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break dance not hearts (:
Is It True...?
that is you go to bed with your hair wet you have more of a chance of devolping a mental disorder?

That's a new one.

well I've never heard this one before but if its true i should be in the nutty block by now cause I've been going to bed with my hair wet for years and im quite normal i think lol

Lacey Lottie
I have never heard that in my life you may wake up with very knotty hair but a mental disorder no way.
Don’t worry.


id have completly lost my head a long time ago if that were true lol

bling ting blah bong ting need boing a blang new pringggg hairdryer ding for shuuuuuf xmas.

where on earth did you hear that?

Janis J
actually it has the opposite effect. So .. if you're feeling really crazy .. or know someone who is .. soak your head and have a nap .. when you wake up .. you'll have the IQ of Albert Einstein .. oh .. and the hairdo too ! lol

no its completely not true, xx

Think about it. How could it?

No i dont think that this is true at all.

Nope hope not I'm mad enough already


Only if you wear Green socks and have your eyebrow pierced. if not you should be fine.

David W
I've never heard of that one before

I have never heard of such a thing

Really??? I've never heard that before! I do that all the time!

NOOOO, lies, lies all lies. We were always told if we went to sleep with our hair wet our noses would rot off. No, it is lies, i often go to bed with wet hair.

I always go to bed with my hair wet as I have a shower just before bed. I hope I don't go mad.

Umm no!

Rude 4 U
Absolutely. But if you go to bed with your hair wet and I'm in the same bed with you, then you'll be OK.

lolz,no it's not.Don't worry!

oohh errr, ive never heard of that one,lol.

Bloody Nora.. No with a capital N

Woody Black
No, a cold - you would have more chance of getting a cold
Whoever told to that is CRAZY !!

lol no way

if it is that explains a lot about me! lol

I've never heard that, but it sounds utter b*ll*cks to me.

If only mental health problems could be avoided by having dry hair at bedtime..............................I wish.

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