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bunnyhop b
I know I'm depressed but I hate counseling and don't want drugs what else is there?
I've been depressed for over 3 years. I hate going to counseling because we talk about feelings. I am afraid of drugs because of addiction. I can't think of anything else. My stress level is 20 times higher than a normal person my age. I think of death and do need help. Any suggestions for me?
Additional Details
I hate talking about my feelings. I'm 15 years old female. I'm afraid to take even asprin because one of my friends died from it. I don't like going to counseling and there are no relaxation areas within 1000 miles from where I live. I need help but don't know what to do. Can anyone help me?

I had depression years ago (for about 5 years). I took drugs- I went to counselors (for about 2 years of it). And once I decided none of it worked I fixed it all myself (spent about 3 years attempting that). (I just simply delt with it). This seemed to work really well for about 4 years.

BUT GUESS WHAT! I now find myself breaking down and going nutso and apparently I never delt with it right and now I'm pissed and have no idea what to do because a part of me developed quite the ego by dealing with it by myself. I thought the one positive thing to come out of it was that I had learned to deal with it and therfore could avoid having the same problem again. Yup- I was wrong.

I now have a really good friend who is going to drive me insane trying to help me. (sadly- I gave her permission) However I think I am either going to die before I fix anything or I will miraculously get better and have no need to deal with it until I am in a situation where I really needed to have delt with it. I am not looking at a whole lot of middle ground here.

Mandy b
You know, I am the exact same way! I am close friends with a naturopathic doctor that suggested a couple of vitamins/minerals to me that really do help. Try this: vitamin C complex, along with seratonin, and for a boost of energy try Bee Pollen granules( they really do work and they taste great) you can get all of these things at a Whole Foods market or anywhere that has vitamins. If you can't find them try going online. try thhis website; www.herbal extracts plus.com You should be able to find something there. Good luck sweety!!!!!!!!!!

God jesus prayer

There are people who treat depression with cognitive/behavioural strategies, and that may work better for you than sitting around talking about feelings whether you do it with the same counselor or a different one. The impression I got from my psych classes is that it deals more with the, "What can I do from now on and how can I reason about things in a more constructive way?" questions than the, "Why am I depressed and how do I feel this week?" questions. I'd suggest looking into that if you feel that musing about feelings is unhelpful as well as unpleasant.

Also, exercise is supposed to help by releasing endorphins that are good for your mood. It might help somewhat.

Edited to add: your additonal details don't change my answer.

Jet Li
God helps those who help themselves. See site below for what you can do. Plus it has a page on anxiety and see the page on enlightenment for reducing stress.

Buy a yoga tape/dvd and do some exercise. Exercise is a natural anti-depressant. Write in a private journal.

question mark
There are psychiatric drugs that are not addictive and the difference in existence and living. You need have no fear of most all prescribed psychiatric drugs. I have ben on anti depressants and mood elevators for many years and I am not addicted. These medications have ben the difference in leading a fairly productive and happy life and possibly suicide,

Rick H
There is a lot of information left out of here. How old are you and why the deep depression? You're afraid of drugs and you hate counselling. Not a whole lot left outside of trying to get through this on your own... a tuff job. It can be done, but it's hard to do.
Do you have a family doctor? Sometimes they do some counselling as well and can maybe give you some pointers to get through this. Also, there are a lot of self-help books out there to read that may help you. There is also free counselling by e-mail if you don't feel comfortable with sitting in front of someone and talking about feelings.
I've been exactly where you are and had to take it one step at a time. A slow walk...one foot in front of the other. Still not really sure just how I got through it. Just determination I guess and never stopped looking for ways to get through it.
You say you think of death....but you don't mention exactly what you think of. I'm here you tell you my friend.....death!!!....not an option. There are a lot of people who love you and care about you, even though you may not think so.
There are a lot of avenues for help... you just need to search. Family, friends, your minister, counsellors, support groups, doctor...etc.
You are a lot tougher than you think. Never,never,never give up. You get knocked down...get right back up on your feet and fight. I know you can do it.
I'll be praying for you bunny hop b.

j t
I tried drugs and counseling and drugs for years with no results. Trust me you don't have to worry about being addicted to anti-psychotics or antidepressents. They are miserable. The only thing that works for me is strenous exersize. It only lifts my mood for a few hours but my life is absolute hell for me to live so it is a unbelievably great feeling to escape the darkness if only for a couple hours.

There are a lot of inexpensive and decent solutions provided you are not severely depressed.

If you are severely depressed, you can get a prescription for medication because depression medication is not addictive. Furthermore, once you find something that works, you can split pills until it is barely working. You don't need to take as much as prescribed. You just have to find the minimal dose that works for you.

