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Kelsey Renee
I really hate my life right now.
This past year my three best friends betrayed me. My dog whom I grew up with died. My parents always fight and said that the might be getting a divorce. I cut myself because the emotional pain is too hard to handle. I have thought about commiting suicide because it just seems like no one would ever miss me. I have never told anybody about these things because I just feel like no one would understand or even care. I don't feel like I could talk to any of my family members about how I feel. I just don't know what to do anymore.

M oose
try to talk to someone. whether it is in person or on the phone.

there are many suicide hotlines you can call and the counselors actually listen to you. make sure you discuss your feelings with someone.

i had a lot of pets n they all died so i got over that. when i was two my parents divorced so it didnt phase me as much as it probably phases u.even tho it seems bad ur friends will one day need u trust me i no just keep ur head up and soon every one will want to be your friend

Please don't suicide it's a stupid thing to do. If you dont' feel happy talk to your friend or just tell your parents your very sad becaue their always fight. How old are you? If you are still a teenager go out work as voulnteer and hang out with friends so you wont' think about the sad things all the times . Just make yourself busy so you wont' think about all the sad stuffs. Good luck!

Sometimes everything seems to go wrong, and we feel friendless. I
have been in that position, but things do get better. You will always
have a friend in Jesus, and he shares your cares and hurts. I urge
you to pray, to talk to a clergy person, to talk with a school counselor,
and look forward to the rest of your life.

Things won't always go right, but keep your goals in sight. Things will
get better.

katie lyn:]
Ok I'm here to help you. I'm so glad you came to Yahoo! Answers. Ok well first of all to get you comfortable, I have a sister named Kelsey! And I know what you feel. Sometimes I just feel left out of every! Well, I am the middle chid, Kelsey,Katlyn,and Grace. Kelsey is 13 going to be 14. I'm going to be 12 soon. And Grace is going to be 10. So of course Gracie is the Daddy's girl. Kelsey, she gets all the attention. Because she went into the Jr.'s! So she gets all the new clothes, and Blah Blah Blah. Well I talked to my mama. Taling to her changed my life. I would always think, She wouldn't care. Beside Rachelle (my old babysitter) told me that Kelsey would be never forgotten, and Me, Oh I'm gonna be forgotten forever. And grace, she'll be like Kelsey. That made me feel so bad. I was little and I didn't know she was kidding. Ok to you.:

I'm sorry your dog died, I had a doggy that I loved and adored like anything, as much trouble as he got into, well let's say my mama gave him away 'cause he's a trouble maker. I'm sorry Kelsey.I know how you feel. I was like devastated. I'll never forget it. And your parents fighting, I havn't really expirenced that. Hopefully I never will. But just be glad that you know your parents really love you think they don't. Deep down inside they do. It'll show sooner or later. You need to stop cutting yourself. Although it "might feel good, because it is the best thing in your life" dosn't mean it isn't doing damage to your body! It is horrible. Do you have a religous life? I mean you may, you may not even believe. But, let me tell you something. I know that there is a God. And he is always loving you. No matter what. He is always there for you, you should always remember that. Because, trust me you'll need it. YOU SHOULD NEVER COMMIT SUICIDE. No matter how hard life gets. It has it's challenges. You just have to bare through them. It may be tough, but you can do it. And even if some people do may not notice you, they would miss you! And you should tell someone you trust. It is a lot easier not having all this on your chest, than having it locked up and that's all you can think 'bout. You should talk to someone, Kelsey. No matter who it is. Keep it up. Try to keep your hand on that edge. Never let go. And when you turn 18, you can create a new life. But, things should get better by then. I hope I helped bunches. I will pray for you. And one more thing, Get God in your life.

With love forever,
Katie Lyn :]

omg babe i know how you feel! Exept other problems dont cut! pleasee babe! Please dont cut not worth it! I know how you feel you have to stop! I can help if you want! Please please stop dont do any self harm and dont commit scuiside! I will miss you! :) and I know TTONZ of other people will! I am sure you are a very awesome person to be with! Dont let anyone bring you down! Maybe listen to music really loud, write, Take a long hot shower and cry, talk to someone (I do all of that) tell your parents how you feel about their fighting.! ^_^
Please please try to stop, you are specail and you are worth it!
[email protected]
LOVE YOU TONZ!! I hope i helped sweetie!

