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lou b
My dad and uncal keep raping me and hurting me what should i do?
can someone help me i have left home 5 weeks ago but my dad and uncal still control me they have been raping me since i was 5 years old i am now 22 years old. they keep telling me if i don't do as hey say they will hurt my little sister i don't know what to do i have tried to kill myself 3 times but i can't do it because im scared they will hurt her if im not here. im really scared and don't know what to do know so if anyone has any help please let me know? if any one eles is in the same baot as me maybe we can help each other because im really finding it hard to cope with this i don't know how much more i can take before i do kill myself i don't want to die but i don't know what to do love linda

Do all these people who are saying that is it fake or why did you not go to the police before not realise the amount of fear that is involved - yes linda may be 22 now but when she sees him or someone says something in a certain way she goes back to being 5 years old again.

please if you are going to answer questions like this please think about the emotional implications of it .... yes of course she knows she SHOULD go to the police but it is not as easy as that because she has proberbly been told for years not to tell anyone she is a very brave girl for disclosing what has been going on at all and she needs love and support not questioning and condeming.

this was not her fault neither was it a cry for attention - please think about what you would be saying if it was your daughter or your best friend and then put the words of hope and encouragment into your messages because if linda is ever going to go to the policce then she is going to need all the help and support she can get.

LINDA & anyone else in her position please feel free to email me if you need to talk.

fiona millar
this is to good go to social sevies and they will get your sister of them and go to the police if they go to court and are found gulity they can get fined and go to prision for about 6 to 8 years or it depends how bad it is. you ave to tell them

first thing call the cops. then call social services and have them give u ur little sister, three take them to court, four dont let them control u, five seek some counseling after all this.

call the police

just me
you are old enough to go for custody of your sister..run to your local police station and get this taken care of today!! they should be able to help you obtain an attorney as well...

If this is true - you need to report this because by putting a stop to this, God knowns how many other people yiu will be saving

You have taken the first step by telling anyone about this. I hope you are not faking as you will be making it even harder for anyone in this position to get help but I'm going to treat it as real. Best bet is go to the police but if that scares you. phone someone like the NSPCC or even Childline. Horrible though it is they will have heard similar stories before and can get wheels in motion.

As someone has mentioned, you could go for custody of your sister but in the meantime, the NSPCC will begin to look into your claims and other people who can help will be able to monitor your sister and be aware of what is going on.

Stay away from your father or uncle as much as possible and never be on your own with them. They are bullies and the biggest bullies are the biggest cowards as has been proved by their threats.

You have already been strong so stay strong and make the calls you need to make now!"!

Under the stars
don't kill yourself your sister needs you and God loves you! call the police NOW if you are scared to do it for yourself, do it for your sister's sake! xx

Mike T
Go to the police! Don't even think about killing yourself, you have much more right to live than these monsters.

P Dub
this is so fake, I am sure that if you were in such need you would go through the trouble of registering on yahoo. And it was about time you left home, your 22 years old for god sakes. This is fake, take this time you would be checking this and send the police or hospital and email, they will resond you big dummy.

Emmy W.
POLICE!!!! thats what they are for!

[email protected]

Call the police, or the social services, or a helpline like childline! please phone someone or tell someone you know about this NOW. it must stop. i would recommend the police as these two men should be prosecuted, not just stopped from doing this. PLEASE GET HELP.

Good luck.
and remember, we are all here to support you when you need someone.

john h
You must go immediately to your nearest police station and report this, if you are embarrased to talk to a male officer ask to speak to a female officer, most police stations have a rape centre where you can talk to a female officer.
Or go to the NSPCC who will call in the police, please do this for the sake of of your little sister if not your own.
Please Please do not blame your self for this situation, your father and uncle are the ones who are to blame for this siuation arising, but do not delay as it will be certain that your young sister will end up being abused just as you have been. Have courage and put an end to this.

Tell the police now, don't leave it much longer.

you need to get your sister out of that environment. i don't know the whole situation, but if it was that bad for you, do you really want her to be there? where is your mom, if you don't mind me asking? if she is not in the picture, even if she is, get you things, have your sister get her tings and get out of there. i am so sorry that you had to go through that. nobody deserves that, but your sister needs you. you need to be strong for her. i know you have thought about how your sister would feel if you kill yourself. i know you think it is impossible, but you need to go to the police. just know that if you take your sister and just go somewhere far, far away, they won't be able to get you. i am so sorry. come to San Diego, you'll have a friend.

One, take you sister and run away for good. Call the cops and tell them what is going on. You have the power to make this stop if you want it to.

Phone the police immediately, please !!

They will protect you and your sister today and your dad and uncle will get what they deserve, but please act now !!.

please please please do not resort to killing yourself....you are too valuable a person in this world to take that path,and you also need to be here for support of your sister. i think instead of asking for advice on this site, you need to contact your local police station. i know that probably sounds scary, but it MUST be done in order for someone to put a stop to this. reach out to someone you trust that is near you and get their help in contacting authorities.

oh my gosh....
1st thing you need to know is that none of this is your fault at all!
u really NEED to report this to the police right away. They (the police) can make sure you and your little sister are safe. And they'll make sure that never happens again.

Ann N. Cephalic
call the police and don't put it off. these guys both need to be put away. you need counseling, and the rape crisis team will help. this is not your fault, but it needs to stop, and only you can do this. call the police.

Report them to the police. Don't kill yourself in the meantime. They are the ones who should be dead.

Call the cops.


i would suggest you call the cops or social services so you can get custody of your little sister and have you dad and uncle put in jail.

go to the police?
tell your mum?
get your sister and run away?
go to social services?

Call the police!

Rachel Bitchface
Go the police and turn them in for raping you.


Linda my heart goes out to you for what you are going through. please go to the police they will protect you and find you somewhere safe to stay away from all of the pain and hurt. you can do it as many others have in the past your not alone and can break free I promise report it and your life will get better.

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