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My new job is making me VERY depressed........I don't know what to do?
I started a new job about a month ago and was so excited to start it. My old job was bad (mainly because my bosses were RIDICULOUS). My new job also pays MUCH more. For the past 4 weeks, rather than being excited at my new job... I feel miserable. I sit in a windowless dreary office all day and I'm not sure what to do with myself. My boss is always out and my coworker doesn't know much of what to train me on. I have no clue what the majority of my job entails and I'm getting frustrated. I work with a bunch of middle aged arrogant men, and they're often very snippy with me. I come home and cry a lot. I told my boss I feel lost, but so far nothing has changed. Did I make a huge mistake? I would feel horrible if I quit so soon, but I'm so depressed it's ridiculous. I can't remember feeling this way before.

Marc S
You are making more money but feel like you have no value in what you do. It sounds like there may also be other issues not related to work that are affecting you.

Give it some time and don't overreact. See how things go at the new job for a while. Also, try to find issues that are causing you stress and sadness at home. I feel the 2 may be getting mixed up.

Eric M
but at the end of the day, you gotta do something you're very passionate about. that would probably release the stress out.

Christina P


Alba B
Don't be stressed out! If you are really having a miserable time then quit. Being stressed out is not good for you. Find a great job that really suites you!

Adam F
It's gonna take time to adjust to your new surroundings. Give it a chance.

Its never worth staying in a job that makes your home life miserable. You should start looking for work now and bear with the current job for the time being.

Think of your current job as a stepping stone - if you apply for a new job now and they ask for your current salary, as you said, it pays much more than previously. It will be easier to negotiate a higher wage from what you earn now, than it would have been before.

Make sure when you go for your next interview, you remember all the stuff you dislike about this job and check the place out before accepting a new one.

Good luck!

maybe you should try to interact with the people there and get to how them.
there to hang in there for a week or two more.

In this world there is trouble.

try having a more serious discussion with your boss or ask for more pay. asking for my work may also wake your boss up that you're not doing anything at the moment

mighty i
count ur blessing honey at least u have a job! at least u have job that is not so strenuous and pays good?. i would trade with u in a heart beat.

Hang in there. It will get better..

Jim C
Quit. The money maybe good, but why work someplace where you're miserable?

laura q
if you feel that way you should considered the fact that you are the only person who can help yourself,if you don't feel that you are not getting nowhere,than you should quit,and look for anothere job,don't feel sad about it,start looking for another job that fit you,and make you feel usefull of yourself,because you are allready fustrated,and people can get used to fustration until they find relif,good luck do it for yourself not for how much you are goin to get,

Go talk to your boss again and say that you need to feel like you are using your full potential at your job and unless you are trained better and things change, you will have to give a notice.

Pam H
Start asking for more work. Ask the nicest of the snippy, arrogant old men if they have anything you can help with. You didn't say what your job was. Make friends with them if you can. Ask the coworker for other work. If you do it wrong, someone will tell you how they want it done. Talk to your boss and tell him what you plan on doing and why. Tell him you don't want to quit. Good luck.

I know it is really depressing to show up to a job every day and not have meaningful work to do. Start asking the others for more work.

You have to be fair with yourself, it takes 90 days to make or break a habit... so you are 60 days out; take the steps to back pedal out, however do so with dignity and think of it as ongoing experience.

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Best wishes. Cheers!
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Ivan M
ask yourself what u like to do and do it ull be happy and ull see u need to find a different job cuz life is too short to do something u dont like...believe life is tooooooo short ...tomorrow somethig bad could happen and ull be sorry if u didnt enjoy ur life... u dont need borring job... money makes people bad

Talk to your boss again. Or a co-worker in whom you trust completely. You may not have made a mistake, but you may need to push this issue.

put your resume out. we spent the majority of our time at our jobs, it should be a comfortable environment. sometimes jobs can be stressful, but you should not be miserable. good luck :)

Stick it out for at least 6 months;you've only been there a month and things happen much more slowly than we would like (as far as getting training goes.) . In the meantime, keep looking for a better job, and it's a lot easier finding a job when we're employed. At the end of 6 months, reassess.

It's pretty common for people to feel stressed out for a while after taking a new job.

And depressed people are often not in a position to make the smartest decisions. Wait til you can be more objective.

quit now
before its to late.

I would give it some time. Any job is kind of frustrating at the beggining because you dont really know anybody or what to do. You could look around for another job, a more exciting job. Also, ignore those middle age guys. In any job you will find arrogant people or people that you just dont like. With time, you will meet nice coworkers and they could become your friends. Give it time. Go to work, do your job, ask for help when you need it and if you feel that you need to be more trainned on something, ask for it, you are there to make money, to get experience and learn. Get a interesting book and when you have nothing to do...read. Good luck!

Do not quit until you have another job.

And try to stay at least for a few months more, it does not look too good on a resume if you are constantly changing jobs

Summer is almost here, that should cheer you up

Quit! But before you do, get a new job. One where you know you will be happier.

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