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 I'm afraid to leave my house because I think I'm too ugly. How to get help?
For the last year I have not being able to go outside because I think I'm too ugly, and I get panic attacks, and angry on myself for being so ugly. I really need help....

 What reasons are there to live?
What exactly is the point to life?...

 Anyone else getting slightly addicted to Yahoo! answers?

 Why am I wasting time on here instead of working?
It's Friday. I have no motivation. Someone help me....

 I dont want to live?
if you want to know something more see my Q&A page..
its realy a devil day
my love left me forever today i dont a ray of hope now .. he will never come back to me he dont love me .. ...

 Help! I'm a depressed teenage girl...?
Okay.. so here's the dealio.
I'm a 13 year old girl and lots of things are going wrong in my life.
My best friend is slipping away...
Schoolwork and tests are harder than ...

 When was the last time you cried?

 Does drinking alcohol make you feel depressed afterwards?
why exactly?...

 Why do depressed people like to be mean and crude to others?
Why do depressed people like to be mean and crude to others. I've known a few people who are depressed that take anti-depresants. One of them takes pain killers for recreation purposes. I'...

 Is it normal to be scared of these things at thirteen?
I am scared of sleeping by myself. I don't know why, and this only happend last year. I wa scared when I was little but now I seem to be scared of loads of stuff. I am scared whenever I try to ...

 Do you think I'm destroying my body?
I suffer depression, & I haven't left the house in over a week. Most of the time I can't even get out of bed. I've had stuffy nose & stuff like that. But anyway, I usually eat ...

 Depression, is setting in. How can to shoe it away?
Feel like crying today....

 What r u most afraid off?

 How weird is this?
Okay so.. I was at my friends house and we were on the computer.. She left for a few minutes and by mistake I clicked onto her Sims 2 game. Since i've never played this game I was curious to see ...

 What REALLY came first the chicken or the egg ?

 Should I tell my new boyfriend that I have Bipolar Disorder?

 Do you think that suicide is the answer??
i have tried and failed at this and i believe i was supposed to go the first time, my life is completly empty and i am numb, i have no feelings for nothing...nobody can understand me and i can see ...

Who Thinks That School Causes Most Of The Suicides???
Its Either That Or Family. School Has Alot of These People Who Dont Have Any Friends And Get Made Fun Of. Well I Used To Be One Of Those K...

 Anyone know any good ways to stop cutting?
i cut myself...and i really need to stop, andi WANT to stop like no other, but its like a drug, it pulls you in adn you cant get back out, im clinically depressed, adn on meds for it, and cutting, ...

 What do you do when you're depressed? What helps?

Demon witch
If life gave you lemons what would you do with them?

take the seeds, and grow more lemon trees...

make lemonade! or just eat them like that

Throw them back and demand money. :-)

Squeeze them into my beers?

Aaron C
Make lemoncello...and invite Danny Devito

im a used car dealer sooooooooooooooo....

id give them 2 my sister she needs help in that department shes kinda small

either throw them at someone, make lemonade, just eat them, or squeeze them on my enemies head.

Mikentab R
most would say make lemonade but before you can do that... you have to peel the lemons and with most problems you must peel at it and get to the bottom of it then make your lemon aide..

There are some weird answers on here. I'll just say give them to my sister because she likes them and can do a great Godfather inpersination with the peel in her mouth. lol

i wouldn't mind some lemonade, thank you!

dip it in sugar and then eat the Lemons

Heather <33
Throw them at people.

put them in the freezer then throw them at people

Well, I'd make lemonade of course......

make lemonade

make lemonade.

Pucker up.

Anna M
make lemonade

♥~Jeff Hardy's babe~♥
i would make lemonade b/c wat else r u going to do with them

Emily G
throw them at someone...of course!

squeeze them in my husbands eye about now!

The Anthwer Man
Thay thank you.

Throw them at your face.

Make lemonade.

Make lemonade!! I'd try to make the most out of the bad situation.

PuntaCorvo 66
Make some chicken piccata and some nice limoncello. Then I could eat, drink and be merry.

Give them to someone else

squeeze them....add sugar and water....and sell it by the glass at the street corner......what can i say....I'm a entrepreneur

Open a used car business.

Fleur de Lis
Make an Avatar. :)

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