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Im 14 and drinking daily...?
I started popping pills, smoking ciggertettes, and had my first alcoholic drink when i was 13.
I am 14 now.
I still pop pills, i smoke more, i smoke marijuana too, and have been drinking on a daily basis. And that means everyday.
My grades slipped. I became more rebellious. And i drank at school on numerous occasions.
The last time i drank at school, i got caught. Mainly because i became completely oppositional.
I put the bottle on my teachers desk. Cussed her out and the assistant principal.
They kicked me out.
I go to alternative school now. And i was forced to sign up for some a.a. program.
My mom was an alcoholic, if that means going to the bars all the time, getting arrested 3 times in 3 months, and crying all the time.
She was always drinking. I hated her for it.
She is also bipolar. As most of her family. Her father had and still has a serious problem with drinking. So does her mom. The whole family does really.
Its hereditary.
My parents divorced.
Im just worried im going down the same path as her.
Do you think that i may be becoming an alcoholic since ive been getting in trouble and drinking everyday and im only 14?
All my relatives worry about me and my drinking. Im not trusted. They know because they have seen me drunk numerous times.
I deny everything. And i hate them all for not believeing my lies. I convince myself to believe me. Its confusing.
I dream about drinking, and i look forward to it all day at school when i get home. I think about it all the time. I love the feeling.
I steal. I lie. I believe im a failure, cause no one believes in me. Im quiet but can easily lash out on anyone for the simplest things.
I dont think i have a problem. I really dont.
But, I want opinions. What do you think?Am i slowing turning into an alcoholic? Am i following the footsteps of my family? Or am i just a regular teen?
I want some opinions from people i dont know. cause people that know me all think the same thing.

You are headed into a very bad direction. Most teens do not do these things. It doesnt help the fact that your mother is having problems. It sounds like you are looking for attention in all of the wrong ways. Mental illness does run in families and seeing it all of your life isnt helping. You are doing what you know. You seem like a pretty smart kid. Stop the cycle of abuse now. You can do it. You are to young yet to be a failure. Please ask for help. It is never to late.

my heart goes out to you kid, you must realize your heading down the path of destruction

last year, i was a freshman in high school, and the same exact thing, i got caught at school, and i did even worse stuff. i didn't get along with my family at all, and i would just leave. but you need to stop, that is the only thing that will help. i was the same as you, but now, i have better grades, and i rarely smoke weed, and i drink a little but not really..... but you are not acting like a normal teen. you have gone far past experimenting, or you won't stop. it will be easier for you to stop now, then from like 20 years from now. just hang out with a different crowd. all my friends that i used to hang out with got into trouble and went to different schools. i still hang out with them, but not being around them every day putting these ideas that doing stuff is cool, like... "oh cool, one line of coke won't get me addicted" yah that happens. just stop while you are ahead.

I think you know the answer to this question, drinking at your age is causing problems to your growing brain, you wont be as smart as you could be. I don't think you'll listen to any advice that tells you it's not ok to do what you're doing, but I'll try: What you're doing is ruining your life!

First you need to stop and think about why you do this. Is it a physical addiction where your body needs it or is it a psychological addiction where your mind thinks you needs it. Do you drink to escape from your life? Do you drink to see if anyone really cares about you? Really stop and think about why you drink. Next, do you like yourself when you drink? Do you like yourself when you don't drink? Alcoholism is hereditary and if you believe that your parents drinking has negatively affected your life then you need to realize that you may be heading down the same path and is that really what you want for your life? Only you can make the choice to drink or not to drink. You can only quit if you want to. It doesn't matter if anyone else believes in you, you have to believe in you. You can never change the way other people think or behave but you can change the way you think and behave. You are only a failure if you believe you are. Really sit and think about all of the things you like about yourself. What kind of person do you want to be? How can you get to be that person. Drinking will only lead to problems with your self-esteem, realtionship problems, health problems, problems with the law and a life full of hardships and heartache. You are the only one who can change your future. Love yourself. I believe that there is good in you or you wouldn't be here looking for answers. Be a person that you can be proud of. Life can be a wonderful journey but you have to be sober to live it. Talk to someone you trust. Seriously take some time and think about what you want out of life and make a plan to get it! If you love yourself, you will find that others will love you too.

