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Is it normal to have voices in my head telling me to burn things?

no its very different.

Kitty L
No, it isn't. What else do the voices tell you? Email me and don't burn anything in the mean time. Kitty

i think i smell gasoline.
get em!!!!

if ur the antichrist

everytime you hear that write it down....you will see that you do not need to do it....

dustin k
better stay away from my house

no it is not
u might need t c ur psychiatrist

well....tat wud u make u a soon to be pyromaniac ..suggest u see a psychiatrist....excessive voices telling u to do things tat may harm urself or others is not a very good thing..

no, your a pyro

NO thats not nornal get help go see a doctor. REALLY

No...and if you do... your father, Satan must be behind it.

Krystle B
You aren't the only one, but no it is not normal. If you really hear voices, I think you should see a good psychologist to help you deal with them.

Do yo learn with Erostrate?
Joseph Garibaldi

No, it isn't normal. You might be interested in taking anti-psychotic medication. My friend did and the voices went away. You can ask a doctor about them.

No its not normal. I'm a medical student and I would advise you to see your doctor. You are having auditory hallucinations which may cause danger to yourself or others.


no it's not and i'm sure you knew that before asking this question. but since you did i will urge you to seek professional help so you dont eventually give in and start doing what the voices are telling you to do.

Latin Lover
You need to seek for profesional help...cuz you could have voices on your head telling you to kill somebody you just not gonna do that are you?........

What things?

Only if you become obsessed with it.

Celines D
No its not normal, it means u crazy

No, you are being possessed by demons. You go and visit the nearest church from your house.

answer seeker

no, its not. you need some professional help a.s.a.p. oh, and tell your parents about the voices in your head.

no i dont think so

sensi K
nop,it's not normal

No. Images? Good. Voices? Bad. See a psychiatrist and tell him what's going on and what you're hearing.

no. If you hear voices you can do a couple of things,

1) Call a psychiatrist that will put you in the hospital. or

2.) Try taking Omega-3 small fish oil. Start off taking two 1000 mg Omega-3 in the morning and two 1000 Omega-3 at noon. Take on an empty stomach. If you did not feel a major relief on day number one, increase the Omega-3 to three softgels in the morning and three softgels at noon.

The dosage of 6 Omega-3 a day is usually how much it will take to eliminate the head or voices feelings.

If there is no relief after taking six Omega-3 a day for three days, increase the Omega-3 to four in the morning and four at noon.

I have never had a person need to remain at the eight Omega-3 a day for more than 3 days before all head/ voices side effects were eliminated.

Once the head symptoms are eliminated, gradually back down the Omega-3 to one in the morning and one at noon.

No. U need a phyciatric help.

President Bush, is that you?


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