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I want to get help for my drug addiction, but I just am too scared?
I have pretty much come to terms with myself that I have a drug addiction.
I am addicted to Vicodin(Hydrocodone). I've tried to stop taking it, but then I just turn into a horrible person, I start yelling at peole, and getting irritated, and I get really upset, and I am just like a monster.
The other thing is that I have suffered from addiction before, I was dependent on a post operative pain-killer percocet(Oxycodone). I received counseling for my addiction, and I was clean for many months, but I had Vicodins left over from dental surgery, and now I am hooked on those.

I am so scared to tell my family that I have a new drug problem, since they already knew I suffered from one before. I am afraid that they will look down upon me and put me down about my drug habits, and how I bring disgrace upon our family.

My parents think I am clean, and fine, and if I tell them, I am afraid everything is just going to be horrible, and my parents will never trust me again.

What can I do?

Kelly G
If you do not tell your family and they find out otherwise, then they will REALLY not trust you. Being addicted to anything is scary, but asking for help is the first step, they will not reject you but only admire you for noticing the addiction and wanting help.

Michael T
Being someone who has fought this same addiction (Hydrocodone and Oxycodone), I really recommend that you find a support group. Find an NA meeting somewhere near you and talk to them. If your afraid to tell your parents about it then your gonna need to address the problem with someone else, maybe a sibling, cousin, uncle, any loved one that you trust.

Being angry and irritable are very common to someone coming off opiates and I promise if you quit it will get better once you get all the opiates out of your system. Hydrocodon addiction is almost as hard heroin, you have to be motivated, if you have already noticed that you don't like the person you become on the pills then make an effort to fix it. I don't know how old your are, but if you don't live at home with your parents you can battle this without them, however having them, your biggest fans, there to support you will only make it easier.

I hope you can find the strength to kick this habit like you did the first time (by the way percocets are even harder to kick than vicodins due to the way oxycodone affect the opiate receptors so you know you can do it this time and it'll be easier). The withdrawals won't be difficult either.

You can kick it. I did and so did a lot of people I care about.

Contact your local United Way

Miriam Q
sweaty look i m not have or never been on drugs but i had friends, family members on drugs,for me the first thing to do is to look at your self on a mirror and tell your self i don't want this , and tell your self you want to be a better person,then look-for the help in the family, i know they will love to help you get better,but you the one that have to make the first move, tell the one you thrust most i know your mom will help, tell her you want to change.

Hello my name is: LAUREN
Your parents trusted you that you were clean after your first adiction, so why did you go and do it all over again, you knew how they reacted the first time, this time it's going to be 100x worse, but in order to rid yourself of this pressure, you have to just come out and tell them, and of course you will lose their trust.

Lauren <3

Find yourself a suboxone doctor and that will help trememdously.

if you dont have health insurance, fo to social services and seek medical help with this. or go to the welfare office and pick up a resource list that may can assist you in finding help. congraulations to you for coming to grips with this. be proud of yourself for this

Well, maybe you should consider going into Rehab if it's that bad. You already know you have an addiction, which is a good thing. But a big part of the problem is that you sound like you don't want to stop. Abusing drugs like that is very dangerous, and it's stupid, because if you really wanted to die, you'd jump in front of a train. Drugs is just a cry for help and attention. The smart thing to do is to tell your family so they can help you. If they're good people, they'll love and care for you and accept the problem and most of all, not put you down about it and make you insecure. If you want help, you should go to your parents and maybe consider Rehab.
Best of luck to you and God bless!

Samantha B
I don't know your parents, but it seems to me that they would trust you more if you were open and honest with them about your situation rather than if you tried to hide it from them. Show them that you are responsible enough to take action to solve your problem and go back to counseling. Tell them you need their support to help you get through this. If they care about you I'm sure you'll get it. Good luck.

you will have to go for treatment on that as I went with my husband,brother and son and they are all doing great know and have good jobs.Good luck on this and if you need help on this just e-mail me here.