Kenny B
While reading your brief biography of your life, did you notice that you still are able to function your brain so influential and outstanding.
Many people go through the same situation just as you do, my friend. But many people never have the courage to CHANGE. To become a better person in life.(Living life as God wants us to live,taking life for granted.) ~To love.

Now your'e probably thinking this guy is whack and foolish and is making no sence. But hear closley my friend~Having to grow up with a father who showed no love towards my sister,brother,and Mother was heart-breaking everyday. Until one day I had to make that difference in life. I had to PRAY to my father~God ALMIGHTY! Each day God Showed miracles in my life blessings. God told me to LOVE.
~~Even though he want show the blessings YET; Believe me, he will! Thats how people start to dissbelieve in his power!Be pateint for your blessing would be ONE-HUNDRED TIMES AS BETTER.~~~~
Never let thoughts corupt your mind. Thoughts of people, thoughts of anger, lust, hate, betrayal. Turns those thoughts into postive things you want to hear.
Never argue with people.Hold your tongue to anger.UNDERSTAND their point, try to see how they are trying to help you,my freind.

Many people hear the word, "betrayal", and think of infidelity, yet the experience is actually much broader. Yes, the hurt feelings can result from a love betrayal, but the same symptoms can also be triggered by an unfaithful coworker or boss; betrayal in a friendship; disloyalty from a workplace, community, even country; the earth appearing to turn on us; or what is sometimes described as the ultimate betrayal - a loss of trust or faith in our relationship with “something bigger, something spiritual”. Regardless of the source, the emotional distress is often severe.

A friend knowingly breaks a confidence that causes hurt and loss of reputation; this is betrayal. But DONT STAY DOWN GET UP! GET UP! be that forgiving person show people how to forgive. ~~~~~~~~~~
When you forgive others God will forgive you!

Be that Person that lives life, as if its heaven everyday on Earth. Help others in their situations and they will help you with yours!

Good Bye my Friend Godbless you!

Emily J
Get help, go get to some AA meetings, you are going to go down the same path as your family if you do not get help. This is a very serious problem you are being faced with.

You can choose NOT to go down the same path! Get a journal or something release your feelings, see a shrink. Dont let people tell you its normal..its not! You can help yourself right now all your doing is abuse...and you can stop it. You dont even HAVE to see a shrink talk to someone trustworthy. Stay in A.A. YOU CAN DO IT!! and you have plenty of people who love you. dont do this!

No, you aren't slowly turning into an alcoholic. Sounds like you are there already and need serious help NOW. This is not normal or regular for a teen at all. If you think everyone is doing it and all kids that are 14 drink, smoke and do drugs you are in a seriously bad environment. Yes, teens try this stuff. But they are in the minority. For every kid that does this 3,4,5, 6 or more do not. Please get help.

To answer your question, yes you are going down the wrong path. I am 14 myself and I too have a strong line of alcoholics in my family. My dad and my moms dad are both alcoholics. My dad screwed up my life, his life, and everyone around hims life. My mom left him when I was 9 because of the fact that he gambled all of our money away which was about $500,000. But enough about me. Drugs and alcohol are not the answer to solving your problems. They only make things worse and cause new problems. Sure they make you feel good while your on them but once your off them you feel like ****. Now I myself have tried alcohol before but so has everyone in my grade. This was a stupid choice on my part because of the fact that I have addiction problems in my family and it was a stupid choice for you too as well. Quiting the drugs and the alcohol will be hard but sience you realize your going down the wrong path, that will make it easier. You might want to seek help from friends, family, or professional help. But you really need to do it soon. The path your going down only leads to death. Popping pills is very dangerous because of the fact of OD. Its not to late to stop though but the sooner the better but you really need to stop because I have seen that path and its not where you want to be. I hope this helped and if you need more advice I got plenty on this subject just email me back.

You have taken your first step toward asking for help -- by asking us who are total strangers for advice. If you cannot quit these habits by yourself, seek guidance. Go to your school counselor, know a minister, know anyone who is a member of Alcohol Anonymous, please reach out to them. Also, once your family sees that you are really and truly trying to turn your life around, they will be there for you also. Wish you the best of luck.

