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eyepopping hideous female troll
I just caught my husband eating toilet paper?
I asked why he was eating it, he said he was just wadding it up in his mouth. ???!!! whats wrong with him!
Additional Details
yes, I am serious. He really did.
I just asked. I said "moisture reduces volume". that what he said. nothing more. what ever that means????

all i have to say after i laffed for about 5 min is make him go talk to someone

Let trace this back to the original source...paper comes from trees. Has he had some sort of intimate relationship with a tree? This might be his karma. (there are some things men shouldn't do to trees)

that's her.
C'MON! who HASNT eaten toilet paper?! l0l.

Sherie D
Nothing is wrong with him.....whats wrong with you, everyone eats toilet paper these days.....wow, you should really pay attention more!! :)

haha thats funny

dylan t.
He probbly have some issues concerning gaining weight, it might make him feel full? or perhaps he read something about paper having fibers which aids in digestion... although true, it's still weird right... talk to him about it, it's not like it's a horrible thing, it's just weird... right?

John O
Before or after he wiped?

Hey There
Um wow. i think that its no big deal other than its kind of odd. ut eating paper can clog your digestive system so if he eats to much he with have to get his stomach pumped.

Rachel M
maybe there is a medical reason.

♥♥Meow Baby♥♥
ROTFL the 2nd and 3rd answer cracked me up..to lose weight huh? I've actually heard of ppl doing that...maybe i might throw back a few squares

It may mean that he is missing minerals in his diet.... when i was preg's in loved the smell of Liquid paper, petrol, washing up liquid all chemical etc... and it turned out i was anemic so needed to take iron tablets...

Let him eat all the toilet paper he wants; he's cleasing himself.
By the way, what's the name of the mental instituition where you two live?

you said it all...he is a he...male...they are freaks

LMFAO !!!! HA !!!! i do that as much as I don't want to admit it..not necessarily toilet paper but just tissue...

It's an awkward habit of mine..I tend to do it because I'm anxious or nervous about anything. Sometimes absentmindedly I grab one and just stuff it in my mouth and chew but NOT EAT like swallow it..it kind relieves the tension and helps you calm down I guess...as well as gathering your thinking process...


I'm shared so don't you dare make fun of me..xD..lol.

Did he have anything hot and spicy btw...? that could be it too

Gosh, I hope it was straight off the roll...

hes missing a like of vitiams

Well, if he was truly eating it, then it sounds like a condition called pica. Pica is where an individual eats unedible things with no nutrutional value (and can actually harm them) - such as dirt, cotton balls, q-tips, toilet paper. If you see him eating this again (or if he says he has the urge to), he should definitely be checked out by a doctor!

the mans got 2 eat!!

Mary Redshirt Devonshire
Sure hope he didn't use it to wipe his bum with it first!!!!

Maybe he was just wadding it up in his mouth--toothache or bleeding mouth sore. That's the only reason I could think of someone doing that

he might have pica which is a medical condition in which people eat "non nutritional" things like clay or paper. Its actually a psychological condition

Tanned Blonde
Bloody mouth?

Was this before or AFTER he used it elsewhere. DON'T KISS HIM until you find the answer to THIS!

uhm, maybe he was just trying to be funny or something? lol. look ,we all have our issues, and that is one of his problems!

Used or Clean?

LOL.. well don't freak out... unless it was dirty paper. I have known many people who chewed on clean TP kind of like gum. I don't think they swallow it. It does seem weird, but in fact it seems to be linked to a mineral deficiency. Unless he is doing other weird stuff, just cut him some slack and see if you can help him improve his diet. It will decrease that irrational urge. I have also known people who chewed Comet cleanser, chalk and have chewed and even eaten dirt for the same reason. They don't know why they are doing it, but taking a daily multi mineral supplement seemed to fix it.

uhmm you should probably get him checked out. i hear its the new fad though.
all the rage in new zealand

r. d. naples
What's wrong with that? Let the man eat his toilet paper.

katie f
well guessing from your picture this seems somewhat normal to me.. i just hope it wasnt used

phil f
Maybe he had just realized that he needed more Fiber in his diet?

Red F
He's making spit wads ...leave him alone.

Thats not right!
was it new or used??

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