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My younger sister has confided in me that she hears nasty voices in her head,shes 13.what could this be?
she says it usually happens when shes on her own and its two people,arguing ,usually or telling her to do things.Its happened at school a few times and she said she cant concentrate ,she seemed really scared when she was telling me and she started to cry.im really worried but she made me promise not to tell anyone,shes not had the best upbringing.and i wonder if its a cry for help.our parents are divorced and she took it bad,she did live with my mam but after she had a new baby she was pushed out,so now she lives with my dad,but i dont think shes happy there because his new wife is always shouting at her and he takes her side.can anyone give me some advice?

Danielle S
i would tell your parents i no u promised and i am sorry 2 say but she need help

I hear voices like that and I have been diagnosed as bipolar type I. She is having auditory hallucinations, which could be bipolar or schizophrenia. She should see a doctor. Since she only wants to tell you, are you able to take her to an appointment?

Multiple Personality Disorder is very very very rare. It is unlikely that she has that.

Adam Gerard Nix
It very much sounds like schizophrenia which can be controlled by Lithium.
There was a movie called 'Cybil" starring Sally Field, she had 16 different personalities, voices, characters, inside her head, they often opposed one another. Often a stronger character would protect or dominate a weaker one.
You said she had the best upbringing, normally schizophrenia is brought on by extreme trauma or abuse, sometime it's just chemical imbalances in the brain.
Your sis needs a physciatrist, not a psychologist or regular doctor. There is no shame in that, the poor girl needs help. The shame is in not getting the help. My heart goes out to her and your family.

If she can communicate with them, and if they have no control over any of her limbs, she will be fine. A good friend(s) of mine had exactly the same issue, and she turned round to her voices and told them all where to go. She said that unless they could actually pull their weight or make her do something, they had no say in the run of her life. She effectively punched them in the teeth and after about a year or two of her fighting back, they caved in. She let them ruin her life for a good three years before finally coming to her senses and realising that they didn't have to bother her unless she wanted them to.

This is a very brief summary. This is actually the third time I've tried to write the answer to your question. The previous two attempts told the full story from beginning to end but somehow I don't think it's appropriate. What I will say though is that my friend(s) voices started up around the time of adolescence and she/they do(es)n't believe herself/themselves to have a multiple personality disorder. She/they now believe/s herself/themselves to be priveleged. Because no matter what, she/they is/are never going to be alone. She/they think/s of them as extended parts of her/their consience. She/they is/are perfectly happy sharing the same body so long as they all get to experience some part of life.

Of course your sister may prefer medication.

it could be a number of mental disorders such as multiple personality,schizophrenia or stress related so the best thing you can do for your sister and the safest is to take her to her GP as she sound like she needs a psychiatric evaluation

im being serious about this take her to a phyciatric(dont no how to spell) and the p watever will work with her and like ask questions and stuff just ask ur mom to take her its working with my mom right now and shes gettin better so just do that! TRUST ME

find a doctor! she obviously needs help. if u dont itll just get worse trust me

hearing voices that no one else can hear is a symptom of several mental disorders, the most common one being schitzophrenia. (no schitzophrenia is not multiple personalities)
The disorder progresses and worsens without treatment. I would get her to a psychiatrist as soon as humanly possible.

It is often the case that Stress is a major factor in anyones life and can show some disturbing symptoms. The important thing is to get your sister some profesional help and give her as much suport as you can.
Are you ok?

Dont like the sound of that, she could be developing some sort of personalty disorder brought on by all the trauma, i would take her to the doctors a.s.a.p just to be on the safe side.Good luck

schizophrenia. , get her to talk to your parents and get her referred to the doctors asp

worry head
My son had the same thing he has now at 16 been diagnosed with psychotic disorder scyzophreia. He had ADHD as a child then he started to hear voices when he was about 15.
The same thing you have described a bit if he got told of or if someone said something to embarrass him he would hear the voices telling him YOU ARE LETTING THEM OFF WITH IT AGAIN THEY ARE MAKING A FOOL OF YOU and so on then he used to go mad swearing and getting really aggressive.
He has been attending a physaratris now for 3 months every week and is on medication and he is getting a bit better
I sincerely wish you good luck. Its hard for us living with it but is worse for him. By the way please excuse my spelling

alan h
i know how she fills. i get the same thing. been getting it for about 6 years now im now 20. i dont get it not all the time but then it does happen it fills like and sounds like someone shouting or talking to me. i can go day even months without it happening but when it does it drives me mad.
people didnt belive me bk then so i deal with it on my own now.

i old enough not to listen to these voices now but your sister is only 13 and im worried about her please take her to see someone it for the best for her own sake.
hope she gets better soon

My nephew had this start when he was 12. (experimented with drugs though). He had many voices telling how he was no good & would never get anywhere. PLEASE don't keep this to yourself, I know you've promised, but my nephew has been VERY unwell, due to not getting the correct help until he was 17. He's now 23 and is still not able to do alot for/ or by himself. Talk to someone who YOU can really trust. Good luck sweet x

Schizophrenia or Multiple Personality Disorder. I hope she gets some help. It can often be triggered by an emotionally traumatic event in a person's life.

babe get her to see a Dr and you need to get her to go sounds like stress to me and loads of people suffer from it nothing to worry about but she needs to see Dr to get it under control

13..... A this age she needs consistency in her life... unfortunately for her life has handed her lemons. I express my sympathy. She needs professional help to get her through at this stage in her life. She needs a psychiatrist.

sounds like a mental illness brought on by stress tell her not to worry and go the the doctors with her. Treatment is great nowadays - nothing to be afraid of.

