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 Is self-injuring/cutting ok?
i have been doin it for 2 yrs now..i think it's ok..as long as i dun show it to anyone..coz sum of my frens who found out..they freaked out ..after seeing the band-aid/blood/cuts...so is it ok?.....

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I'm just a vulnerable guy. ...

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 Why is cutting yoursef bad?
i dont understand why people freak out if you cut yourself, yea i know it means youre hurting inside, bla bla bla but everyone hurts sometimes and everyone else deals with it differently no one else ...

lisa t
I wanna be an actress.... but i might die????
im an aspiring actress. there's no doubt in my mind that i wont make it. but im scared. im scared that a crazy fan will shoot me or that i will die in a plane crash like the late aaliyah. i get a horrible feeling whenever i think about it. and really this is the only thing keeping me from my dream. so i can i get over my fear of death. aaliyah died when she was 21. im only 15. will i die? OMG this freaks me out! i have a bad feeling!

If this is what you really want, you have to just go for it. Just be happy, and let yourself flow with time...good luck:)

[email protected]
you could die as a normal person just as likely! Plane/car crash, being run over, a fire, anything! An actress might have different creepy deaths but not more likely ok! Are you scared of living? You need to get out there! If nothing can help you should go to a therapist! if ur already acting, you need to live up your life honey! you can do it!!

Think about all the positive things that come with being an actress, and all the negative things. Im sure the positive out list the negative. Besides your being a little full of your self saying a fan will kill you when you have not even made it yet. Some actors take years and years to make it, and years more to become famous enough for someone to become insanely obsessed enough to want to kill you. If your extremely talented and lucky then you can make it big faster. But People die in plane crashes or other ways without being famous. Death can come whether your in the public eye or not. You have to be more positive. Their are more stars that died because of aneroxia, suicide and over dosing then accidents or murder. Besides their are many many more actors that have been in the industry for more then 10 years at a very famous level and are stil living. Privacy is something you sacrifice when you become a celebrity. You just have to pay 10x more for security. Many many celebs out live this and reach a very old age fine. Think Nicole kidman, halle berry and geore clooney.

danielle e
youre crazy and you think of the consequences already but your still not there in hollywood to be chot by a crazy fan.

wake up crazy person!!

Eternal Optimist
watch the movie The Bodyguard with Whitney Houston...he protects her and its romantic

heya lisa t, it's normal to want to be famous and all at a young age esp, at your age. heck, I fantasized about being famous by developing talents and pursuing things like acting, singing or dancing. But if it's really your passion, I'd say go for it. Lots of people die, famous and non-famous. If you're afraid of dying in a plane, you can always take the bus and if you're afraid of being shot, get a security guard to protect from all the paparazzi! :DD

If u don't want to crash don't fly. A crazy fan shooting you, be more careful, and the celeb parties you would go to would have all people checked before going in and only if they are on the list haha. && most likely if you really do get famous don;t step out and be like im afraid of being shot or killed cause that just allures everything you don't want. Optismmmm X]

didn't she die in a plane accident? anything can happen at anytime no matter where your at or what your doing. It seems to me you have your foot in the door as far as a actress just keep going. You can't stay in your house forever, but are you gonna be ready for all the attention if it comes your way?

well i cant tell u when ur gonna die only God knows that and if u feel that u can do it then i think u should go for it and sure other actors and actresses prolly had the same fear but they pulled through and another thing u shouldnt be afraid of death because if u belive in Jesus then ull go to heaven where theres its pradise and WONDERFULLNESS!!


I'm going to be the talented one.

lil cherry
ur 15 ur only chance is if u live in LA and actually try and ur 15 i wouldnt worry bout diein i would worry bout rape or other werido's

so basically you're afraid of life...?
anyone could shoot you right now.
and anyone can die in a plane crash if they're in a plane.
you don't need to be an actress to die like that. you definitely have the drama part down

Then its not for you.

What about all the other hundreds or thousands of actresses and actors? They don't die all young, enjoy life, it is too short to worry on the unknown.

get ur dream! everybody have own destiny when n the way they die(only god knows?) leave about fear of death. make ur life full of hapiness

April W
The chances of you becoming an actress famous enough to have an obsessed fan is so miniscule... so you probably won't die from that... you're more likely to get hit crossing the street.

Kennie Katastrophe
Dont worry. Your just being OCD about it.
I used to think about that too.
But trust me, its normal to have those thoughts. Do you ever watch True Life on MTV? Watch the one about people with ocd. Its really interesting how the mind works and what it can do to people.
even though this may seem a little extreme, look into finding a physcitrist or counseler to talk about this too. Trust me, it WILL help. Its not embarrasing and its not weird. I did that once because [this sounds really weird] but I was afraid I was going to kill someone, even though I knew I never would, but I was afraid that something would make me do that. [Weird, right?]
That sounds really far-fetched, but if you really think about it, its the same thing. I went to a physciatrist for about 3 weeks, 2 days a week, and I was completley better.
Do whatever you can to chase your dream. Dont let anything or anyone stop you. Just talk to a counselor and see what she thinks.
I cant wait to see you in the movies. [:

"100% of the shots you don't take, never go in."

life is about taking chances
you are going to die anyway
but with or without your dreams achived? that is up to u

Sumone else
If you are sure ... Dont afraid of dieing... everyone does die sooner or later... Till then give your best shot

Qbert P
Um...yeah......you need help.

Flamingo of Knowledge
I can see why someone would want to shoot you.

Wow, are you annoying!!!

I don't think you have anything to worry about, I can't see you making it as an actress anyway. At least not after seeing this performance from you.

Lauren B
fear is a normal part of life
fear is a feeling
even though it may not feel like it
you DO have the power to control it,i believe you should follow your dream
you cant hide from the world forever

OMG don't worry about that. Just go out there and follow your dreams. She died because It was here time. That is not going to happen to you, there are thousands of famous people still alive and you are gonna worry about one or two deaths. Do what you gotta do. :)

Marine Fiance
u think too much!~

well try not to think about it
its just something that will happen
out of the blue
not all actors die like that
dont worry follow ur dream its well worth it

cook me =]
wat ???

you are all in my heart forever
i can't imagine being good at much of anything if the fear is stronger than the desire

if you dont take risks
your dreams willnever come true

You have the same chances of dying now as you would then. Everyone dies at some point anyway.

♥☼[email protected]$$!D¥☼♥
Its ok calm down

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