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Mike G
If i didnt have my parents i would have killed myself by now.need soem help?
i just feel horrible i have a math teacher that is driving me insane i wanted to kill myself since the day i stepped in her door at the beggining of the year. she piles homework on me andwonders why i dotn finish it. my phone fell out of my pocket and she weont gicve it back till the end of the year and i just want her to know she is killing me on the inside. i want her to have the burden of my life on her shoulders forever. i dotn know what to do i really need some help what can u suggest?
it towards the en of the year should i just wait it out and hope for the best or talk to a school counseler or my mom?
thank you so much for the help.
i wish i could choose you all as the best answers.
Additional Details
im pretty sure i have major depression because i have had suicidal thoughts for like 2 years now.

summer is sooo close! Hang in there, and don't take her class so seriously. Believe me, there are much bigger things to deal with than math, in the future. And, as for the phone that fell out of your pocket, is there some kind of law that allows her to hold onto your phone? Seems like theft, to me. Speak to a counselor and have them aid you in retrieving your phone. Screw her class. Don't get me wrong, you'll have to make it up or do something to cover your math credit to graduate. I'm just saying that, in retrospect, all the work I put into a similar situation, wasn't worth it. It was a learning experience, though. Good Luck! Cheer up! And don't forget, that this Sunday is Mothers Day. Be sure to let your mom know how you feel about her help. Your pops, too!

kendra w.
email me i can maybe help you

Holly M
school counselor. and mom. they provide lots of support. she shouldnt take your phone away until the end of the year!!! im really sorry. and suicide is NOT the way to go. you might think its right right now but its NOT. just talk to them they should help.

school counselor can help when i have problems i go to my counselor for answer or help on problems i am facing i have math teacher that is mean and my counselor helped straighten things out

James R
try just going up to her and saying (although without cursing) that, that horrid ***** might continue to hurt you if she does not give you a break.
Try saying what consequences it could have on your future, etc. If she is not a psychopath or a sociopath then she will feel bad and cut that **** out.

Of course that what teachers do! if they didnt give u hw u will regret it like i did. i fail my test but now i did my hw n know i got a c to a b!!!
your cell phone should be on silent!
um..just stay were u were

talk to the counselor. or get people that feel the same way. the counselor could help you with your problems confidently, and maybe talk with the teacher. with a lot of students, you could make a petition or something. well, good luck. hope i helped.

ziyad s
i think you should speak to the Principal and tell him about it and maybe let him switch classes if you cant tell her to stop doing it tell her no more home word

hey i think we have all had a teacher that mad us really mad but there's no need to get that upset, trust me , cuz u could regret it l8r, and i'm sure ur not the only one that feels this way,but i dont think u should go to a conselour bcuz the teacher is jus doin there job, the mom is the best choice cuz they understand a lot better,good luck dude iight =]

kepp naging her and interupting her o this i just had a idea throw a broken pen at her car or even a paint can would do just mess up her life for me

Little Kitty
You shouldnt let her affect you like that. You should talk to your school guidance cousoler. If they cant help change the way you think maybe they could get you a different math teacher,

are you for real???
you cant be.
if you're serious, and on yahoo, ya never know, but get the hell over it!!
All over a teacher?? give me a break.
You definitely need psychological help, cus if you cant deal with a teacher, you'll never deal with the real world, why not wait until you grow up, then you'll realize how ridiculous you sound.

If the teacher is specifically harrassing you, go to the principal and file a complaint. She has every right to take your cell phone, children dont need cells in school. again, move on, get over it, and ....get some help

§†è||áR §piråL
I'm telling you this because I was planning on telling my teacher this while I was a student - in case she ever attempted to take my phone (because she's been known to do so). Tell her that she CANNOT take your cell phone away unless she makes monthly payments on it like you do, to not be such a self-obsorbed b***** like she is and give your god**** phone back or you're dropping out of her class and getting your phone back FORCEFULLY. F*** that, she does not have the right to take someone's cell phone, and MANY teachers feel like they CAN while all we have to do is step up and say F**** YOU, and show them that they're NOT invincible after all. As a teacher they CAN say don't do this or do that, but they CANNOT, I repeat, CANNOT take away something that you make payments on every month. That is just BS, and make them see that, and let the authorities know that you want your phone back no matter what. Know your rights.

No one should have the right to make you feel like this. Obviously, if she is bothering you that much, you should definatley discuss the issue with a school councler, and/or your mom. I definatly think that that would be better then waiting fot the year to end, expecialy if she is 'killing you on the inside'. Also, you talk about ending your life but please, please, don't. Nothing is worth giving up your life and you just have to pull through an experience like this, learn from it and hope it only makes you stronger.
Good luck, and I sincerly hope your situation improves

defiantly talk to your parents and or school counslors. but since its the end of the year, figure anythign you do won't change her attitude toward you. trust me i know what its liek to have a bad teacher. all you have to do is cope with her for 40 minutes a day and pray that you eventually get on her good side so that she will give you the grade that you want/deserve. good luck.

