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I want to treat my depression without medication, any suggestions?
My depression is mild and my doctor is OK with me not treating it with medication in the short term. Serious answers only please.

Exercise, eat right three meals a day and go swimming. Curricular activities is the key.

My husband went on a "short term" depression medication -- I don't remember the name (prescription) but it really worked on him. I don't understand HOW but it was meant to be taken for a short amount of time. Ask your doctor about it. If anyone gives you any sh** about depression - depression can be extremely serious stuff -- so just ignore the as*es -- okay? They tend to depress people on here sometimes.

Volunteer! I have this firm belief that if you volunteer doing something you love that gives back to the universe, you can't be depressed. I believe (dr. Sid here) that depression now is a feeling of disconnect or actual loneliness, even if were surrounded by family because everybody's running at different speeds, and nothing "fits" anymore. There's no yang to the yin.
I like the excercise answers because they're correct too, but I really think that if you're giving back to the Universe, doing something you love (planting gardens for seniors? reading to kids? giving stressed out new parents a free babysitting maybe through your church? Become a big sister? Starting a singing group to go to rest homes and sing there? Write postcards or letters to servicepeople to brighten their day? or Write all our Senators and congresspeople and get our people out of there! Work towards the election! Give your heart to a cause and spend an hour a day on it. I started my volunteer efforts by taking my dog to rehabilitation/therapy for kids suffering from abuse, or in the hospital recovering from being really sick or trying to bounce back from some sort of injury. A win win win I got to spend extra time with my dog, the kids loved it and seeing their happy faces gave me incomprehensable joy and Buster dug it because it was extra time with me and he had the unadulterated love of kids who could not give him ENOUGH attention! There's so much that isn't being done, that needs to be done, and if we could all affect a change by doing something we love the pollyanna in me thinks this world would just be a better place!


Try cousilling or thearapy.They have a special way of bringing you through times like these. Good luck

joe perkinstein
You need to get out and about and take each day at a time..When u feel sad just think for a moment and try to do something that u enjoy..Plus remember that drugs are not the best option ,so try to get over this on ure own steam....good luck..

Stay away from anyone or anything that makes you feel low and do the same with any situation in your life that has the same effect, do not stay in the house on your own all day long, get out for a walk or some exercise, listen to upbeat music, keep coming on this site and get confidence boosting advice from people who have been in the same situation and those that care, try to stay as positive as possible and don't listen to problems you do not that sort of thing right now, try meditation that helps a lot, just take it one day at a time and don't push yourself too hard.

Have your doctor test you for hyperinsulinemia. If this is the cause of your depression, then eating a low glycemic carb/moderate protein diet will help.

Holly S
Try to eat organically. I have had depression and this nearly cured it. I believe a lot of depression is caused by hormones in our food, and pesticides that we were never meant to ingest. Also, Trader joes has this supplement called "Sami" It's a natural antidepressent. It's like $20 for a bottle. It really helps.

If, as you said-your dr. is ok with you treating your depression (short-term) without meds; then a therapist/counselor can always be helpful; even support groups are good to utilize, if you need to have someone to talk to.

Carlette D
writing how you feel

Are you depressed ABOUT something? What I mean by that is, is there some subject matter or thought or area of thought which depresses you, or do you feel a kind of general depression which includes everything in your life just now? I think it's great you want to steer away from medications. I know I do not have full-blown depression. But I know sometimes things in life come at me and upset me. And what works is just what other people in this column are suggesting: exercise. Now you don;t have to break a sweat. Not that kind of exercise. Just a walk in the park, to flood your brain with images of the outdoors, smells of the woods, squirrels, birds - all help to overload that part of you which is stuck feeling upset about things - I know for a fact when I am feeling what I call "off" inside, I just go out and down in the back fields behind our home and walk around the two ice ponds. This all takes maybe twenty-five minutes, absorbs a lot of that darned Adrenalin that makes me feel antsy, and when I come back, I have been breathing fresh air, my whole body is going at a better pace, everything is working together better, and what has happened more than once is that what was upsetting me no longer does. The trick, as I see it, is to keep trying stuff that occurs to you until you find something which works for YOU. You sort of want to put yourself front and center, and whether you know this or not, by taking charge of this feeling, you have solved about 75% of the problem. I'm not kidding you. It is tremendously important, because you have, as they say, "stepped up to the plate." You are leaning into a solution instead of running and hiding in a corner somewhere. I would encourage you to find your courage inside yourself, and to cultivate some stubbornness, too, so if you think of something you would like to do, that stubbornness will help you stay with it until you get through it. I ride a twelve-speed bicycle, also. A short ride makes all the muscles work... and that will also jar your thoughts onto more pleasant things, like the passing scenery, for starters. If you are already smart and objective enough to be able to stand off to one side, as you have here with this question you have asked, you are also smart enough to try different things to get yourself focused and active once again. Keep track of what works. Try all kinds of things, and for heaven's sake, ask everybody you know or meet about their input on this thing. Everyone will have had some experience with it, although they may not be calling it depression. They might be "down in the dumps," or "having an off day," or "feeling punk." Get other people's input. I think you are already on your way to solving this little puzzle inside you because you have recognized it for what it is. I would tell you it is also a nuisance to your brain, which would probably rather be doing other things that are far more fun. I hope some of this has really helped you to let go and cheer up. Sent with good energy to you from Chris in South Portland, Maine, U.S.A. (I am 63 years old.)

take one step at a time. I was prescribed antidepressants that I refused to take, they made me sleepy and spaced out. I knew someone else with the problem and we worked together. With help and support we have both realised life is worth living. all you need is someone that cares and is there for you 24. 7 Understanding and love will win you through.

