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Is talking to yourself a problem?
i talk to myself alot but i got it from my parents. they say it isn't a problem but my friends think i just got mental problems.is it a problem?

If you like to look crazy in public then its not a problem.

It's MEEEE!!!!
hey if that they way you think better then i think that you are okay

[email protected]
So long as you don't answer back no.

Tell your friends to kiss your AS$ because they talk to themselves, too!! Talking to yourself is often the best way to have intelligent conversations and avoid arguments.

Most people talk to themselves quite regularly, even when walking down the street; but, it is primarily done silently so it's not evident to onlookers. Whether or not we talk out loud, or silently, when we talk to ourselves, we are processing our thoughts, solving our problems, or just deciding what we will eat for lunch that day. This is because we are most comfortable with ourselves and trust ourselves more than anyone else.

Some people have difficulty in making the transition from speaking to themselves out loud when they are alone, to speaking silently when they are in public. This is purely an issue of societal norms. Speaking to yourself out loud is not unhealthy behavior, but it does run counter to what is considered normal in the society. You can either try to speak to yourself silently when you're in public, or you can continue talking out loud and risk some stares — your choice! Either way, you are not crazy and tell your friends that too.

Talking to oneself is not neccessarily a sign of mental illness. Start answering and arguing with yourself...well that's a different matter altogether. It shouldn't be a problem as long as you remember not to do this when you're around people outside of family members, people who might not understand.

Hannah Radar
Hahahaha--I talk back to self check-outs, and the phone bank. :D

I talk to myself all the time.I don't think it's a problem unless you do it
when your talking to other people.I think most people do it as a way to figure out a problem for themselves.At least,that's why I do do it.

Your friends are the problem. Everyone talks to themselves once in a while, maybe even every day. Talking through things to work out a problem or maybe because you're lonely. The only problem is when you talk back to yourself and you have a disagreement. And then that's not really a huge problem. There are mental disorders that include talking to yourself so if you are worried see a counselor.

I've never met a sole who hasn't talked to himself. No biggy

I don't think it is a problem unless you actually think you are talking to another person

i talk to myself also and sometimes i answer myself, im always right. lol

We all talk to ourselves sometimes. It sounds like you have followed in your parents' footsteps. I wouldn't worry about it. It's something that makes you unique. And if your friends try to tell you they never do it, I'd say hogwash! ;)

No, it is not a problem. It is very common to do it, and I have been known to answer my own questions, it is the most reliable information I get sometimes.

Yeah I'd say taking it to extremes would be a problem

all people talk to their self at one time or another.

Not really, most people work out what they want to say to other people by talking to themselves. Also they can work out problems, you're just thinking out loud. I try (note the try) not to do when other people are around because it seems like you're ignoring them then. If your friends give you crap about it try saying, "I'm just talking to the smartest person in the room." This will either shut them up or make 'em laugh. Good Luck!

Talking to yourself, in and of itself, isn't a problem. There are other syptoms if you have a mental disorder, so stop worrying! Maybe your friends aren't really friends after all. Everyone is different, and those differences should be respected; friends don't make fun of your differences!

Honey,don't feel bad,I talk to myself sometimes to!! Your not crazy,you just have a lot on your mind.

It's just thinking out loud.

[email protected]
Actually, I think it's a good thing!


NO! It is considered a good problem solving tool, as a-matter-of-fact. So long as you have a grip on reality, don't worry about it.

I used to get teased for the same thing. People would ask me, "Why do you talk to yourself?" and I'd answer, " Because I want to talk to someone with some sense." LOL

Edna A
my opinion. People are already crazy naturally. so talking to yourself is pretty cool. I talk to myself.... and to other objects. like for example: a spoon. I talk to it "Hey, Mr. spoon. it's time for you to go airplaney in my mouthey....." lol. hilarious. but hey, its not a problem. dont TRIP!

I dont see a problem in it but then again i talk to myself all the time. The real problem is when u anwer yourself back and i tend to do that too. But i am kinda unique and crazy so yeah it aint anything unusual for me and my friends all get a kick out of it next time u are around them start talking to yourself and answer yourself back too see what kind of reaction u get back then lol

Only 2 min

katbg has a totally awesome answer I never thought of it that way I hope you give them the 10 points I agree it's not crazy to talk to yourself I do it

No - I don't believe it is. In fact, you get the best answers that way. I agree that it is a means of solving problems that kind of get cluttered in our brains. Talking outloud sort of releases some of the pressure (for me anyway). If you're friends are really concerned just tell them you have a new cell phone receiver and its very tiny. My son has one and I can never tell whether he is talking to me or one of his friends, especially if he is walking towards me. I have seen people in the street answer him, thinking he is talking to them. Today's technology has you covered, don't worry about it.

actually talking to yourself can be normal but can be annoying to others. I only do it when I am trying to remember stuff. Don't sweat it. Unless you are responding to voices in your head, then it may be a mental problem.

Talking to yourself is better than talking to idiots especially if you are telling yourself good things.

How you feel about it is more important!

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