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i have some friends that do marijuana and they want me to do it. is it a bad thing to do? should it be legalized? should i do it?

not a good idea...

NO,YES,If you'er 18 or older yes

go for it, if u dont like it then u dont do it again, but atleast u tryed, its legal in other countrys, just cause some old man in a wig and tight tights made it illegal in this country aloonng time ago doesnt mean its bad.

Don't be a follower, be a leader. Or at least be an individual with your own mind. Don't do anything just because some of your friends want you to, especially when it comes to doing something illegal that you could go to jail for doing.

No, Yes, Yes

dont ever try,those days legal

Go ahead give it a try. If you don't like then you don't have to smoke it just because your friends do. **** peer pressure they will still like you if you don't like it.

plan on failing the drug test ! !

do what's right for you, but it is illegal still so if you do, be careful not to carry a bunch of it around on you, you could end up doing some time.

[email protected]
Up to you

Don't do any f u c k i n g drugs!

well. yss its a bad thing, and no it shouldnt be legalized, but doing $hit like that now will get u into deep trouble later on... dont do it to fit in..

i think this a decision u should make but just by the way your asking probably not and you defenitly shouldnt be worried about legalization if you arent a pot smoker

I have ingested certain chemicals in the past and if I may share a metaphor with you, please allow me to. Line 10 people up on a bridge railing and tie a chain around their necks with a cinder block tied to the end, with the cinderblock in their hands. Taking drugs is like dropping the cinder block over the bridge railing. Probably for 7 or 8 of the 10, the cinder block will pull them into the raging river below. For the other 2 or 3, the chain will snap and they will escape unscathed.
If I were you, I would not want to test myself to determine in which group I'd be. I have seen good friends destroy their lives on drugs. You simply never know whether or not you are going to have a proclivity towards addiction - and that is the fear that you should have of drugs. It is a healthy fear.
Also, you will regret doing something simply because of peer pressure.

Mary-J can have dangerous effects on the brain and make you do stupid things. I wouldn't if I were you. Tell them that you don't need to alter your mind to be fun or cool

its up to u!
but personally i think its a waste of time and its to over exagerated. they say if you do it ,your cool! please you aint that cool when you are left alone because no one wants you anymore!
But its up to you! :>

it not bad if u do every now and then...trust me it is addictive u get into smokin it alot then ur wastin ur life and gettin of is quite hard. if u want to do it..have it at party etc but sounds like you dont because your askin the question

you should try it. the government lies about its dangers, and it should definately be legal. i smoked for the same reason, and i was glad i did. being high is so fun. especially when your head is like floating

Deb C Arbonne Consultant
First and foremost, I would not let my friends be my guide. You have a mind of your own. No it should not be legalized and yes it is bad for you and can lead you to try more advanced and harmful drugs. Don't be a people pleaser. If your friends were all going to jump off a dangerous and they wanted you to do it, Would you? Think for yourself and seek your guidance from a higher power than your friends.

southern babe
I think the question is why the hell waste time with drugs when you can go out and get a life or work on getting one? There's no reason to fool with that crap!

Rory H
you should only smoke Marijuana to get in touch with your creative side. Doin it b/c everyone else does it is dumb. If you like music, writing, drawing, painting, any arts. Smoke a little and try to do it you can have a revelation in your mind when you see it from this high altered point of view.

Why take the risk?
Go and drive down the highway at 100 miles an hour. Sure, you might survive, but........

No one has ever died from smoking pot, the people that don't do it are scared because they believe everything they hear. Pot it better than cigarettes because there are no extra chemicals and it is not addictive. so really if you do you could honestly quit at any time. You have to decide for yourself. You have a very adult decision to make, you either have to smoke with them or find a new group of friends because they are going to continue to smoke no matter what you say. And if you are not going to do it, you need to get yourself out of that environment.

Its intirely up to you. Trying it probably wont harm you, as long as your careful not to get caught. Even so the charges for pot are way less then other drug. Its not bad people just beleive irational rumors sometimes. Our gov't way overexaggerates the harmful effects. marijuana is the most commonly uses illegal substance in the United States. it is used by many people, most of which aren't your stereotypical "druggie", with no life agead of them. Many of them hapen to be very successful, good people. Think about it almost if not every person who reads this paper will know (even if they don't realize it) at least one if not several regular users of marijuana. Its often made out to be much more harmful htan it really is, unfortunatly not every one realizes this.

