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1 Luv
Ok, this is really weird and somewhat scary...?
Everyday I look at the clock at 11:11. Am or PM, I never miss it. I rarely ever notice myself checking the time until I spot 11:11 and it feels eerie. For the past year I would see 11:11 every now and then, but it's become an everyday occurrence within the past couple months. What does this mean? Is there any significance in this number? I also know of 3 very different people that experience this 11:11 thing too.

Victoria the Viking
Same happens to me. I don't really think anything of it, maybe it's just your mind predicting the correct time, every time, because your body and mind are on a schedule where you sort of know what time it is always without having to look at the clock. Around 5:30 am every morning, when my house is totally silent and when I have to get up for school, my body can predict exactly what time I'm supposed to get up, even just a matter of seconds before my alarm clock rings and before everyone in my family drags themselves out of bed. Weird, isn't it?

The Wizard.
your letting your imagination run away with you.

hate goro n karo chodus
Here are the possible answers:

1) You have to be a robot without your own knowledge to actually have such a trigger in your day pattern for every single day


2) Your clock is fcuked up


3) You are the chosen one, congrats!

Chris S
you look at a clock, nothing really scary about that, but if you're really scared about it, one day, go to bed before midnight, so that you sleep through it, or stay in bed. or you can ask you're doctor about it. Your paranoia could be fueling it, so try not to worry about it.
Also, if you do it for a while, it becomes a habit, even a subconsicene one.
But you're looking at a clock. You're not going insane or going to hurt someone, or anything, you just have a habit of looking at a clock.

Amy C
I don't think so but i was always told to make a wish on that number and it would come true.

In the past everytime I saw 11:11 on the clock I would repeat the number "eleven eleven" from the moment I saw it until it turned to 11:12. (I have mild OCD.) After about a year or two of that it stopped. Your thing should eventually stop too - it's probably a phase your mind is stuck on right now.

krystal G
I'm not really sure if it means anything. But what I do know I hope helps. I know that you seeing that number 11:11 could just be you not faking anything but because you had this experiance before it could just be doing the same thing. It could mean something to you. Did someone you loved die or something terrible or something good happen to you at that time or on that actually day (November, 11th) which is 11:11 ...check on it. I am going to school for medical. So i know some stuff. Let me know how it goes. Thank you! best of luck!

i think its normal i look at the clock every day at 6:33 in the morning and 9:11 at night (if im not up for the first, then obviously dont see it) i think its normal

bee p
well, now it's 11:46


It seems to me you've been trained to do this. I would say it is you, subconsiously, almost like a form of OCD....It's no big thing. It also may be trying to tell you something, like to meditate or anything at this time.....but I wouldn't let it freak you out. I am not in the "know" about numerology, but it does facsinate me. Hope you find out, and if you do, post it!

Interesting. You are not alone in your quirk. I know others who have stated the same thing.
Don't be surprised that other combinations of numbers are also noticed in sequence.
Ignor th 666 fans out there, they don't understand or care.

I must admit, that's kind of weird and I'd be freaked out too if that happened to me. If there is any significance to that number, it's probably something subconcious in you. I like the semetry comment too...pretty funny. I wouldn't be worried about it though, but look for signs...
I'm not too spiritual like that, but maybe there is a connection to something in your past?
Then again, it could be random. Good luck finding out!

Special K
I used to wake up at 4:44 a.m. every day. Good question, Im reading your answers.

Hide your clocks or cover them up don't look


11:20 Pm this is the exact time I posted this so I missed 1111 and maybe you did too?

I don't think it is significant that way. The first couple of times could have been a coincidence, but I think you have now alerted your body to look at a certain time and your body keeps track of the time. Many people wake up automatically at a certain time each day. They don't plan it, their body does.

Pilgrim Traveler
Mine is 2:12. I just find it interesting, not scary. I do it on the clock sometimes, but it shows up often in all kinds of places. It often shows up when something good happens. We know so little. peace

he is coming.... 6 months, then 6 weeks, then 6 days.... 666.......lol jk

Grant M
mmmmmm? that is weird... well I would play that number in the lottery... Then I would surely check with a dr... Dont let this get out of hand its scary....

11 is a significant number in your life. You look at the clock all the time. For instance you look at the clock and its 4:25. To you it doesnt mean anything but for me it does. Becuase its my bday. But me, Im like whoa thats strange that I looked at the clock at that exact time. But its nothing weird its just that the number means something. Stop freaking out.

Simon S
I chuckled at first read, but I don't doubt that you may be experiencing something weird. Something that troubles me about time is that whenever I first look at a clock, it seems to take more than a few seconds before the clock ever moves a second.

These occurrences can be frightening, especially if the numbers you constantly see are significant, or in your case repetitive, but I imagine that there is no real threat or harm in your way.

If you are interested in looking further into this matter, I suggest you analyze and brainstorm the meaning of the numbers. Maybe it's a date, easy, or a clue to something else less obvious, like a place, or even a memory. Getting into the spirit realm now, could it be the recurrences are a clue from another 'outside' being trying to contact you, but your lack of progress is making them repetitive.

I hope this helps. Again, I'm not trying to scare you, or turn you into a ghost-hunter, but if curiousity led you here, maybe a little fun is worth the effort.

you know I have the same problem just only its 9:11 (not kidding) Its just a coincidence dont let it bother you

A premonition that it will come up in a lottery! I'll include that in my list of lotto number combinations, promise! Thanks!

maybe you do look at the clock a lot but you are just not realizing it. Try not looking at the clock at all for a few days and see if the next week you can break your habit. I think it's a psychologic thing but I'm not sure.

maybe it's OCD

Wow!! I have the same problem. I see 9:11 and it really freaks me out too. I've asked around and ppl have said that it was a weird coincident at first and now we look at the clock and see a different time and don't think twice and look at it at 9:11 and jump out of our skins. It happened today to me.

Make a wish! I've heard it's good luck. The human body has an internal clock. The brain is aware of time, even subconsciously. Have you experienced being able to wake up just a few minutes before an alarm clock is supposed to wake you? Even when you don't normally wake at that time? The brain, mind, and body in general are amazingly aware of time.

yea when i was younger my mum use to tell me at 11:11 something good to you is about to happen and that your ment to wish for something that you truley want =)


that does sound wierd and scary, I always wake up at night and look at the clock at 1:26 every time, and I thought that was kinda wierd since I was born at 1:26 on 1/26

maybe your subconsious finds comfort in semitry...and brings it to your attention in subtle ways...cause i bet it doesn't happen with analog clocks it must be the vision of 11:11 instead of the actual time.

you see what you look for.

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