The same thing happened to my brother when he was 16. He was diagnosed with schizophrenia. If you don't have a reliable adult to talk to at home, talk to a counselor or nurse at her school and they should be able to direct you to finding a doctor for her. If it is schizophrenia, the sooner medication is started the more likely it is to help her.

Good luck.

darling *****
She needs to see a doctor , she sounds like she may be haviing psychotic episodes. It could just be that she is feeling pushed out. put its worth getting her checked out

sounds like she may be schizophrenic...i know a man who hears voices & stuff like that he is a schizophrenic, manic depressive & is bipolar....your sister needs to see a doctor as soon as possible she could do harm to herself or soemone else tell your parents now!

Stress relate schizophrenis. The lady should not be yelling ather thats psychological abuse. The lady needs help to stop yelling at the daughte in law. And the poor teenager needs help in coping wiht all these changes. Adolescence is hard enough as it it. She needs to heal her mind and adjust to all these new situations and get assesed for a mental illness. Good thing is being treated soo young she might be able to find a good solution for this problem. Strss is not good for people with mental illness . Its good she has u to confide in. I think u should go with her to see a doctor or counsellor and help her through this scary process.

Mrs. Dee
you really need to confide in someone and get her some help she needs to talk to a counselor or someone she trusts it is very important to her health to talk to someone

Muy Buena
she could be suffering from separation anxiety or post traumatic stress disorder ... the same thing happened to my 10 year old step daughter when her mom abandoned her when she was 6 we got her help .. your sister needs to see a psychiatrist so they can help her... i worked for a child psychiatrist for 5 yrs i thought my daughter was schizophrenic but he says usually at that age they are not diagnosed with that disease it is usually something traumatic that has occurred in there life recently that brings on the symptoms... good luck!!

Go to your father, speak in private, and ask if you can confide something very serious. Explain that it is not a joke and that it may very well be something very serious that if caught on time can have very successful results sooner than later. Explain. Do not shout, do not smile and do not insist vehemently. Let him absorb what you've said and tell him that whatever he thinks after the conversation, he is to keep it to himself whether he believes it or not but not to share this with anyone... especially your sister. She will feel betrayed and will never trust you again!

Please read, "I Never Promised You a Rose Garden," by Hannah Green (she may have started using her real name now... Joanne Greenberg). It is a true story. Please read it so that you can get a better understanding. It may be a joke on your sister's part but what if it is NOT? Would you feel comfortable afterward?

It is treatable with therapy and/or medications. She may need help. She is not "crazy." She needs help. This normally manifests itself during adolescense, when the hormones are raging out of control but more often than not it is triggered by some traumatic event in life, like the divorce of your parents. . Please do your sister a favor? YOU will feel better afterward for doing the right thing. Try to encourage your sister to seek help and let her know that she is loved. Listen, the field of mental help has made huge improvements in the treatments and pharmaceuticals that chances are so much in her favor now... it is not like when "I Never Promised You a Rose Garden" was written (way back in the early 60s or 50s).

Do not be afraid for what your father may say but fear more for your sister who is crying out for help and may not get it. I lost a very dear relative (long story and I am not at liberty to disclose).

Good luck and very best wishes.


take her to the doctor's or tell your parents it will be best for her

Terra T
Take her to a psychiatrist. They would be able to determine if it is a way to get attention or whether it is really happening. If it is real, then the doctor can put her on anti-schizophrenic medications which is what I suspect is the problem.

It's possible for even very young children to have psychotic symptoms (ie, hearing voices, seeing things, etc). She needs to see a psychiatrist and therapist.

At 13, i think you've got a typical difficult, attention seeking teenager on your hands.

Not meant in a nasty way but i think she's more screwed up than mentally ill. This is how her problems are manifesting themselves, she may even believe it.

She got to get in front of a doctor and see a counsellor, i think she needs to talk about things, get some decent loving attention and then she'll feel and act better.

being a teenager is excruciatingly difficult, she'll get worse, she'll take it out on you, be there for her no matter how she treats you and how screwed up she gets but don't let her treat you badly or manipulate you.

Tell your parents and have them take her to a therapist for an evaluation. In a situation like this, it is more than okay to break your promise to not tell. She could be in danger, especially if she really has a psychiatric illness (which sounds very likely). She may get angry with you, but it's worth it to get her the help she needs.

I'm disgusted with the morons who are answering with crap about demon possession. Contrary to your imaginary little world, mental illness is caused by faulty neurochemicals and trauma, *not* by being possessed of a demon. Talk about your archaic stupidity.

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