Yes, I think you do have a problem. But I don't think you're a bad person. And you don't have to become like your mom or the other people in your family.
It sounds like you are an alcoholic now. You've already gotten expelled from a school because of your drinking. You're thinking about drinking all the time. It's interfering with your life. That's the definition of alcoholism.

Alcoholism can be genetic--but that doesn't mean you have to keep having problems with alcohol. That just means you need to stay away from alcohol, because it will take over your life. My family has a genetic tendency towards alcoholism too, so I don't drink at all. I'm 21, and I've never had a drink. It's not too late for you: go to the AA meetings, and it would really help if you could get into counseling. That way, you could talk to someone about the problems you've had with your family. A therapist could help you make sure you don't turn into your mom.

My mom has some big problems--she abused me when I was a kid--and I've been worried I'll turn into her, too. When I was a teenager, I was on the road to being like her. But I got into therapy and worked at it, and I'm becoming a very different, much healthier person than she is. If you really want to, you can change. But you have to be willing to work at it.

If this is true (drinking and smoking on a daily basis for a 14 yr. old) you really need to get your life back on track before you end up sick, homeless, or even dead, because it is EXTREMELY unhealthy to do such things at a young age. I would enter rehab/detox as quicky as possible. It will be a stressful/emotional/painful process, but it can be a starting point to get your life back on track. Whatever decision you make, I wish the best for you.

I have been in the same position you are in. It took something major (got pregnant) for me to change my life around. My mom & all of my aunts and uncles were drunks & druggies. You are heading in the same path. You have to want to change in order to be able to stop doing what you are doing. I know it sounds gay and you prolly wont believe it but there are alot of other things out there for you to do than what you are doing. It honestly sounds like your borderline alcoholic if not an alcoholic. There is nothing anyone can do for you, you have to want to change. After you have decided to change you may need to change friends and you will seriously need a tight support group. It's tough but with faith you will get through it. It is and will be hard but have faith in yourself you can achieve it.

You are on the road to a real unhappy life. You may be in 20 years the same place you are today or worse, with nothing to show for your life.

CappyGirl in Cali
See a shrink.

sorry but to me it seems like your following the same paths as your parents. thats more then most teenagers do...
but thats wat your parents did, not wat you have to do. so if you want a better life for yourself step up and make the change. its not easy, but life isnt easy, and it never will be. its your call

Major Tom
Naw dude, you have a problem.

You aren't turning into an alcoholic, you are already one. Only you can make yourself better. Going to AA meetings and asking others for help isn't going to do anything. You need to want to quit first. You need to focus one day at a time to fight the urge. Focus on fighting it now and pretty soon, a couple days without it, it will be a lot easier to say no. I'm not saying weaning yourself off, I mean you got to do it cold turkey. Just stop and thats it.

And if you are like me, after being drunk, high, or whatever other form of non-soberness for too long, you find that you miss being completely sober. You miss the feeling of having a completely clear and functioning mind. It's almost like being high on life. You get used to the way you feel and think when your ****** up and it's almost like a drug in itself to be completely sober. Thats why I'm trying to quit. After going months and months of getting uber drunk every night or every other few nights, your mind gets kinda "clouded" and your not able to think clearly. You feel like your getting stupid and your memory goes to ****. You probably know what I'm talking about. It lasts a really long time too and the only way to get back to the way you were before is to completely stop using.

Do you and your family and your friends and everyone else a favor and just quit. After all, and like what you said about your mom, no one likes an alcoholic.

len b
It sounds like you know you are in trouble. OK now understand that that's not the half of it. You are heading for worse. Unless you favour a disaster for a life, you must understand exactly where you are headed and commit to doing something about it. "You" have to do something. Figure out what that is and start, one step at a time. I guarantee you you can do it. No one else can. Now just decide when to start and never turn back.

No, you are not "just a regular teen." You have some very real issues. Is there anyone at school you could talk to about your feelings? You need someone to help you see that you do not have to follow in your parents footsteps.
You are very able to share your thoughts. Your "question" was organized well. You seem to have really good verbal skills. Have you thought about using those skills to your advantage???
You and only you can stop the pills, alcohol, angry behavior, and other drugs. No one is making you do those things. You are choosing to do them. You need to see yourself as a capable /valuable human being and then have the inner strength to "clean up your act." You have a lot of years ahead of you. You sound like an intelligent young person who is a little "off center" right now. Try to find a professional person go give you a hand sorting everything out. Life is fantastic and you don't want to waste time with activities that just drag you down.

