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If I die, will anyone care? (seriously)?
I have nothing to live for, and I give up...

MFC MCR Vampire
Seriously, I will be sad. Your friends and family will be sad. Dying makes people around you sad. It may end your unhappiness, but do you want that at the expense of other people's, complete strangers like me and your fiend and family. You are loved. Also keep in mind that (if you are a Christan) then suicide make you go to "heck." Also MCR doesn't need another suicide that could be blamed on them. It makes everything you stand for look bad. I already feel sad what with you asking this question.

Jhoanna C
you have plenty to live for
mcr makes music so people who are depressed wont commit suicide and if you hurt yourself then what they stand for wont really mean anything u no
i think you should go get help people WOULD care if you died even people on Y!A would care

of course people will care
when i hear that people die on the news. even f dont know them still do care

I will care!! I care when anyone dies because I just am that type of person. Don't feel down like that. Don't give up!!

For every action there is a equal reaction.It will effect more people than you will ever know.My cousin killing his self has effected me and that was over 20 or more years ago.It effected his dad,sister other cousins and relatives.

Yes I would. I don't know what else to put really. I'm not going to persuade you into not killing yourself or killing yourself. It's your choice. Although i don't think the man upstairs would appreciate it. (Not trying to "convert" you either)

† Crooked spoons on every wall †
i guess

The Girl In Black [panic!]
Your parents will care, any siblings you have will care, other family members will care, your friends will care.

And of course, me and all your other contacts will care because we will feel like we let you down, like we didn't do enough on Y!A to help.

I seriously hope you're not thinking of killing yourself.

Ms.Jekyll\Hyde loves you!
i care for you!
believe me life gets better, it will!

daark angell x
suscide is not the answer. I will care, i don't like it when anyone dies. Nobody deserves to die, unless it's their time.

Think of all you're friends, family, and all the relationships you have.

Think of everything you like to do!

Once you die, it's all gone. You're life is over.

David F
God does. And he's got a plan for your life. If you haven't found that plan, keep looking 'till you do! You do have something to live for, you just don't know what it is yet.

Try reading "Purpose Driven Life" by Rick Warren.

hell yeah, i would care if you would die.

you do have something to live for...... my chemical romance.
all mcr fans are special... and nobody deserves to die. think about what gerard way went through and how he got out of it. be strong!
and remember...."just think happy thoughts...."

hybrid tea rose
I will care. I'll sit and wonder whether or not you're still alive. I'll pray for you. There's so much you can do to make yourself feel better. No matter how shitty of a situation you may find yourself in, there are ways out. You need to change the way you look at things probably, and it's going to take time. Please find good things, however small, about your life and hold on to them with every last ounce of strength you have. Other people can help you, you just need to reach out in a healthy way. If you have to take time off from the outside world and get help, it's better than being dead and not having the opportunities life brings when you're alive. Please know that you are a person, a human being and that gives you the right to dignity and a good life. People will care, I know, but the most important thing is that YOU care.

consumed by shadows
a lot of people will miss you even if you don't realize that and to tell you the truth i iwill miss you a lot even though i don't know you i love everyone.

**[M][C][R] !!baby!!**
i would cryy!!!!!

dont give up either!
you do have something to live for!
get out there and find it!!!


chemical cutecore
yes, i definately would care. i'd never know what happened to you, and then mcr would be blamed for your death.
get help. there must be something to live for.
you'll be okay. make a list of all the things that you care about on this world. that's what to live for.
love you. don't do it.

katie v
theres always at least one person in everyones life who loves them
it may be a family member, or friend, or just anyone

whether they tell you or not, if you died it would hurt them.

if u are thinking about killing yourself or anything thats selfish
because it will effect more people than just u

I can relate and therefore care. You can message me if you need to.

Ya know what, 39 years from now, I'm still probably going to think about tonight. If you give up, i will still feel guilty.

gotta luv da Li
Everyone who has ever known you will care. Those who love you most will be ridden with guilt forever. If you have ever spoken to the parent of a child who committed suicide, you would know what eternal grief and dispair is. I can't believe you hate your family that much. Talk to them instead.

vaughn favrua
im hear for you. hell ill even listen to mcr to make you feel better!!

yes of course people will care, i will, i mean people you know now will care and what about the people you might meet in your future they will care. you never know what your future has in store for you.

many many people will you just wont be around to know who is.Why dont you try occupying your mind and finnish that book your profile speaks of.I bet you these feelings pass xx

Violet R
I used to be depressed like that, thought of all the ways to die too. But I came up with nothing, nothing is guaranteed. If you live through it you are send to a pysch ward. Plus, what if in the last seconds you want to live?

You need a pet. How about a puppy? Something to look up at you with little trusting eyes.

Bruce T
Surely there is someone. A mother, father, sibling? A Friend? Seriously, suicide is not the answer. get some help.

yeah. dont think lk that. =)

theres plenty to live for.

even if you feel lk there isnt.

awww dont say that...i would care if you died(honestly)... you do have things to live for. Your family, friends, contacts on Y!A. C'mon don't you think there worth living for? AND you always have mcr they would sooo care... besides if you died you wouldn't get to hear their new cd that's coming out. Never give up! That shows that your willing to waste everything that you worked hard for. Good Luck and if you wanna talk im almost always on =D

D.Z. Carter
Lifes a gift. Don't waste it.

Linkin Park Fan
I will care. I care even when some complete stranger dies......

yes someone will care, your mom or dad or best friend, sister brother, grandma or grandpa.

you might even have a secret admirer that likes you and you would never know.

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