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I used to cut myself. Should I be ashamed of it?
I used to cut and burn myself as a kid, in order to cope with depression, and now I have a lot of scars as a result. At first I wore long sleeves constantly because I was ashamed of it, but I live in the tropics and long sleeves are impractical. Lately, I've been dressing more comfortably, but I cant help feeling self conscious about it. Some people think that I'm flaunting my scars for attention. Others seem afraid of me...But I'm just trying to accept myself....It's really confusing

dont be ashamed at all, its not ur fault and the main thing is that you've stopped. carry on wearing whatever your comfortable in as long as ur happy who cares what other people think. what is it to them anyway.x u shudnt be confused but just ignore people like that x

I don't think you should be ashamed. It was how you ended up dealing with it, maybe it was your only way, certainly not the healthiest, but...nonetheless. I don't really know what you chose that, but that's you, none of my business. People are going to have opinions about you and your past no matter what you do, and if you are trying to be comfortable with yourself, they should just be happy with that because not many people are anymore. You do what you want, don't care what anyone else thinks. Hope I helped. Good luck :)

Ashly S
I was also a cutter. There is a certain reaason you cut yourself and people should know why. When a person cuts themselves it releases endophins and your in less pain. An actual therapist told me that. It's scientific. It is also a way of controlling pain since you can't control other pain.

Along with the other answers I agree. You need to be happy with yourself and forget about everyone else If they reall care then they won't judge you. I'm know that's hard to hear but unfortunately it's the truth. Be happy with who are.

What ever you do dont be ashamed. I use to cut and also have scars. Im just me. it was a part of my past and if people have a problem with it or judge you for it, it is on them. They dont know you as they dont know me. They dont know what you went through growing up. So wear short sleeves and be comfortably. People should not judge a book by its cover and you should not be the closed pages in side be yourself and let your self be seen. REMEMBER its all part of the past your alive and a new person...... I hope this helps

Don't be ashamed, move on. you are clearly still affected by your past problems but at the end it all, you have to stop being self conscious. Trust me, it does no goodo at all. See past it and so will everyone around you.

Good luck.

norton g

you have made a great accomplishment by stopping. Dont be ashamed of making a great accomplishment. Remember,,,they are scars now...no longer cuts. :)

Mary D
No, no, no you should not be ashamed. The people that are judging you, obviously don't even really know you anyway, so I wouldn't worry about them. And kudos to you for learning to accept it. Good Luck & keep your chin up :)

you know wat? watever! let people think watever they want to think! people hate Individuality they want everything to be how they think it should be you cut yourself so?? im not saying its rite but only you know wat you went through and why you did so why even bother in what others say?

we all have scars some may just not be as noticble as others if people ask just say you dont wanna talk bout it and feel free to be yourself!

you should be proud that you were able to overcome a dangerous practice!

You shouldnt be ashamed.

val f1 nutter
You should be proud for stopping. Try talking to people about how you felt when you did it. it may help them to understand and it also may help you to accept it a bit more.
I wish you luck.

Don't be ashamed. Unfortunately there are a lot of people who do this sort of thing for attention, but you are obviously not one of them. Your scars are part of who you are and people who do not like it are not worth knowing in the first place. Wear what you like, and be proud that you have overcome depression. Good luck!

Don't hide! The past, is the past, and those who understand that won't judge your scares, and those who don't shouldn't matter to you.

i used to cut too and i wear sleeveless and short sleeves. Whenever people ask I usually lie. It's not their bussiness. Only my close friends know. Anyway don't mind people. If they didn't judge u about that chances are they would have judged about something else.

u should never be ashamed of anything... u were at a point in your life where u were having problems and going through some things.... if anything u should be proud that u got over it and learned from your mistake.

you should be prud of yourself that you have stopped your probably just a bit selfconsious about it.......try not to think about it and eventually it shouldnt bother you

Don't be ashamed of your scars. People tent to judge or be afraid of things they don't understand, so if people feel like that is their fault not yours.

Kt mArAqA
dude no you shouldn't be ashamed of it at all. i used to cut myself as well, although, not to the point where i have scars. It was in the past, and the scars should be a reminder of what you went through and conquered.

well if your over the depression then just wear bright colors like orange or yellow and you wont look intimidating
Ive never been scared of someone wearing pink

you dont live for the others, but yourself. enjoy yourself just the way you are, who cares what people think. well i wouldnt, would you?

Dave C
Dont be ashamed of it,besides that was during hard times in your life.

Happy Penguin
I used to too, many years ago. If people don't like my scars then too bad, they don't have to look at them.

No way. Don't be ashamed, you had a messed up childhood, if people want to blame the victim, that's their ignorance.

all that matters is that you know you stopped. that should be a major accomplishment and you shouldn't care what other people think

Screw anybody that thinks that way.
We all have done things in the past.
Let he who is without sin cast the first stone.

Personally I think that people deal with their depression differently, and we should respect it (although its not a good way to do it) but if it got you through whatever, then wear your scars proud I say and forget what people might say or how they might look at you.

carl the wise
its nothing to be ashamed of. You have dealt with it and have overcome it. I say they are your badge for courage.

That was then. This is now. Cultivate friendships with people who are healthy and live in the present. Choose your friends well. Don't waste your precious energies on shame. There is no end to it. Be happy you are just you and slowly surround yourself with people who will accept you just the way you are. Be glad that is all in the past. If someone you like starts giving you those funny looks and starts hunching their shoulders and making you feel uncomfortable, speak right up and snap them back into the present with you. We all need friends who are mentally healthy and you are in a perfect position to pick your friends like that very carefully.

If someone starts to drain you or to pry into your past (which is rude), step back and change the subject until you are comfortable speaking with them about it. This is your life we are talking about. It is all about you when it comes to being strong, healthy, centered and well. It will always be about you when it comes to these things. We realise early on in our lives if we want to have a good life we have to make ourselves as strong as possible. I ride a 12-speed and walk all over the place. I am 64 and have good friends and am healthy and energetic. I go out on my bike and fly around the neighborhood. It gives me stamina and a low tolerance for people who depress me. Make smart choices. You are young enough so all your choices can be good ones.

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