Ami S
Seek help from Ala-teen or AA...Look in the phone book, google them, or check yellowpages.com...By you posting this it's obvious you're in seek of help & that's great. I wish you the best.

I am going to tell you bluntly and straight up honestly-
You DO have a problem, and you NEED to face reality. You're already an alcoholic. You are following your mother's footsteps, ect. You need to stop and it needs to stop now. First off, its completely unattractive for a girl to be a drunk, and it makes you look sleezy and easy. You're fourteen years old, you're bipolar (lashing out), you lie, and steal...ect. It's not cool, nor is it right. I believe you need to seek God. I wish I knew you so I could help you in person, but I don't. You need to go to Church and find a Godly influence that will help you. You don't need anyone to believe in you, YOU need to believe in yourself. GET YOUR ACT TOGETHER.

hunter/jumper and dog trainer
you are not a regular teen... i'm 14 and i've never attempted those things

this does sound like some attetion seeking joke of a question though... get a life, grow up, and do something better with yourself

You shouldn't be drinking at all at your age or doing anything at that. If you depend on the alcohol everyday, then you are an alcoholic. You are responsible for your own decisions and where that takes you in life. You should pick up and stop doing all that and get back to school. You were made for a purpose by God, and he loves you no matter what. So, if you feel you are not important person and you feel that noone cares, your creator does.

First off I want to let you know that I am sorry. I feel so sorry for you about your family and everything. But you really need to get help. I will be hard at first but you need rehab or else you will go down the same path as your mother. Right now you may be looking forward to going home and drinking and smoking some weed but in about 5 years when you have been sober you will look back and realize how much better your life is now. You need to get help I cant stress that more. If you have no way of paying for it go to the office at your school and ask them. Ask soemone who you can trust and will help you out for waht you need. You will turn into an alcoholic at the rate you are going. Keep attending the AA meetings and dont act like it is something you have to go to actually try. Reading about this just makes me sad. I am 15 and I could not even imagine a friend or anything going through what you are. If you have any close friends tell them that you need their support because you do not want to be how your mother was to you.

i don't think i have a problem...i really dont.....this is what you said....now go back and reread your post....yes you have a problem - a serious one....lying, stealing, believing youre a failure - these are problems and the root is what you have been exposed to and what you have chosen to do about it...go to your a.a. meetings....be open minded....no, you are not a regular teenager...regular teenagers don't drink and they certainly dont't confront a teacher with a bottle of liqour on school grounds...the pills and the weed arent helping...all of what you are putting into your body are called downers...you may very well be depressed and these substances just impact those feelengs even worse, especially if you are doing them together....for the sake of saving your young life and not destroying any kind of future you may have, please seek help through counseling...your a.a. lecturer may be able to help...they were in your shoes once too so they have been there and done that and kicked it...it wont be easy but i can guarantee you this:..if you continue to do what you are doing i promise you will never see anything good in your life for the rest of your life...you can do it...you have already done the hardest part and thats admitting it.....good luck to you

Since you have a history of alcoholism in your family, you really should stay away from it. I suggest you go to AA meetings for that.

Honestly, I'd say that you may also have some of your mother's brain defects. You may want to see a psychiatrist. this is not typical behavior for a teen- or anyone

Definitely seek help

Music makes me lose control!!
i am a teen and i dont do any of that!

I only live with one of my parents, who is bipolar, used to be a street drug addict, and has a lot of problems. But their actions do not change my actions, and same with you. You should'nt let your rough family life ruin your life. You need to take hold of the situation, or you could get into a lot of trouble mentally, physically, and with the law. I just really hope you realize what your doing, and that things look up for you. I will pray for you. And I hope everything will start to look up.


Honestly, to me it sounds like you think your behavior is "cool" and you are trying to impress your family because you also think they are "cool". They aren't cool and neither are you. You don't realise this now, but you don't get to start over in life. What you are doing now will effect you forever. You know alcohalism is hereditary...so why are you doing it? Stop trying to get everyones attention all the time and start doing stuff that will help you in the future..not hold you back or hurt you.

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