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life cant be this hard...can it?
I want to quit?
i have been cutting now and i want to stop like i went from drugs to this am i crazy?

No! You are not crazy! I'm struggling with this myself. If you want to talk to me about it, or if you want to be my accountability partner, I'm okay with that, just email me from here.

Don't listen to anyone who says you are crazy, no matter who they are. They aren't compassionate, and don't understand that that kind of talk can make you worse. Please know that.

Don't listen to people who tell you it isn't hard to stop. SI is addictive. It releases endorphins, and those are more addictive than Vicodin as well as other drugs.

Please contact me if you need to talk.


EDIT: And for that person who said that it was immature, well, she needs to be quiet. I'm 23, and still struggling with it. It's not just for teens anymore, honey!!! I know a 40 year old who still struggles with it. She is my best friend!

no ur not crazy i think you just might have alot of pain built up inside.. i am trying to stop cutting myself too

pray to God and ask him for help. He is the only way to solve your problems.

yea dnt do that........its useless to do that.......

uh yea! dont cut yourself! thats bad and emo! if you have to, go talk to someone

Not crazy just finding life hard. You may need professional help to stop your cutting but until you get some try squeezing ice cubes, It gives you the physical pain but does no lasting damage. Give it a try and good luck,

Cee T
Ask the Lord into your life. I did many years ago and He has helped me with all my problems and blessed me a lot. Read the Bible (New Testament first) and try to find a good church. I'll pray for you. Here are some Bible verses to look up: Romans 10:13; Romans 5:8; Romans 3:23; John 3:16; Proverbs 3:5,6; Philippians 4:6,7.

Wait Wait Wait WAit Wait, your cutting yourself, to sotp well get mental help or just dont think about doin it

You need to seek counseling,soon!Before you hurt yourself.

You're not crazy. You probably feel you have to blame yourself for all the mess, but you don't.

There is help, and it's really not worth hurting the victim here.

Cutting is also another form of addiction; satisfaction to possibly replace the feeling of being 'euphoric' from the drugs.

I recommend you talk this out with someone and get help as quick as possible.

I really dont understand your question.

E.F. Hutton
It is a drug cause it relieves pressure and makes you feel good, but then you run out of space. Gotta start loving yourself and realize that you are stronger than you think, you only have one body.

cutting releases endorphins which gives you a temporary relief, just like drugs basically, so in a way your still on drugs. You need to find what is stressing you out, and making you want to do these things, then solve the problem, your best resource is to talk to a cousler/shrink

It sounds like you need to find a POSITIVE way to get your stress out. The fact that you WANT to stop is wonderful! Think about things that you enjoy and treat yourself once in a while when you are stressed or angry. Find a better way to spend your time. Stop going from one detrimental thing to another.

No, you are not crazy. You need some help getting to what is really bothering you. Once you figure that out you will get to the pain that is causing you to hide behind cutting and drugs. It is a lot of work but it can be done. Get some help, you are worth the effort. Please get help.

Michael A
I may be if you have a mental disabilaty. I would recommend for you to get help from a doctor a pyshcolical doctor. They help you along the way to stop the problem. This also may be because youre body was used to the drugs and they dont have a stimulant or depressent.

No hun, you are not crazy it's just a time in life when we are confused about life. I went through this and it's a life that nobody wants.. it's good that you left drugs, but why go to another addiction of cutting yourself?

Yahvah (God) gave you life so why do you want to end it? Life is precious, God is wonderful. Cutting is a big spirit!

Obviously you are not crazy because you realize that you are doing damage to your body and admiting you might be crazy, but a crazy person does not admit it.

Socialize with others, talk to a therapist, a best friend.. think about the good things in life and your accomplishments. Think about the "what if's"

^_^ Everything will be okay!!!

diving into life
please don't hurt yourself! there are people who love and support you even though you're going through a rough time. take time to help yourself. there are plenty of options and you can stay annonymous. i'm praying for you. please find help! =)
best answer plz?

You want to stop, that's the 1st step. Now you just need some support.

Anamarie V
Lots of people cut, it's not necessarily "crazy" but it's certainly not HEALTHY. If you want to stop so badly, what keeps you from doing it? Whatever it is that keeps you from stopping, you should stop that.

no your not crazy but if you really want to stop you need to go talk to someone OR use this trick put a rubber band around your wrist and everytime you feel you need to cut snap it eventually you wont need to cut anymore trust me it works.

No no. Dont cut yourself. There isnt anything in life that you cant get through with help. Go talk to someone. I am sure it helps.

I am not joking, SEE A TERPIST. your not crazy and I’m not trying to be mean, really.

You need to get medical attension. Psychriatic help ASAP.
You should do this before you change your minds.

It is likily that your behaviour is the result of a chemical imbalance in the brain effecting your perception of life in general and it changes all the time.
Get help before your too late.


you need to take control of your life. you don't need drug's or any help from doctor's. pray to God ask him to help you find positive people in your life. don't hang around negative people who use drug's. Pray and God will help you find you way to a happier life.

You really need to talk to someone. A close relative or a friend. If you don't trust anyone, I am sure there are help centres in your area.

Cutting yourself is not the solution to anything.


then replace cutting with something nice and pleasent......that wont harm ur body

some people need to see a therapist, some just need people to listen to them, good role models, new friends, change living situations, work settings...etc.

no ur NOT crazy......becuz u WANT to quit

Chad L
People who cut dont tell people, they hide it to all. So I'm not sure i believe your story, sorry.

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