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Is it normal for a 14 year old to have imaginary friends?
I do, but I think it's a little weird. I'm too afraid to tell anyone, I've only told my best friend and she was ok with it, but I never told anyone else. Is it normal?
Additional Details
Uh, and what is not normal about it?

slayer s
its sorta normal depending on how mature u r. Personally i wouldn't think that it is normal

no way

Maddy♥Tokio Hotel♥
idk i guess it is kinda weird.. i mean do what ever you want cuz it is your life but seriously i think it is more normal for a 5 year old.. lol good luck♥

Gosh, ignore all these closed-minded people who are saying you need help. I've got tons of imaginary friends. They're the characters in the stories I write. A lot of people say it's abnormal, but I say those people have no imagination. In fact, a bunch of my friends are writers, and we all share our characters, so now we have mutual imaginary friends. It's great fun. =D

I'd be way more concerned if you said you had imaginary enemies.

How's your real-life support system (i.e. friends, immediate family, extended family - cousins, a favorite aunt or uncle - etc). If it's slim pickin's, you may want to build upon your real relationships a little more. I have a hunch if you increase your real-people population, the imaginary one will eventually cease to be.

Good luck to you ... and don't fret too much. There are worse things.

the questioner
no but you should not care if you are happy with them

To me, it's not weird.As long as you don't talk to them in public.(example:Standing in the store and just talking as if someone was there). You will know you have problems when you start talking to inanimated objects! (example: screaming at a wall) Have fun and don't mind what anyone says or thinks about you!

sure it's normal, there is absolutly nothing wrong with it. You're probably a really creative and imaginative person, and having imaginary friends gives you someone to talk to. You may just be holding on to a little part of your childhood. I'm 14 and I have a blankie that I sleep with every night, just something I do as a comfort thing. Just like your imaginary friends, just a comfort thing.

yes, It is normal for a 14 year old to have imaginary friends.
I have imaginary friends and I am 14. Also I know people who are older than you that have imaginary friend . I don't think it is weird at all.

Mrs. å±±P
it's weird isn't it? when you think of it as imaginary firends. because people automatically assume they're for 5 year olds. i'm 13. i have my little imaginary firends, but i talk to "them" a little more serious then little play things. more like a diary and just talking to myself..although referring to the other party in another name. i just have a big imagination. idk, i'm normal in any other way. haha :D

it is ok for any age to have imaginary friends. an imaginary friend is really you. we make them different people so we dont seem like we are talking to ourselves. an imaginary friend is a couscous. its ok to have one! : )

well a lot of people your age probably don't have an imaginary friend anymore, but who cares if you do? it's totally not a big deal if you do, everyone can do whatever they want.

Only the Good DIe Young
What is normal anyway?
There are so many abberations to the word normal that trying to classify something as a "normal" would not be normal itself. Also, when trying to understand if something is of sane mind, which you may be trying to refer to, it is also difficult to do this because everyone is different. You cannot base your actions and ideals to other people's because there is no one to determine which one is right. Sometimes the masses are right and sometimes the individual is right. But either way you put it, having imaginary friends at 14 isn't normal. Get a shrink.

i ♥ fudge and nannars!!! lol
hehe you know you just told everybody on here your big secret silly! :D
oh well thats ok:) its ok if you have one too! if it makes you feel better then its ok.

I want some imaginary friends too...

it's not... normal, but there's not really anything wrong with it... lol, i think that you'd have a great imagination :P

Yea it is, I had one since I was 16 when I started driving.

It is weird but at least when you feel alone your really not and some times it is fun. You can explore and use your mind in so many ways to play games even when your alone.

This could just be a phase. I don't think it's normal but that's okay.

What's normal???..... I would create imaginary scenarios with pretend people... when I was about your age.. IF it doesn't effect your daily life I wouldn't worry about it.. It should stop when you get older because you will be busier then you are now... Have you had this imaginary friend since you were little? has it just started?

well I'm only 13 but as far as i know i think its OK i mean u might b lonely in the inside but not know it and maybe you want this "imaginary friend" to understand something your friends cant .I think it would make perfect sense

Vee H
it depends on what youve been through in life (like my dad left when i wasn't even a month and had cancer, so i pretend to be describing games to a crowd of people or play a multi player game by myself)

Well, the majority of 14 year olds I've ever known don't have imaginary friends
But I guess everyone has something from their childhood that they hold on to .. I guess in your case it's .. imaginary friends?

pink princess
it is never to old and it does'nt matter what others say it just matters what you think they are being the losers telling you that you are weird i mean if you were doing that you know how it feels so i thinkyou are really awesome for being brave and having the heart of a kid.

Keyser S
it's kind of weird but I have like 6 different personalities so it's not that weird

it's normal...you grow out of it

*Praying* for a 2009 *Baby* !!!
When I was 14 I didn't have what you would call an imaginary friend. But whenever I felt really alone I would stare up to the sky and talk just like I was talking to a friend. I wasn't really talking to God, but I was just talking ... as if someone would answer, and strangely, it would make me feel less alone.

As long as you're in control of them, not talking to them in public, and as long as they're not teasing you!

And be sure they're good people, not into drugs or anything that will be a bad influence on you!

Jammin Jade
Most people don't, but whatever. It means you have a good imagination. (:

You probably haven't grown out of that stage yet, which is okay. It will take extra practice to come out, but only if you want to. Hell, I think it would be fun to have an imaginary friend. As long as you're not dependent on just them and you have other friends, it's perfectly okay.

Maybe use your imagination in a different way, such as storywriting or something. Your imaginary friends could be your characters! :D

Take Care. (:

P.S. Being Normal is Boring. It means you're all the same!

I think it's perfectly fine!

Brad B
Who cares. It's your life, live it the way you want.

hi sugar....this one made me sit back and think a bit...normal? on the surface ..most would say no...but lets dig a little deeper into the meat of the subject...define what normal is. lol....The imagination is a wonderful thing, it keeps us creative,helps us to see other possibilities in situations and in how other people think...it also makes for good entertainment. For instance...steven king the author....you cant tell me for a minute that he doesnt have a few other people running around in his head... Most of us identify with an imaginary "someone else" in a sense. Like a diary or a journal....we 'talk" to it...its not a real person but its accepted as normal.. Imaginary people we create are usually just another part of ourselves that we keep inside, people with split personalities actually become the imaginary other people they create...and you arent doing that, i think that you probably have this 'friend' who helps you out in situations where you arent comfortable , or confused or maybe a little frightened....they know what you need to hear to get you thru it...am i in the ball park here? or sometimes maybe you are just bored and need another person to talk to... if you are ok in your daily routine of life, doing good in school and at home...then dont worry...your imaginary friend will stick around as long as you need them to...and when you find that you dont need them that much anymore....just open a little place up in your heart somewhere and tell her/him to climb inside...that they have helped you when you really needed them, and you arent sending them away, but giving them a place to be safe and loved as you move on thru your life...and you will.....you'll be ok...and they will always be there if you need them....safe...in your heart.. Now, one more thing...i think people like you arent strange, but you belong to an elite group of people who have the capability to write the most kick-*** books and screen plays...movie scripts...or you at least lean towards art in some form....and if this is true, then party on sugar...the world needs artists...for its them that color our world...

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