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I need some advice and I need the truth?
I need to know what will happen if I tell the doctor I am having suicidal thoughts? Can confidentiality be breached? I need to know exactly what will happen because I need some help and I know that, doctor already took me off Prozac and referred me to a counsellor but there is a wait for that, I need help now. I need to tell her but I need to know the consequences as I am worried about what will happen. I know the consequence if I don't tell her. I want to tell her but like I said i'm afraid.

Doctors have an obligation to take action if they believe that a life (yours or someone else's) is in imminent danger. Confidentiality may be breached only if they believe you will otherwise die. If anything can be done without breaching confidentiality, it will be done that way.

Please tell your doctor ASAP.

Your doctor has to maintain confidentiality.

Call a suicide prevention hotline. They can help you.

Here is the national suicide prevention hotline. They will connect you with local people who can help you.

Please tell her right away. You sound like a wonderful person and she will be able to help.

The point of the question is not what is going to happen. The point is that you need to tell her, and let whatever consequences come, as you obviously think the other thing is not good. If whatever she determines needs to be done helps you, then it is good. If it isn't, then you have learned and can try something else.

She cant commit you as long as you have not actively tried it. She can only recommend that you commit yourself... which might not be a bad idea. Gives you time away from life and time to think on what is going wrong around professionals that can help you if things get bad. And, when things get better you can voluntarily leave.

She may put you on another drug other than Prozac.

She could do quite a few things. Sounds like someone needs to do something, if you are skittish about even telling her, much less doing anything on your own.

GO TO THE DOCTOR! he can only tell someone if you are actually planning on hurting yourself or someone else. you need professional help.

Tell Her!!!!

It sounds to me from your question that you have nothing to lose - literally!

So go ahead and tell her.

By the way, if that is a pic of you - then don't worry about confidentiality being breached!

just tell her. she'll want to help you.

Honey.Look at the replies here.People who do not know you are willing you to get well.People care for you.Don't disappoint us please.stay alive even if only for us.I went through a dark period some years ago,but there is light at the end of the tunnel.I would suggest you change your doctor or,if you are truly feeling suicidal,tell him.Nothing can be gained from keeping these thoughts to yourself.I wish you so much love and luck.

As we all should know, it is illegal to attempt suicide. BECAUSE it is illegal, it is allowed by the doctor, to break that breach of confidentiality. It's like if you were going to rob a bank. If you told a therapist you had plans to do so, they are OBLIGATED to "rat you out" because of the danger and risk factors. Same as suicide. I'm not sure what exactly would happen to you as a result of telling your doctor, but I know the outcome ranges from medication, to a room with padded walls!

if you are serious about doing it,he will commit you,but if it's just an urge,a thought,he will re-medicate you and maybe speed up your waiting time for counseling.

its a question of Mindset. your mind and body are a miricle of nature.

you are throwing a tantrum because you were taken off your med.

The Teacher
Sometimes life is very difficult and we struggle to survive. But suicide is not the answer, life is precious, so never give up nor abandon your dreams. To ask your question shows me that you are brave and intelligent, so use your energy in a positive way. You can confide in your doctor, or why not a teacher, in any case it is important to communicate the way you feel and think with someone. Find ways to channel you negative energy, listen to your favourite song, go for walks and discover nature, join a club and make exciting new friends, or often it helps just to have a notebook and write your inner thoughts. Be strong, it is ok and human to be afraid, life isn't perfect, but you can be happy by believing in yourself. I'm not an expert, I see that you are hurting and want to reassure you that you have the inner strength and force to conquer negative thoughts. Everyone has good and bad days, just don't think too much about the bad things, focus on the positive parts of your life. There are surely chat or support groups online that you can use and be anomonous. lol...

Please don't do anything before you see your Psychiatrist. Tell your Doctor the truth. Only when you tell them the truth, can they help you. Yes, you may be sent to a counsellor, but if they sense that you are serious about the threat, they will do something about it as soon as they can.
Like I said to someone else today:
"God said...and it was good."
God said this after He made man and took woman from the rib of man.
"For God so loved the world..."
"Love your neighbor, as I have loved you.", As a friend told me yesterday: "God loves you, so, you should love yourself. And if you love yourself, you should never think of committing suicide."


Big Sis
By all means tell your dr. You are crying out for help. You need to call the suicide hot line asap. Do you have a family member, friend, or minister you could talk to? Please do so immediately.

Heres the truth:

The evaluate how serious the threat of suicide is to your health.
You don't sound as bad off as some I have seen, so most likey they will stick you on some meds that will help with those thoughts.

You look like a cutie, we don't want to lose you!!

If you can get out of the house and into the sunshine. It helps immensely.

Keep yourself busy and happy and make good friends. Remember that others need you. Right man to give advice is your doctor.

Just Tell Her Because It Is The Right Thing To Do And She/He Will Get You Though It. For The Doctor Question I'm Not Sure Because I'm Not One

I do not believe he can tell anyone-- but if there is a serious concern I dont know if he can hospitalize you. Why oh why did he take you off your meds?

I understand your concern. You DO need help it sounds like. & you should NOT wait to get help. Just a thought; maybe if you can afford to pay cash & go to another city or town & go under an alias. Please see some professional now though.

shazia b
you should speak your doctor ASAP doctor patient confidentiality is a must and most doctors wouldn't breach that there is no need to be afraid

thomas f
no it cannot be breached u need help

Paula A
Please tell your doctor. She will only tell people who need to know like mental health teams. If she is looking at counseling and getting the right meds she obviously knows what she is doing. Suicidal thoughts is not the same as a plan or doing any thing about it.


Hope you are well soon

its best to tell you dr, i'm a manic depressive and i have suicidal thoughts sometimes,i'm also a self harmer, when i told my dr she made me top priority to see a counsellor, dont be scared ok, they will understand

Gee, you've gotten so many good responses. Especially the person who knew about how the medical system works in the UK (which, I'm guessing is where you are)

Just remember that depression is a disease of isolation. So many people here have shared that they, too, have been through darkness. You think you're alone,of course.

But, you're not.

It's now about 2 hours after your question was posted.
How are you doing?

Tell her, she can't breach confidentiality.
She could only tell someone if should thought you were in immediate danger i.e. you left her office to kill yourself.

It looks as though you have gotten a lot of good answers already. I just wanted to tell you that I am in the medical profession and I can tell you for a fact that anything you tell your doctor is confidential. However, if the psychiatrist, doctor, psychologist, etc. feels that you pose a risk to yourself or to someone else, they will report you.

What happens is that you'll be placed on what they call a 51/50 hold, where you will be admitted to a psychiatric facility and then interviewed and assessed by an appropriate staff memeber (doctor, psychiatrist, etc). If they agree with your doctor's assessment, then you will be held for a few days until you have been placed on medication and stabilized on those meds.

I know this sounds scary, but this is actually a good thing, because it gives you a safe place to stay where you'll get the help you need, and you will most likely be placed back on antidepressants.

I'm not sure why your doctor took you off Prozac, but doctors and psychiatrists are the only people who can put you on medications, so a counselor will not place you back on any antidepressant.

One other thing to note is that if you are having suicidal thoughts, but aren't actively planning to commit suicide, then your doctor may not place you on a 51/50. It all depends on the doctor's assessment. I would advise you to be as truthful as possible with your doctor, because that is the only way he or she can help you.

I wish you the best of luck.

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