I know where you're at right now.
I just moved, had to put 2 of my pets, who I grew up with, to sleep, my friend died, my brother is extremely depressed, and my life is changing in a reallly big way.

but you have to realize there is a future for you, and 30 years from now you won't remember all the pain your going through. things ALWAYS get worse before they get any better, so I would just look at it as being prepared for a really good thing about to happen. life is full of ups and downs, and everyone has been in a low state of mind.
just keep your head up, it WILL be worth it.

You shouldn't be feeling like this! Your three friends betraying you is not nice but screw them if they betrayed you then they are certainly not worth being friends with. Your dog dieing is not nice but just think about the good times that their were, you cant bring him back but just be glad that he was in your life when you had him! Your parents getting a divorce is a hard problem as you are right in the middle but just remember if they are not happy then they cant help that just try to talk to them and you may help. Now even thought you think no one will miss you they certainly will. Your mum and dad would be devastated, even thought they are arguing you should maybe say how you are feeling and it may make them think what they are doing. Not just to each other but to you. You only live once, if you need help ask your mum or dad because even thought they are fighting alot they still care andwouldn'tt want you to feel like this! hope this helps =)

Here2Help :)
don't hurt yourself. don't kill yourself. please just do your best to hang in there. it's ok to talk to someone. they will understand. think of the positives. remember all things happy and keep yourself smiling. you can do it. maybe even see a psychologist. just know that there is a bright side to every situation.


focus on just yourself and make your life better!

I know where you're coming from. Emotional pain is hard to deal with, and it's easy to forget about it by hurting your body. But that's not a good way to handle it. It's an easy way out, and sometimes the easy way out isn't the best. Pray. If you turn to God, and let Him into your life, I can almost guarantee you that life will start to look up. Deciding to trust Him is one of the best decisions you'll ever make. I've been there. I used to be suicidal too. But now I'm so much happier. Now I'm not saying that everything will instantly get better, but over time things will look better. I promise.

I know it might be hard for you to tell people how you are feeling, but you need help. See if your school has a guidance counselor who you can confront your problem with. They will understand. It is nothing to worry about talking about. You need to get it taking care of before it gets too serious. Your parents will also understand what you are going through and they will do what they can to help you. You need to see a psychiatrist or a doctor. And people will miss you. There are ALWAYS people who love you, no matter what. I know this isn't what you wanted to hear, but it is what is best.

tell someone. seriously. otherwise, you may end up hurting yourself more than you already have.

You have to talk to somebody about this. A friend, family member, guidance counselor, somebody. It's rough, but you do need help. But suicide is not the answer. Things will get better, but you need to get help for that to happen.


Where Words Fail, Music Speaks!
it will be ok.
alot of ppl feel like this.
the ones that kill themself arent brave enough to go on living.
but it will be ok.

& please stop cutting.
it isnt good for you.
we wouldnt like anything bad to happen to you.

Kelsey, its ok.we all feel alone at times.I lost my daughter a few months back to a suicide.I wish there was some way to stop that pain. I'm sure she wouldn't have done it if she would have known what kind of pain it cost all of her family.don't put that on them.you seem very intelligent, think about all your values.If you think about it , I'm sure there are many.Hang in there . Talk to a counselor , a friend or a parent , they care. sometimes its just hard to tell .

you dont know how lucky you are to be alive, most people dont, but starving kids, or prisoners of war, or kidnapped ppl do, and they come back happy of life and most religious than ever, most americans dont apreciate life for its easyness, but go a few days as homeless, or go to africa or the russian-georian conflict and you will apreciate life

Lauren D
I understand where you're coming from. Friends have betrayed me in the past and that just means there are better ones to comee. My dog that i was in love with got tooken away from me and my parents fight often. Cutting yourself isnt an option, it wont help you. I think all people at some point in life will think about commiting suicide but you have to realize therre are peope who love you even if you dont know it . Turn to someone you can trust and get their opinion. Your parents fighting probably has nothing to do with you and if there comes to be a divorce just know it isn't our fault, stuff happens. Close friends will care and maybe even a close neighbor would do some good. Good luck and remeber cutting yourself isn't the answer !