The absolute WORST thing you can do to try to solve the depression problem is to spend one more second focused on yourself, your thoughts, etc. Keeping a journal and going to counseling or other suggestions along those lines will only keep you fixated on the poor perception that is causing your depression.

The BEST thing you can do for yourself is to help someone else with their problems. Help your neighbor move, take your dog to a retirement home to let the residents pet him, complement your sister on her new dress, adopt a little brother/little sister, take a load of groceries to your local free food pantry, put a penny in the old man's cup, pick up that wadded paper towel that didn't land in the trash can in the public restroom, ANYTHING to get your mind off yourself and realign your perception with what your place is in this world; a contributing and valuable member of society. Plus, seeing others react to you in a positive way, is bound to do wonders for yourself esteem.

Self focus=self pity=the seed of all depression

Exercise is key -- endorphines your body releases after a 30 minute workout elevate your mood. Walking at a steady pace is enough.

Eat well. No fast foods or sugar rich sodas. Sugar gives you a rush and then a big drop in energy. Too much up and down is a bad thing. If you need something sweet, eat it early in the day and make the portion small.

Dress for yourself. Wear something that makes you feel attractive and comfortable. I always feel better when I look good. If you dress sloppy then you feel sloppy.

I wish you the best.

plenty of exercise

Get out and make some friends.

Hi, my name's Dave. Drop me a line!

Get involved with something that you love and give it all of your effort, let it consume you, so to speak, you'll feel good for what you have accomplished and won't have the time to dwell on your depression. Now if I could only follow my own advice better. But I know that when I do, it works.

Find out why you are depressed.....

Is it a psychological problem? If so talk about it and see if you can resolve it. Maybe counselling

Is it a dietry problem? Many people dont realise food can affect your mood, maybe you could make a change towards healthier foods, or try cutting different things out to see if you feel better.... consider cutting out meat, wheat, or dairy (not at the same time)

Is it a situational problem? For example, financial problems, crap job etc? If so there are ways out of this. Citizens advice beaureu can help

i could go on, but you get the point

finally, if it gets really bad..... talk to www.samaritans.org

you should try to develop a high self-esteem. The most important thing is to remain active and not to allow yourself the time to have negative thoughts. I've been depressed before and I think depressed people tend to like to become absorbed in their depression. Stay away from self-pity! Try to build yourself up. When you catch yourself thinking that you're not good enough, stop yourself and try to remember to be assertive. Make sure you make the effort to form strong friendships so you won't feel like you are alone and powerless. Good luck.

Super Junk

1a) Talk to people
1b) Ask people about their lives, sometimes.
2) Listen to music
3) Answer some question on this site.
4) Follow your conscience
5) Exercise regularly
6) Eat regularly, and avoid junk food
7) Go to bed at regular times.
8) Pray if it helps.
9) Watch out for beauty around you. In a city it is other people. In the country it is flowers, trees etc.
10) Consider attending night classes.

Laurence F
ermm being a practicioner of one my self i reccomend a martial art...eg karate . tai chi....etc. take ur mind off it strengthen ur mind,focus etc. andalso will have a skill not a lot of people can do. which is you liek that sort of thing you can always go "hey! look at this!!!" and execute high side kick orwhatever takes your fancy*(i dont personally do this as i dont waste my time but whatever spins your windmill eh?) but if not martial arts definately some sort of exercise of outdoor activity...hope this helps :)

go for a walk exercise is good for the mind and soul not to mention ur heart

The wife
zoloft or lexapro... both work well/.

Gucci Girl
I think it is a good idea that you are treating your depression without meds. Taking therapy is always good because it will really make you understand things better and how to cope. Also, going to the gym or any form of physically exercises is good. Try to keep busy and look at the positive things in your life or make more positive things in your life happen

What are you thinking about which results in depression? Perhaps a self evaluation would be in order. You are very capable of learning to control what you allow your own mind to do to you.. Someone else does not make you depressed. It is self inflicted. It may stem from emotions which have been stored in the mind, from childhood. There are methods to have those triggers removed. The main factor remains; you have to regain some control over your thought processes

try sir john wart ... they helped me ..... take extra procetion if taking the pill as sir john wart cancel out the pill

good luck

You could talk to a therapist that's what I do but it doesn't really help or you could go talk with your friends or see people. Or do some thing that makes you happy.

Understanding what depression is and isn't and how it affects you is important in treating it. There are a couple of good self-help books that I recommend for my clients. One is The Depression Workbook by Mary Ellen Copeland. Another good one is The Anxiety & Phobia Workbook by Edmund J. Bourne. They both have helpful information, suggestions, exercises, etc.

I have people use a 3x5 card and write down the kinds of symptoms they have when they start feeling depressed. For example, 1) Loss of interest in usual activities; 2) Sleeping more than ususual 3) Not wanting to go anywhere; 4) Thoughts of hopelessness, etc. They are different for everyone but I ususally have them list them from the smallest to largest symptom so they can monitor better. Then I have them write down things they can do when they start feeling down. Examples might be 1) take a walk; 2) exercise; 3) call a friend and talk; 4) help someone else out; 5) call the crisis line (if severe) - to most severe symptoms - call 911 or go to hospital.

I also suggest they mark on a daily calendar how they are feeling using asterisks from 1 to 3 - 1 being down 2 normal 3 great.
It helps to see that your days usually change or you can see patterns.

Counseling can help, too, or finding a good friend who is willing to listen and support you is another good option.

Good luck.

Gavin T
How about some form of counselling? You can get some herbal supplements too, St Johns Wort and 5-HT which is the precursor to serotonin, made me all giggly and hyper.

Exerise is good, and being around good friends is good too.

Laura N

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