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Ok people i need some opinions....?
My wife went out to pay some bills and go shopping with my sister in law today. they went to the mall.... well after shopping for a bit my wife grabbed her purse and went to the restroom. the only problym is that when she left the restroom she left her purse. ok heres where my question comes in.. some one picked up her purse and took off with it. so everything we had money wise is gone. flat broke no big deal i can make more money....
social security cards gone... no big deal can get new ones.
drivers licence gone .. same there.
keys same here.
but there was one thing that was irriplacible. she had a 1981 half dollar in her purse that her dad gave her when he addopted her in her purse. well i was collecting change and there was another 1981 half sitting there. i told her that it was the one that her dad gave her and that i picked it up yesterday when my 1 year old spilt her purse. she was so happy and excited that she still had it...

Is this wrong? it means so much to her???
Additional Details
yes goldwing i love her very much

no this is not wrong sentimental value is worth a lot more than money,cards etc

no. It makes her happy and thats all that matters. The money can be replaced and if this makes her feel alot better, then just let her believe it.

On a side note, be careful. With someone knowing your SS numbers and DL numbers they can do some serious damage to your credit.

The Whopper
your a good man.....quick thinking and hey its just a peice of metal you can't hug it or nuffin so keep it to yourslef & and let her be happy. You did the right thing!

Aww that was sweet, cuz you know what, though it is no big deal that it was taken and you can replace the other stuff.... you feel so violated that someone took YOUR stuff. That probably made her feel better, good doobie.

Ps If the store calls, you better answer. ; )

No,it's not wrong at all!!~

Just Gone
Gee, i hope she doesn't see this question posted on here. because it think that was a really sweet thing you did. her happiness lies in the memory, not the object.

nope, you were very kind to do that. very nice of you..you love her, don't you? But all that identity is a very big think. someone has your keys, your address, your drivers lic. number, perhaps bank account number by now...are you kidding..this is a very big thing..your house will be robbed next! Hopefully, you won't be home!

well, hope the store doesnt call that they found her purse and its in it. otherwise, no i dont think it is wrong. probably makes her feel alot better considering what happened.

keep this to yourself. why you even post here with a chance she would see it ?

She's sentimental! And you're very sweet!

that ain't too bad... not like it was a bad lie or anything.

No. I don't think so. But you may be in trouble if the purse might be returned. If you will be, you should apologize to her and tell her that you meant well, and you didn't want her to be sad for even a minute.
Good luck.

No, not at the moment it's not wrong. Sometimes we have to tell a small lie so the person can deal with the devastation's in our life. I would hope that someday soon you do tell her the truth. As you know it's not good to lie or keep secrets from one another.

You should tell her the truth. BC if she fiends out from some one else shes going to lose trust in you.

King of Hearts
Her fault.

But, you're a superhero!!

That was very nice of you. I think it was the right thing to do...since she may never see the original one again....and that would hurt her for along time.

It was very nice of you but I would tell her the truth, because when she does find out, and she will, there will be hell to pay. good luck!!!

No. Just let her think it is the same one. It will make her feel better.

Its not wrong, but why not try and retrieve the original??

Post a ad, either on the internet or the local paper

who knows, u might get lucky.................

Skitzed Inc.
NO, but you'd best be good at not accidently slipping up and telling her the truth later.

No way, it is probably the sweetest thing in the world to do sometimes. Lie to give the person you love, the world. Good job, anyway perhaps it was more than fate that put that coin with you.

i don't know if this helps becuase i mean, i've never been in that situation, but i think that you should tell her the truth. tell her that you found this one, and you're really sorry that she lost the one that her dad gave her, and hopefully she'll love this one as much as she loved the other one because YOU gave it to her.

Lt Gen
A 34 year-old man from West Virginia doing this?
Man, tell her the truth.
I bet she would love you more after a little weeping.

If it makes her happy.
That's sweet!

A lie is a lie, it´s very easy. First you lie with this then what. Never, ever lie. There are no white lies and bad lies all are lies. Do you understand, liar...

holygrail Kniggit
well i don't think it's wrong, but if u beleive that it would hurt her if she found out then tell her. if u think she should know then tell her

Shaula Brandt
I think there is honor in your gesture...it was a sweet thing to do.

nah dude. how many half dollares are out there

I think what you did was the right thing. You spared her. I would have done the same thing. And sometimes what you don't know can't hurt you - within moral reasoning of course. I think you used the right judgement.

Rebecca YZ
Well, your wife might be upset at the deceit if she finds out, but I think, like the rest of us, she could see that you were trying to make her feel better regarding her loss. You definitely take a chance anytime you outright lie to people, even when done with the best of intentions. It's hard to gauge how a person will react, I would think that it was romantic that my husband wanted to fix it, but I know other women who would be livid. You know your wife, we don't...how do you think she would react? How have you felt since then (like you've done wrong or relieved that her mind is at ease again)?

It seems like since you're searching for approval on internet that you have some nagging doubts about it. You're only options at t his point are come clean and rid yourself of any guilt you may feel (but face up to the consequences) or stick to your story. The real question is what will make her feel better?

Not at all. It sounds like you're a level headed person, and that you really love your wife and want her to be happy. You've done so much more than others in your position might do. If I'd had a hat on, I'd tip it to you! You're a class act!

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