What many people don't realize is marijuana is much less harmful than alcohol or tobacco. Yet it's the one of the three that gets a bad rap and is illegal. Marijuana isn't even physicaly addicting. You certanly don't see meetings for marijuana like you do with alcohol and AA. Unfortunatly due to American culture the less harmful of the three is illegal.

The most common reason why marijuana can be harmful is that people can often come across laced marijuana without realizing it. Marijuana can easily be mixed with other more harmful drugs with out the buyer realizing it, until they have already used it. This is a dangerous thing that causes many people to do more harmful, hard core drugs without realizing it. If it were to be legalized the government could provide guide lines, like it does with alchol to insure that people knew what they were putting into their bodies.

Marijuana actually has many helpful benefits toward diseases / sicknesses. Marijuana can reduce nausea, vomiting, and loss of appetite caused by AIDS. It can Reduce interlobular pressure, which alleviates the pain and slowing and sometimes even stopping the progress of glaucoma. Common side effects of chemotherapy are nausea, loss of appetite, and vomiting, all of which marijuana would help. It can limit muscle pain and relieve tremor nad unsteadiness of gait for multiple sclerosis patients. Marijuana can help prevent epileptic seizures in some patients. It can also alleviate chronic, often debilitating pain caused by myriad disorders and injuries. Each one of these applications have been deemed legitimate by at least one United States court, legislature, and/or government agency.

Due to these reasons and many others many people are going to jail/prison on a daily basis due to simply smoking a little pot These aren't dangerous criminals that would kill or rape someone. Many of them are teachers, lawyers and respected members of their communities. But yet we still pay thousands of dollars of tax payers money to lock up non dangerous "criminals" yearly even though most aren't going to stop after they get out of jail. Don't you think the money spent here is a waste? Couldn't it be going to more useful things such as hospitals, disease research, or better schools? These are the things that would benifit the people of this country. Certanily you would rather benefit the people more than throwing a non violent pot head in jail who was only trying to smoke a joint and relax after a long days work in jail. There is up to forty million regular (note thats just the regular not occasional users) drug users in the United states. If we were to throw all of them in jail it would cost $500,000 per million people, plus the cost and space of building many more prisons. Couldm't that money be spent on building hospitals? There's already about 1.5 million people tax payers are paying to keep in jail over drugs. From 1990 to 2003, nearly 5.9 million people had been arrested for smoking marijuana. Thats a greater number than the entire population of Alaska, Delaware, The District of Columbia, Montania, North and South Dakota, Vermont, and Wyoming combined. This country simply can't afford to put 40 million more in jail.

Marijuana should be legalized. It has many uses such as helping sick patients. People are going to smoke it no matter what the government sais, and with out govenment guidelines this can be dangerous. Not to mention the fact that we have no way we can afford to throw all those people in jail. Its much less harmful than alcohol and tobacco, which are legal, so doesn't it make sense that it would be also? Good luck hun.

smoking a blunt will be the best thing to ever happen to you. it's wonderful. you're calm and laid back. it's great. but if you don't want to. don't. don't feel pressured to do something you don't want to do. and yes, it should be legalized.

Jason S
wait until you establish your life.

♥Deziree's Mommy♥
Well, don't do it because your friends do it. You need to want to do it yourself, not because of peer pressure. I do not think it is a bad thing to do, but you can become addicted to it. I think that it should be legalized because I honestly don't think it is as bad as other drugs out there and it is natural. While I was in high school I knew a lot of people that smoked, but I never did or wanted to. Then one day I did do it...I liked it. I did it once in a while for a few months and then I quit...it gets expensive and I wanted it more and more. It also made me hungry and more tired. The first time I tried marijuana was over 3 1/2 years ago. I smoke now, but more for personal reasons. It helps me relax and have a good time. There are times that I want to stop, but I don't because it always makes me feel better, especially after a crapy day at work. But my best advice would be not to do it b/c your friends are. If you really want to do it then just be prepared for the side effects and keep in mind that you can get in a lot of trouble if you get caught up with it.

Whatever you do. DON'T DO IT. It's not good for you. If you want to live a good long healthy life, don't do it.

Where do people get the idea that it will make you look nasty and could kill you???? What!? Besides the fact that it's illegal, give me a good valid reason why it's a bad thing? Come on, people, use your brain. Or at least try not to act like an expert on something you obviously have no clue about.

Dont smoke pot to fit in.
Thats lame.

as a fellow toker i say no. wait till youre old enough to answer your own question instead of asking a bunch of idiots and pervs. find out what you want in life then when you reach that goal then maybe start smoking the reefer. educate yourself first. free your mind and your *** will follow.

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