live as long as you can....bro

Angels clinch the west 08'
First of all, your parents would be so hearbroken forever and ever if they lost you! If you havent seen news stories about parents who lose a child or teen, it kills a parent. Your teacher isnt the one who will be burdeoned, your parents will think they did something wrong. they will feel they did not do their job to love you and guide you. It could even break up thier marriage, do you have siblings? Think of them going through life feeling guilty, or hating God (no matter what religion you are) for doing this.
DONT let a math teacher get to you. Talk to your mom, let her know about what has been going on at school, I assume the year is almost over what kind of grade have you got? Me personally (as a mom) would go to the school Program Advisor or Assistant Principal. The teacher may not even realize what she is doing. (it is no excuse) but she might have serious problems of her own and takes it out on her class. Talk to other kids, your prpbably not alone, she probably does this to many kids. But talk to the counslor just to make sure you dont get this teacher again... That is for sure.
If you dont know how to talk to your mom, leave this email (accidently) open on your computer, she will start the conversation. Or talk to an aunt or a friend.

If you kill yourself, your teacher life is gonna go on, she's not gonna be the one hurting.

Shay L
Talk to a counselor and switch math teachers.Then visit your counselor often as well. Trust me...they help

transfer to a different class and take your phone out of her desk and if she says u can't hav ur fone tell her to **** off and walk home

confront her. oh my cousin said you can go to the office && file a complaint on the teacher && the principal will talk to her && couldn't you just change your schedule? well hope it works out && don't kill yourself you were meant to be here.

i had a teacher like that you know what i said? i said F*CK YOU!!! it feels oh so nice

Well, first of all, you should be able to get your phone back.

Something that valuable is not allowed to be kept that long...till the end of class at the most....Especially something like a phone, which has a monthly bill, is used all the time, and could be used by the teacher.

That's almost like a lesser version of keeping your car till the end of the year for parking in a teacher's spot.

Talk to your parents or someone in school administration (e.g. principal, counselor) and you should get it back.

As far as the rest goes, you should talk to the same people (parents and school counselors) about. Sometimes you just get mean teachers and there isn't much you can do about it, but if this particular one goes too far, others can step in and make it right.

Whatever happens just keep the whole thing in mind of the scope of your whole life: remember that no mean teacher or one class is really going to make much of a difference or really even matter 10 years from now...or in the grand scheme or your life for that matter.

wow, deep, well since there is only 18 days left of school left then wait until the very last day of school, then when she's out of the room or not looking do something terrible that will stay in the room 4 ever. loike me and a bunch of my friends are taking sharpies and goin to write all over the white bord " dear krysten,
you are a ******* *****. we hate you and hope you burn in hell. youhave turned into such a *****. have fun with your pathetic life!" i mean, it's kinnda stupid but its revenge all the same!

yes because u need ur parents for support in happy times and bad times + they have jobs, money and has other skillz

You should have talked to someone at the beginning of the year. You could have gotten your class changed. I'm sorry you had to put up with this witch.

Try to feel encouraged because it is towards the end of the year, but talk to your Mom too. I always helps to share feelings.

dont worry its just your math teacher.
you only have less than a month left
and shes just a b*tch who is unhappy
in her own pathetic life as a teacher

i hate all my teachers. your just stressed.
we all are.

Go talk to a school counselor and your mom. It's a great big world out there. Don't deny yourself the pleasures and joys of a fulfilling life over math homework. Really.

Lola =]
You're going to kill yourself because you don't like your math teacher?
Counselor. Now.

First of all...you do not have to carry around her bondage.

If she is a bad teacher, that is her fault, not yours.
You are letting her bondage get strapped on your back if you think about suicide.

BTW, dont let doctors put you on phsych. drugs. I have friends who thought they had a problem but really were just stressed and got worse on the drugs. Then they quick the drugs and are fine. Doctors wanted to put me on some brain drug too but I didn't take it. They said they did not even know what it would do "some chemical change in your brain." :S Not enough info for me... So be careful about meds.

I know how tough it can be to have someone like that to deal with but your math class is just one, small, short, part of your life. Endure it. When you feel wretched... remember...

"This too will pass."
"This too will pass."

But not through death. Through endurance. Through bearing it like a man.

Be patient.

Think of all you want to do with your life!

If you feel like you need to go to a counselor, ok, but be careful who you go to. Some counselors bring out the worst of the situation in an attempt to "help you know" what the situation is. Often it is best to avoid official "counselors" and simply talk to mature-loving-wise-people whose advice you know you can trust who know you.

Talk to your parents. They love you so much. I know that they would want to help you in any way that they can.

I just prayed for you and I will keep praying for you.
God is real, bro, and he understands what is is like for people to hate you. Many people have hated him.
In fact, they killed him. But he loves us anyways.
He loves you Mike.

Talk to Him about it. No matter what you say, he'll listen.
God loves you so much, man.

Take care of yourself.
Remember, you are loved by so many people.
God loves you even more.

“Then you will call, and the Lord will answer; you will cry for help, and He will say: Here am I.? –Isaiah 58:9

“I will refresh the weary and satisfy the faint.? Jeremiah 31:25

“When I said, ‘My foot is slipping,’ Your love, O Lord, supported me. When anxiety was great within me, Your consolation brought joy to my soul.? –Psalm 94:18-19

“Those who hope in Me will not be disappointed.? –Isaiah 49:23b

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