Justin C
You must understand that you likely have an addictive personality. You are learning about yourself, not necessarily failing. You only fail by continuing not to learn from your mistakes.

Your family's reaction is the consequence of your actions, but any loving family is bound to embrace you and help you.

Face it. You are imperfect. If you didn't have addiction problems, you'd probably have money problems. Nobody is free from problems, and nobody should have the right to judge you simply because your problems take on a more sinister stigma amongst your peers...

Get help now, and with your chin up. You are the example of a civilized, mature, intelligent and evolving man, if you are able to ask for help and identify when you need it.

Don't be. The longer you keep it from your family, the worse it'll be. Tell your parents now. They will help you. They won't look down upon you. They're your parents. And they will do anything to help you. Or why don't you see a counselor again?

Joker O
well if you are so worried about them finding out, why do you post it on the web with your picture? someone who knows your parents is bound to see it. Just tell them. If you dont want to tell them take your self in for help they will not get mad at you for that. If they do they are idiots

Star of the Future
get rid of any drugs u have. if u start getting mean then just try to stop. try to get urself addicted to like cady or something instead

Jesse Rocks
Just stop. I've done it all and I don't believe in addiction of any kind. If you trully WANT to stop, you can.

And you will go through withdrawl...you'll be mean and moody-like you said....better than the alternative.

...and pray.

Face up to it with your parents.They might be upset or even angry,but they love you.You are asking for help,so please tell them. Good luck!!

they know if your mood changes when you cant get them. i was on them for 4 years Vicodin - somers not sure of the spelling i woke up Jan07 call when time to go to my Dr appointment and told them no more GOD was gone heal my back i am doing fine without them i see how others was calling me coming asking to buy them i gave them up praise GOD Jan-08 will be a year for cigarette's i did all this relying on GOD

Brad M
swallow your pride and get help.

When you run out, don't buy more. it's that easy. Waste of money and when you're done with it you'll realize you're in a fog and nothing is as good as being sober. It's not as fun as it seems.

don't be afraid.
the fact that you are reaching out for help..is the most positive & best thing you can do.
please sit them down..and tell them that you need help..
they love you & they will help you.
anyone who wants to get help & is strong enough to admit that they need help ...will never be looked down on.
i know you can do it!..just sit down & tell them you need counseling /rehab.
i hope things work out for you..good luck & God bless.

tell them the truth...of course shame for a little while is better then a life being a slave to some substance. but ur doing well...the first step is admitting you have a problem, the second is confessing to the ppl who care about you and can help you. trust me, in the long run its better to sacrifice a little to get where you need to be.

try one day at a time attend meetings for those are are addicted it is better to admit you have problem its a huge step on the road to recovery remember AA once addicted always addicted

You have written this in a very analytical way, not in an emtional way. I don't feel your fear. No one loves you like your family, even if they are as imperfect as you. (In the odd case you wrote this sincerely).

Just throw the pills out...throw every pill in the house out...if you dont have them to take...or cant get access to them it wont be a prob...i had dental surgery to and got pain killers...LOL and i took them for fun to ...even if i didnt have pain...then they were gone i couldnt get more cos i didnt have access to get them...and i was fine..

please just stop! i just had a friend overdose on prescription pills, and it has just torn everyone apart and i wouldn't ever wish that upon anyone!

your the bigger man for admitting you have a problem if your parents want to turn there backs on you witch i wouldn't think so go get some help it only takes about 5 days to withdraw stick it out i know it is hard but you can do it just do not be around anybody mind over matter then you do not have to tell your parents.

Just stop. Could it get any easier ? Go to the nearest graveyard lay and down. It will get you ready for the big dirt nap that is going to happen if you don't stop.

Rachel S
You should get some help just because it is a different painkiller doesn't mean it is not the same addiction. You relapsed, the only thing you can do is quit again and come clean unless you want your life to be ruled by this substance. People in rehab relapse it is part of the process don't hide this from your family. Good Luck.

Tyrone Biggums
Well Vikes are a step down from oxycodone. Don't ever go back to them.

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