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Iam depressed .I take 60 mg paxil aday.and i am stillsuicidal.Iam struggling alot. I feel miserable.?
Additional Details

talk to your doctor about changing your meds or you could smoke pot that helps a lot of people


Paxil may not be the correct drug for your disorder. If you are suicidal, you are a threat to yourself and need to be committed for stabilization and treatment. Please go to your nearby medical facility, emergency for evaluation and inpatient care. If you need to talk, please e-mail me at anytime but please get help immediately.

besides killing yourself WHAT makes you happy? go for that. if you are taking 60 mills aday you need a new drug and a new doctor,this one has you over medicated with the wrong drug or you wouldn't be this bad off now. good luck and don't give up.

karen c
You really need to build up a support system and continue to follow up with your doctor. There are many support groups in communities. Pick up your phone book and look, then call right away. Good luck.

Listen, dont do anything stupid....i used to take Paxil, and it only made things worse. I read about the pill, and it turns out that if it doesnt help u, itll make things worse...try talking to ur therapist, and maybe changing the medication, or trying a different style to overcome the depression....everythings possible if u dont give up, trust me!!!

It's possible the Paxil is making it worse for you. Do not end it. Go to the doctor tomorrow or if you feel you can't wait go to the ER tonight. You're not the only one in the universe who has struggled and been miserable even on an anti-depressant. There is hope and it will get better. But get yourself to a doctor a.s.a.p. I wish you well.

Talk to your doctor. Either the medication isn't the right one for you or you have issues that aren't related to a chemical imbalance.

Help Yourself When You’re Feeling Suicidal

The following are some ways to help you cope with suicidal feelings: Tell your therapist, a friend, a family member, or someone else who can help.

Distance yourself from any means of suicide. If you are thinking of taking an overdose, give your medicines to someone who can give them to you one day at a time. Remove any dangerous objects or weapons from your home.

Avoid alcohol and other drugs of abuse.

Avoid doing things you're likely to fail at or find difficult until you're feeling better. Know what your present limits are and don't try to go beyond them until you feel better. Set realistic goals for yourself and work at them slowly, one step at a time.

Make a written schedule for yourself every day and stick to it no matter what. Set priorities for the things that need to be done first. Cross things out on your schedule as you finish them. A written schedule gives you a sense of predictability and control. Crossing out tasks as you complete them gives a feeling of accomplishment.

In your daily schedule don't forget to schedule at least two 30-minute periods for activities which in the past have given you some pleasure such as: listening to music, playing a musical instrument, meditating doing relaxation exercises, doing needlework, reading a book or magazine, taking a warm bath, sewing, writing, shopping, playing games, watching your favorite DVD or video, gardening, playing with your pet, participating in a hobby, taking a drive or a walk.

Take care of your physical health. Eat a well-balanced diet. Don't skip meals. Get as much sleep as you need, and go out for one or two 30-minute walks each day..

Make sure you spend at least 30-minutes a day in the sun. Bright light is good for everyone with depression, not just people with Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD).

You may not feel very social but make yourself talk to other people. Whether you talk about your feelings or about any other topic, reducing your social isolation is likely to be helpful.

Remember that while it may feel as if it will never end, depression is not a permanent condition.

Just Thinking
Change your doctor, you need to find one who is up to date, it may require a med change but you should also be getting therapy/ counseling meds alone don't work. Do not think just because you are medicated that the thoughts of suicide will vanish they don't, meds help you handle things but they are not a magic wand that fixes everything, you need to find out what has triggered this episode or what continues to trigger it and have that dealt with, cognitive therapy, remember to take things easy and be kind to yourself. You are NOT alone, there are other people who know EXACTLY what you are going through.

sOuL dOcToR
Like everybody here who has Suicidal Depression I will advise the use of AURUM MET 200 its a Homeopathic remedy specific for suicidal depression and works like a miracle.
Please post your details here.
Take care and God Bless you !

Are you serious???? This isn't a good way to feel better about yourself. People are mean on here sometimes. You need to talk to a doc quickly. I am sure there are people in your life that would be very hurt if you were gone.

I was just going back through some old questions!!! I wonder what happened to this guy. Did he off himself? He hasn't been heard from since he posted this question.

Hey, can you give me a second? Please stop what you are thinking. It's a dead end. Don't even toy with suicide. Life is wonderful and worth living. You'll see it again.
You need to get on the right meds. I hope you are talking to a doctor who is sincerely trying to help you.
I know what that pain is like. I feel suicidal a large part of the time. At times those thought return. I know better than to entertain those kind of thoughts. Here's some ideas.
You have a chemical disturbance in your brain, that is what is making you feel so rotten. It's all a lie. Those feelings that you are worthless, they are lies. Those feeling that things aren't going to change, lies. It is absolutely in your power to make a wonderful life. Don't give up on yourself, please. That is the only one who can destroy you. Nobody else can. Nobody else wants to hurt you.
When my depression started, I started to go to a massage therapist. I can't believe how much that helped me. I can't explain why, but it worked so good I have become a massage therapist. Between that and personal training, I dedicate my life to making people feel better about themselves. I love what I do. It's in your hands to feel better, if you will just let yourself. It's your life and your head, give it a break, let it relax, don't do anything you'll regret. Just return to the roots of what makes you feel good. Expect things to get better, because they are about to get better. If you had any idea how good they are going to be, you woulnd't be able to sleep tonight. Life can be so good if that's the life you choose to live.

don't do ANYTHING to harm yourself. you will not regret it- get better. take GOOD advice. all i'm saying is don't do anything to harm yourself!!! whatever doesn't kill u makes u stronger!!!!

im 53 and am depressed most of the time. i get suicidal too.but if you kill yourself you cant get to heaven

Make friends and talk to them research some support groups something. Dont just give up try to live for the little things that give you plessure for me throwing stuff and hitting **** makes me feel better. I also like to yell and talk about people in general.

Now...call your doctor. If he is unavailable call 911, a suicide hot line and a friend. This is a reaction that often occurs with this drug. This is temporary and will pass...do not make a permanent decision to a temporary problem. Please, I really care and I know how you feel. Promise me you will not end anything...especially due to a reaction to a drug you are taking to feel better. Good luck!

I just want everyone to know that I IM him, and left my email address, and asked him to get back to me. That the people hear are concerned.

you need to talk to someone - soon

wtf type of doctor is that?

first of all if i were you i would find another doctor that took you more serious.call your local mental health dept. and explain to them what is going on and they will get help for you immediately. and for God sake don't kill yourself, you know what they say, suicide is a permanent solution to a temp. problem.

go to www.depressionhurts.com

Opening up like you are doing in this is a beginning. There is hope. Now contact one of the many who have encouraged you to do that. Also, go to a church and get into a small group situation where you will be loved.

I was very impressed with the ending of the book, Anna Karenina by Leo Tolstoy. The main character jumps in front of a train or something; just at the last second, she says to herself, "What have I done?" But then it's too late.

L louise
Let the tablets take care of the chemical imbalance and you take care of the emotional one by focusing on something other then yourself

Well, First you really do not want to end your life, BECAUSE YOUR ASKING FOR HELP! THAT IS A GOOD THING! Talk to your psychiatrist about increasing your medications, or changing your medication. You also need therapy, And support groups. Consult your Dr. You may need to be hospitalized for a short while, BUT THAT IS OKAY! It is for your best Interest. Good Luck

feel at ease
talk to a psychiatrist
or visit

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