There is exercise. Try researching "runner's high", Try getting this high and see if it fixes your depression.

There are depression workbooks and books at your local library and also on Amazon.

There are a host of over-the-counter items that can treat depression. Just type in "health food store - depression" on the Internet. You can come back to this site and type in all of the names of the substances that look good to you to see if others have had positive results. Some of the names are St. John's, 5-HTP, Sam-E.

deep breathing exercises
therapeutic massage
gem therapy
flower essences
dance therapy
holistic therapy
fasting therapy
sound therapy
feng shui
vitamin therapy
There are also certain diets and exercise plans that are supposed to help.

There are "drugs" out there that you will not become addicted to. You need to speak to your family doctor - In the meantime if you can get up and exercise do it - It releases endorphins in the brain and that will help - Diet will help - Changing your situation if possible.

What's wrong with talking to someone? I think it can be very helpful...especially since it's a neutral person. Maybe talking will bring stuff out that is bothering you that maybe you didnt even realize was there.
You can also start out with reading some "self help" books to get you feeling better. Try Barnes and Nobles.....you can even go on their website and look up books to order.

Good Luck and keep your head up! Don't think of death...think of things in your life to be happy about or goals to go for or the people around you that love and care about you!

Jim R
Maybe it would help to know that clinical depression is a chemical imbalance. Drugs to treat it correct the imbalance. Anti-depression drugs are not the type that usually cause addiction, and in any case, drugs used to treat a specific condition usually do not cause addiction. If you stay in contact with your doctor, any residual chance of addiction is eliminated because your doctor will watch your reactions and adjust if signs of addiction are seen. When your depression is medicated and symptoms are reduced, you will have the energy to treat root causes. Changing your diet and eliminating stressors in your life can improve the situation. When the root causes are treated, you can try reducing the drugs.

I've been suffering from depression on and off for 5 years. I can understand why you might be hesitant to try anti-depressants - I felt uncomfortable taking meds to control a mental health problem. I was also worried about becoming addicted.

Firstly, anti-depressants are not addictive! They are not like sleeping tablets where you need more and more to get the same result. Secondly, imagine the depression is like a stomach ache. Naturally you'd take some medicine to help soothe your stomach pains right? So, if anti-depressants can help you, why not give it a shot? You have nothing to lose!

dont take anti-depressants.. my friends have taken them as teenagers, and not knowing your age could have completely different side affects, but medication doesnt make it better.. it gives you false happiness.. get a puppy, go to church, make new friends, and id say continue counseling-- say what you really want to talk about.. im working to become a pychiatrist and its not always just "and how do you feel about that..." your paying, get a good bang for your buck.. its not fair to yourself.. also try rearranging your house/room, organizing, spending a day in the yard/outside.. start outdoor activities.. pick up biking or hiking if its available. i hike every summer and i have never felt more refreshed.. best of luck :)

Sarah Precott
God is and will be the answer.
I have no idea how old you are but from my experiences I will have to say put your trust in God.

Greg S
Meditation is great for this. Figure out why you are stressed and deal with it. Read the book "Don't Sweat the Small Stuff."

By the sounds of it you really need to be going to counseling. I know it can be hard but stick with it. Some things that have helped me when ive been depressed is to listen to some upbeat music, write about it, talk to a close friend, exercise (gets those good chemicals going in the body). Good luck!!!

you do not want medication
you do not want counseling
the two mainstays of treating depression!!

anti-depressant herbs: St. John's Wort
samE, Gaba, valerian Root.

Try the self-help section of a major book store or library

good luck

Johnny B
The problem with depression is that people simple don't think they have a problem so they perfer to put off counseling.
But the trouble is depression won't go away until you can control your emotions better. It will only get worse.
Depression is also a personal addiction.
You need to stick with it until you're better.

i have depression too and counseling and drugs have never worked for me...so i really dont know what else there is because doctors are very pro medication but the medication you take for depression isnt usually addictive you just cant suddenly stop it because SSRIs cause changes in your brain and just quitting the medicine messes up your body a bit. but they do go away. or you could try intensive day treatment program where you go to different class type things where they help you cope with your feelings..a local hospital might have such a program.

It seems like you already know the source of your depression and just don't want to talk about. Until you do, you will always have the weight of the issue on your shoulders. You will be constantly thinking about it, making matters much worse.
If you have some close friends, I suggest talking to them. Otherwise, you will never resolve your problem and will continue to be depressed or worse.

