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i heard that like down is suicidal....

 Why is being molested such a big deal?
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 What do i do? what do i do? im a stupid cutter?
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 Generally speaking, why aren't women as smart as men?

 Ok, this is really weird and somewhat scary...?
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Is being lonely good or bad?

Additional Details
WHich do u think is worser, Being lonely or feeling lonely even with companions?

Lonely is not a good feeling to have. If you are someone you know experiences this quite often then I suggest either making new friends, hanging out with family (although sometimes it is easier to avoid some), or volunteering.
Volunteering is a great way to ease loneliness but it also makes you feel good about yourself.

if it's by choice,then it's okay.don't drift into the trap of thinking: any company is better than no company.you will only find bad company.

Depends on your mood. I spend a lot time alone and quite enjoy it. I can do what I like, virtually, within legal limits. I can choose to spend time with other people and do so at times.

Linda L
some times its better tobe alone and lonely than being with another person and being miserable.

"la perte de clown"
how the hell can it be good baby!

I feel being lonley is unhealthy for a person, it is good for our spirits to have someone to talk to in times of trouble, a cuddle and an open ear can really ease some peoples pain.

Either way no one in this world should be on there own. This can make people grumpy towards life and also find socialising with people difficult, so get out there with a smile on your face and let the world be at your feet. xx

Glenn F
Its good in my humble opinion

sleepy but can't sleep
if you are lonely that is usually bad. Some people can be alone and not feel lonely


lonely, never is GOOD!!!!!

is better be sad with someone then happy alone, cause the "HAPPY ALONE" is a false happy!!!!!!

think this....

Julian Karswell
Can be either some people are just not suited to relationships whilst some get used to living on their own.

Being lonely is awful - but don't confuse being alone with being lonely. There are many people quite happy with their own company.

its never nice to be lonely makes you very sad

it teaches you to appreciate others

BAD gutted

tangerine(R.I.P. Paul Newman)
There's a difference between being alone and being lonely. Being alone can be either a positive experience or a negative experience, depending on the perspective of the person. However, the word "lonely" describes the negative feelings people have when they don't like being alone.

If occasional? Normal.
All the time? Very bad.

i dont like being lonely but its not necessarily a bad thing, i do much better when im alone but if you feel that lonely then find a companion, could be a dog?

In my way of thinking, being lonely is the bad version of being alone.

being alone no but being lonely definitely isnt good for any human being.

Andrie C
I find being alone horrible but that is because i am a very chatty person but lately i have become really moody and stuff and i snap at everyone so sometimes i would rather be alone or with a close group of friends who will hug me and tell me everything is going to be allright x

if you feel good this way, it's ok
if you don't fear of interacting with people, ok again

Humans are of a social nature and being around other people usually make us feel good. Sometimes you also need time on your own so it is good to have a bit of both in your life. Beinf lonely for too long might be somehting you will eventually come to regret

It depends If your single or not.

you are all in my heart forever
being alone is different than lonely. lonely is negative. so it's bad

From time to time it can be both. Sometimes it's not a bad thing to be lonely. You just aren't going to be able to rely on always having something to do and having someone around you or having someone understand what you're going thru. It can be frustrating but you need to learn that everyone gets lonely sometimes and it is perfectly ok and you will get through it. It is not the end of the world to have odd or bad feelings from time to time.

sarah! [me love]
It can be good or bad. It depends....do you like being lonely?? You should have at least <i> some people </i> some time. but It's your choice!

it depends. If you are lonely but happy, then you are good.

Brutally Honest
There's a difference between being alone and being lonely.

There is nothing wrong with being alone, but if you feel lonely (an emotion really, not a behavior), then you should find companionship or take up an activity to alleviates the feelings.

Time alone is good as it allows time for thought and reflection, as well as catching up on the things that we want to do without having to consider others, but actually FEELING lonely is horrible! If one feels lonely for too long, then depression sets in; most of us need to interact and communicate with others in order to remain emotionally healthy and maintain a sense of wellbeing. It's true to say, however, that we don't have to be alone to feel lonely; it's possible to be within a relationship or a group and yet still experience the sense of loneliness. Sometimes this is the worst kind - when the 'connection' has been lost and we feel only a sense of isolation.

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