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there are 2 students in class who use weed i don't know a lot of things about that. and they always tell me to try one time. but i didn't .
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I go to the casino and drink.
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Is there anyone who's NEVER taken drugs?

I haven't! Woohoo!!!!!

Just depends on what drugs you mean...I can say that I have never taken drugs in my life, except for prescription drugs.

I doubt it. Kids take Tylenol when they're very young so I bet most people in the U.S. have had some kind of drug before.

My hubby, unless you count alcohol... and the occasional pain killer (Paracetamol)?

Part Time Cynic
I might never have had the doctor not prescribed me that Rohypnol in 1983!

Is that your final answer?
Yes me. I know ppl laugh at me and mock me. You may think Im a goodie two shoes but its not even like that. Ive drank alcohol and gotten super drunk several times and Ive also smoked an occassional cigarrete. I do have access to drugs. My friends do Cocaine and weed also. Sometimes theyve taken extacy but I've never tried any of it. Its so weird that I have access to it but I dont do it. I guess it was the way I was brought up. I think smoking a cigarrette is bad enough. I dont know anyone who hasnt tried a drug one time in their life.

Im 10 and ive tooken medical drugs

agsf a
no. if they say they havent they lie. unless theyre like 8 years old.

Bob the Boat
Perhaps the strict Mormans or similar.
I would class my self as never haven taken drugs, but I like a beer of three.
I do not know why they say "alchohol and drugs" Booze IS a drug !
I am no puritanical soul, and have been too close to speed, LSD, and allsorts in my motorbike days, but decided that I was happy with an un-altered mind.
Have you heard from granny " Oh I am dying for a cup of tea" ?
Hello addiction.
I suppose that I have not met someone that is totally drugless.


♥love spell♥
i have never taken illegal drugs. i want to try some weed though, but i wouldnt do it too much. drugs are for losers honestly they are lame.

[email protected]
I'm 51 and have never used drugs.

I've never taken "recreational" drugs


i have tried a draw of dope but i chocked cos i was pissed and i have never smoked before and it was horrid. thats it

yeah, my pet goldfish

one time I took this....... what was the question

You must be talking about ilegal drugs, I have never taken them but i've been around people how have. (Medical Drugs i'm sure every one has.)

gypsy g
I was about to say my baby's daddy...but I just remembered he has taken ectasy once. Other than that, he's never drank, smoked, or done any other drugs.

Well, alcohol, Aspirin, anti-biotics, yes. But if you mean illegal drugs, why, no, I never have.

It depends on what you mean by drugs. Since the law requires vaccinations for children before they enter the school system there is little chance that there is anyone who has NOT take drugs in some manner. Now if you are referring to the illegal use of drugs like heroine or Cocaine, that's a different story. My wife has never taken any of those kinds of drugs.

absolutely not!

Mrs Chad Michael Murray
i take prescription drugs
never had the bad drugs
(im 18)

Born-Again Libertarian
No, though in some cases it depends on how you define a drug.

Some people define it basically as 'a tablet made by a pharmaceutical company' or 'something you use to get high.' By that definition anyone in a rainforest tribe who's used their medicine has never taken a drug.

I have never gotten high or smoked but I've taken my share of Sudafed and Tylenol.

I haven't. got better thing to do.

I'm sure there are very large numbers of people in all kinds of remote communities around the world that have never seen medicinal drugs let alone taken them.

well we've all taken drugs if you mean medical drugs such as Paracetamol or drugs for different medical conditions. but if you mean illegal drugs such as heroin or Cocaine, then i haven't, and hopefully nor have many others.

I doubt it most people take DRUGS for headaches colds etc


Do you mean illegal drugs or prescriptions? I'm 24 and never taken illegal drugs (or abused legal), but I have taken Vicoden for a dental procedure and cough Syrup with Codeine for bronchitis. I would say there isn't anyone who has never taken any drugs at all...but there are people who haven't used illegal drugs, or smoked, or taken unprescribed prescription drugs.

22 and never even smoked... :-)

victimless criminal
What illegal or medical?
Cos no i haven't had illegal drugs and yes I've had medical drugs

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