a beautiful person, you are perfect the way you are and you shouldn't put yourself through hell to be someone or something that you are not. Remember always that God loves you!

How long have you been at this? It sounds like you're setting yourself up for a binge. And by that time you will have killed your metabolism, so all the weight will come back and even more. Eat sensibly and strive for a 2-pound weight loss per week. Good luck.

soccer allie <3
ur anorexic. tell a guidance counselor. and STOP!!!!!!!

parental unit
tell someone! This is anorexia, and absolutely will kill you!! Get help please!!

It sounds like you may be anorexic, you should definitely talk to someone you trust...you're worth it. Good Luck!

wow, that IS strict. do you have a problem?? i mean like anorexia . why are u on such a huge diet? and why is it secret?? hasnt anyone noticed??you SHOULD tell someone about it . why not just forget aobut your weight and engoy what life gives us?? we only have 1 LIFE after all! why not live it!!

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