I have had depression. It still looms sometimes so I am constantly working to keep it from coming on. It's okay to talk about feelings. Maybe try another therapist. Mine really helped to get me through the initial stages. You need a helping hand especially if you are thinking morbid thoughts. You can't be left alone with your thoughts--that's what I realized with a therapist. She helped me process things because I couldn't let my depressed thoughts take over my life. I have mixed feelings about meds too. I was afraid of addiction--but I tried a brand that had minimal side effects. I realized I didn't need them anymore when I felt like I was brought out of the "cave". It was the combination of talk and meds that helped.
Maybe try exercise, doing things that make you laugh. Who doesn't like to laugh? It is so healing. You have to find a release for your tension. There is so much love and help out there for you!

You can join support groups--but if it is a chemical imbalance the drugs will help. I find counseling and therapist not helpful most of the time. However, a medical psychiatrist is the best. Think of it like this--if you have high blood pressure, you will take medicine to get better. If you have back pain, migraines, etc., you take medicine, antidepressants and mood stabilizers are not the end of the world. Also, plan some get away time for yourself---yoga centers, spas, retreats, etc. It wil help. Take care..

bill h
If you say you need help, then you need help. If you wont follow your own advice then whose will you follow? Some people will tell you to resort to the supernatural. All evidence suggests there is nothing there.
Many will tell you to seek counseling, but you wont.
There is quite a bit of scientific evidence that suggest positive affirmation is an effective way of changing mood. Sunlight and exercise are the enemies of the depressed because one of the side effects of depression is seeking more depression. Depression makes itself worse in a negative feedback loop. You need to take active steps to get out of the loop.
One way is to join activities that force you to do positive things like a softball league or aerobics classes. You may not be able to make yourself go so ask someone to go with you. They can sometimes be stronger than the depression-enfeebled mind.
You will die, get over it by going to a slaughterhouse, cemetary, or compost bin. Dwelling on death is like dwelling on buying insurance. Its going to happen and it wont be the best part of life but it happens to everyone. What about dying are you thinking about? Is it because you are not doing anything productive? No one loves you or will remember you?
The source of your stress is stress hormones. Control them by controlling your thinking. Predetermine how you are going to react to situations and then follow your plan. Stress is caused by lack of control so come up with ways to mentally control your situation.

If you take an anti-depressant or medication for stress/anxiety it will help you so much. How much are you going to have to suffer until you finally decide to take that step? I wish that I didn't wait as long as I did..

maybe try this trust God and ask him to forgive you of your sins. Mean it.
Also maybe just talk with friends. Or a pastor that you may be comfortable with.

Woah! I'm not even the depressed one and all these answers are overwhelming and sometimes contradictory and some of them are offering advice that should ONLY come from a professional healthcare provider who is familiar with YOUR individual health needs.

I'm speaking from the perspective of a mother and a nurse but I'm not going to try to diagnose you or fix you or tell you like I know what is going on in your head.

You are 15, you say you have been depressed for over 3 years. That means that you have had this issue since you were 12 years old. You know you need help. It wouldn't matter if you were 35 years old, with that history, you'd still need help.

You say you don't want to talk about feelings, yet you are HERE, telling strangers all over the world about feelings and asking help from TOTAL STRANGERS! You have NO idea if any of the people here aren't seriously more messed up than you are. Including ME! Just because someone sounds articulate or says things you WANT to hear to make you feel better about yourself in these responses doesn't mean that they are the person who will have answers to make your depression go away.

You may struggle with this for a few years yet to come. Many people who have a very tough time in their youth ...with the help of a TRUSTED and competent professional..come through depression to a contented adulthood. Sometimes this problem continues...but you know you can't do it alone and you risk far more serious set backs and HURT if you try to leave answers to serious issues to people you do not know and have not developed any trust with.

Please try to talk to the person in your offline life that you trust most. If they cannot help you themselves, ask them to help you find someone who can and if you find it too uncomfortable to actually talk in their presence, perhaps you can even engage in therapy with them virtually by computer..however..it is the human to human contact that can sometimes better help you. Seek out a respected adult whose judgements you trust.

Psychoactive medications MAY be indicated, but they're not usually the kind kids abuse for highs given for depression..However, as a parent and a nurse, this is another area that is something that ONLY you and a respected adult/guardian along with your doctor should be discussing together. My personal and professional opinion is that too often they're given to young people without adequate follow up and sometimes more often than necessary and too quickly.

Counseling is crucial for you now.

Use the internet to look up about teens and depression and anxiety. You're here seeking answers but this is perhaps not the best place for you to find the answers. I hope I can be of help for you to find out WHERE to go look for yourself. You can find ways to help, but you will need help.
Shalom and best wishes for your health

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