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 I dont want to live?
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its realy a devil day
my love left me forever today i dont a ray of hope now .. he will never come back to me he dont love me .. ...

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 Does drinking alcohol make you feel depressed afterwards?
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Nasty question but?
interesting to know how you would do it.

If you where that p****d off with life, to the point of committing suicide, how would you go out of this world?

Dont worry, im not p****d off yet, no worries there.

I like towels
i would get an injection thingy (forgot what its called)
and id inject air into my veins....
you die so suddenly and you don't feel pain... and you don't leave a mess for someone to clean up after your gone =D

So many times I have tried drinking myself to death but it never happens....... maybe there is someone watching over me and I should have faith in them.

i dunno.
my parents told me you can die from an overdose of painkillers.
so i'd probably do that. i cant physically hurt myself but i can take pills. but then chances are it wouldn't work. gay.
i couldnt do anything like jump, or something...theres no way.

so yeah - pills.

5th of Tuesday
Not p*ssed off, just way tired of being sick. I have pills already set up for when I want to go.

Exhaust your options first.

~Bipolar, an illness with a 15-20% successful suicide rate. Pride is a foolish reason to cash it in. My specific plan's already been listed a few times. As long as the meds work and I have an alternative, I'll hang around to see what life brings.

Shoot myself in the head. I'm a traditionalist.

I'm never committing suicide and I don't want to think about it.

I wouldn't be able to do anything, knowing how much it would affect the people around me.

i think either jumping off a building or OD those seem to be the most fun.

The Special One
Just get caught sleeoing with your best mates wife whether you are a man or woman!..LOL!

Jane Eyre
I'd have to live with it or get over it. Suicide is never an option when you have young children.

no i can't answer but i know

Fallen Angel
I would try to make it look accidental! I would worry about the guilt people left behind would feel for not doing more to help me... so I would try to make my death look accidental or I would leave a note to say I was very sorry and didn't want anyone else to feel responsible. I have had anorexia for over 20 years and am currently in a poor physical state, it actually wouldn't take much for me to make death a reality... few days without any fluid would probably be enough to do it! Or I would take pills.... but that seems such a cliche. I can't say I would do it because I was pissed off with life... for me when I have wanted my life to end its been due to feeling recovery, health and happiness are beyond me. Hopelessness would drive me to suicide not being pee'd off!

coffee queen
Down loadsa vodka!

Jennifer P
I wouldn't, I am too chicken and I would not want to do that to the others around me. My uncle committed suicide over financial problems, the next day, his wife received an offer on the house they were trying to sale. It was for way more than they were asking and would have bailed him out and given him some money to play with too. You just never know what life has in store,

I wouldn't kill myself because I was pissed off but if I were ever tired of life enough....
One summer night I would eat a good meal to coat my stomach and then mix some juice with Anti-Freeze (almost tasteless) when I start to feel intoxicated I'd go for a long walk to a deserted area on the beach so noone would know, and I'd have less of a chance of getting assistance when the pain started to set in. I would then walk into the beach and allow the waves to take me away and let the rest take care of itself

Take pills and risk serious repercussions if it don't work.
Shoot yourself and end up brain damaged if it don't work, etc etc.
Fast moving train like at ealing broadway, I've seen them scraping up the remains. They lay out the plastic bags containing body bits on the stretcher, in the approximate shape of the body. Very effective.

i would go have a party to spend time with each and everyone of my mates get absalutly pissed when everyone goes home walk to the beach take pain killer after painkiller lay near the shaw line walst looking at the stars n let the tide drift me away

Well I would never kill myself, or do drugs, but I would get high on Cocaine first (just in case I lived) , then stab myself with a knife.

SF Giants F4Lâ„¢ TL 4 CY
i would never think fo doing that
i cant imagine myself dying in anyway

you should never think about killling ypurself you are too young too die and its not like everyone hates you there is always someone in the world who loves you and someone that will be very sad when your gone you really should think about what your family would say if they saw what your writing on this they would be so sad that their son wanted to die even though they worked so hard t give you everything you have

I'm fed up, but i aint going to quit!!!!!

jump off a building because if i'm gonna go i'm gonna go out screaming like heck and feeling what it's like to fly.

Ann W
Speaking from the point of view of a person that has attempted suicide in the past and has suicidal ideation at times. You usually do not want to really die it is just that the pain you are sustaining is terrible that you cannot think of any other way of getting rid of the pain.

You need to speak with someone face to face.

You say you're not p****d off yet...that hints that you are expecting to be...so now before you get that far...stop thinking about it and start working on ways to improve your situation so you never to get to that point. GOOD LUCK with everything!

Buddha's Bodyguard
I wouldn't reach the point of getting so pissed off that I wanted to commit suicide

steven s
jump off a bridge or building , as i always wanted to fly

there is nothing that bad.............there's always tomorrow

Carbon monoxide poisoning, you don't know its coming and its the most pain-free way to die.

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