Hey Kelsey: I know exactly what you're talking about...My cat of 9 years died a couple of months ago...I'm separated from my husband...and my best friend has moved to another state...hang in there...I feel lost and lonely sometimes....are you spiritual at all??..may a pastor could give you some guidance....let me know if you want to talk...take good care

ok, um i deal with these kind athings for sometimes. but i would love to help you and email you . but if you disagree, life is not sweet , yes you had some toug times, but you know its the tough times that gets us thru and makes us better for the future. you have to first go thru some steps and if you contact me, i will help you no doubt! k ! much love! k bye for now! until we hopefully talk again.. do not do suicide,, i can help!!! :)

make new friend and maybe find a guy that makes u feel good about ur self and its not healthyy to cut ur self or to hurt ur self pd i know it hurts bc it is a part of life i hate to say try to keep a notebook or something to write down ur feeling i know tha helped me bf with his problm u may think that no on e will miss you but there are a lot of ppl that will

i hope i helped and dont hurt ur self please

Sophia M
Everything will be okay we all have moments like that just dont give up. Go talk to a counselor at your school or church. But please don't give up on yourself, I'm sure your friends and family love you very much and would really miss you. I have been there but as time go by things get better. Look at your friends betraying you as a lesson and now you will be better able to pick and choose your friends wisely. But you are not alone. We all go through it.

Phillies WS CHAMPS 2008
There's always a person who loves you!
God loves you, and wants what is best for you.

Trust him. He has a plan for your life that you might not be able to understand right now, but will one day!

God bless!


dog with smurk
when life gets me down i kinda turn to god. faith always helps everyone out in desperate times.

man behind blue eye's
i would miss you ! i want you to know.life is very hard for us all.our animals grow older faster than we do.our parents are not stable these days.it's the age's we live in today.please do not hurt yourself.God loves you and knows your pain.it may be hard to understand.but time will show you as you grow with experiences of life.you are here on this earth for a reason.one day you will know that.God has a plan for us all.things are hard yes they are.i have daughters who are having hard life's also and i hurt inside for them.i hurt inside for you now because you are very hurt inside.if you like you can contact me through yahoo messenger or e-mail.i will pray for you.you have to be strong.it is hard yes.but you are a very special person and you are loved.parents get caught up in there own problems and don't seem to know that it affects you also.please do not hurt yourself .and try not to think of bad things.know that you have a whole long life to live and alot of experiences to experience.love yourself.friends i just don't know about that you see i have none either because of betrayal also.please know you are loved.you are special.emotions are very hard to deal with at times but .tomorrow is another day.if ya parents argue,go away so you don't have to hear it.one day you will have someone and there will be issues but i pray you handle them from your own experiences.i am online most all the time as i am retired becauce of health.i am no expert.but i have experience.you have to love yourself first ok.smile you are loved by people you don't even know.i hope this helps you alittle.

ok well your dog was gonna die sooner or later..everything dies..dont ever believe in best friends..now a days you cant trust anyone...cutting yourself is just hurting you more..and killing yourself will hurt your parents wether you know it or not..everyone has a stressful moment in their life but if your patient good things will come to you...if your parents are having problems then thats their buisness and if its gonna happen then it will and maybe its better that way..you should just be there for both of them no matter what happens...forget about friends right now..this is when you have to worry about yourself..also friends come to you when you have something they like but when you dont have Sh** they dont wanna talk to you anymore cuz they have nothin to use you for,,understand...just stand up tall..things will change sooner or later...and i know u must love your parents but these things happen when love fades away its better if they seperate for awhile or things might get worser..and if those BEST FRIENDS of yours ever decide to come back shut the door on their two faced faces..iight

when you feel like you wanna die..thats the moment you have to tuffin up shake the devil thoughts outta you and breathe
cry if you have to scream in a pellow..but dont let your soul down

Much love and i hope you will be fine


1-800-273-8255 call this number. they can help you deal with your problems. Just tell them this and im sure they can help u

1.) cut across the road, not down the lane, even better DONT CUT; its a form of self pity and may make you hate yourself.
2.) if they put a roof over your head, they will miss you if you die.
3.) we all have crappy lives at times
4.) i love you!
5.) then talk to friends, or talk to me.

Steve C
I feel for your pain, and hope the world brightens up for you. Perhaps stop depending on others for your own happiness, leard to make your own way in the world, at least emotionally, and then these setbacks won't hurt so bad?

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