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 I am a teen and feel depressed, what should I do?
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 How can someone on Y!A think they can diagnose you with a mental disorder or personality based on 1 question?
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I am addicted to the internet
I cant stop
what to Do
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 Can someone help me not 2 think about suicide?
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 My younger sister has confided in me that she hears nasty voices in her head,shes 13.what could this be?
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 Why are so many people jealous?
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Jealousy is sad.
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 Why am I so depressed?
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 Do you believe in hope ?
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 I feel suicidal?
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 Self harm, Think i'm losing it?
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 Carnt sleep please help!!!!?
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 Apart from shooting myself, is there any cure from absolute grief?
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 What would you do to shock me?

 Do u sometimes wish to die?
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 My dad has a brain disease, that will kill him... i dont kno if my friends can help... should i tell them?
this disease is eating his brain away hes 50 years old... it makes him forget how to talk and think... he also is making my mom break down to a sad mess... the docters have no clue how long it will ...

 I hear voices THEY ARE REAL everyone looks at me like im mad but i swear im not they tell me to hurt myself
i hear voices they ARE real i no they are
my mum looks at me like im mad
she took me to see a man and they put me in this plane room for 2 weeks
why cant they hear or see what i see?<...

 I cant control my anger!!!!!?
my anger is getting out of control. i used to draw or workout to control my anger but it hasnt been working recently. my first instinct when i get angry is to beat the crap out of the first thing ...

Jam L
Is crying a sign of weakness when im a guy?

Not necessarily.. We all feel the same, just that some people hold it in and some don't.

Nope! Unless you cry over spilt milk. Then there's a problem,weather your a male or female. Talk to your dr.
I cry Everyday and Im the toughest Woman you could come a cross. Life just gets to the Living sometimes. When your Living without a Life why not cry and get rid of some of the pain.

The Troll
No. O.o
I thought it was weird when females cried! Jeez, where do you live? Guys usually cry.

Kelly M
Absolutely not, it's a sign of strength; especially to girls because we know most guys don't want to show they have feelings, or are hurt by something. So when they do. . . it's showing strength against norms

its not...u might just be sensitive...that ok..besides a lot of girl like guys like dat

No, it doesn't make you any less of a man. You need an outlet for your emotions just like a woman does. If anyone cries excessively, then it may be a sign of depression, but if you shed tears because you are hurt, or someone dies, if you lose a pet..........................any serious dilemma, you should let it out. It's good for you, helps you heal the hurt inside.

to the typical male yes
but to woman no

no i think that guys who cry are better people!!!

Fluxscion The Wicked
crying is not a sign of weakness among guys because all men and women are the same,all men and women have emotions and crying is one of the acts where you can express what you feel,so it is not a weakness

No, not at all. It's healthy to let your feelings out. It shows no sign of weakness.

Sergio G
NO, I cry all the time, and chick like it!
I look sweet but is not something that I content my self I'm just like that!
And if a guy make fun of me I'll kick his Butt!

no. when you cry that would not lessen your masculinity because when you cry, you are just expressing what you feel and its not bad to cry.

well if your whining over a little thing then yes it shows your weak.

nooo please dont think that. nobody likes macho men anyways!

Not at all. just shows you are a caring person and you have feelings like everyone else on earth !! :) ♡

Nope. Don't worry about it. :)

People cries, it's not a sign of weakness but emotion relieves.

I really do not think that it is!!! I think that it shows you are human!!!!

Eric H

Only the strongest men cry.

The rest are too scared to think what other people will think.

No, it actually can be a very healthy activity. Emotional tears may carry away chemicals that build up under stress, so this can be a good thing for a person.

No. It shows people you are an emotional, caring person !

sexy juliet
It takes a man to cry :)

Not at all. Everyone cries. Its a way to let out your emotions and stress, nothing wrong with it at all.

Guitar Hippie
Only if it's excessive but then it's a problem regardless if your male or female...

No. Don't let the macho guys make you think different.

No it shows you can show feelings and you have a heart. I think highly of guys who can cry.

Boys and Girls are the same besides the anatomy ... remember that padawan!

No, crying is a natural process to eliminate built up stress. There is nothing weak about expressing your emotions openly.

The Agent IV
"knowing when your weak is when your really being strong"

'Course not.

Yes, don't be a *****!

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