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I hate the world today?
I'm such a ***** and hate it. I have been mean all day to people who love me. I have anger problems. I just wish everyone whould die and leave me alone. I hate everyone. I think I hate you too. Don't take it personal I'm in a mood. How do I change? Everyday It feels like I'm full of hate
Additional Details

m.c.p.o. kenny
then why do you ask us if you hate people.

I say this and that
You need to relax ... then go to the bathroom and take those little pills the doctor prescribed for you ... Yes, those pills ... ((crazy people pills)) ... Now drink those down and breathe

maybe you should talk to someone about your problems. I'm not a psychiatrist, but when I'm in a mood I vent to either my best friends or write it down.

Hope I helped : )

Solis A
Make a commitment to change your attitude towards yourself and others. Otherwise just go with it. You can even use your hatred for profit...i.e. Donald Trump, Hitler, Bill O'Reilly and countless others.

You sound just like me on most days. Even if I had no reason to be mad, I would just start yelling at my mom for any little thing. I hated it. After a fight, I would end up hating myself and asking WHY did I just do that. To get out of that habit, I tried doing the things that I love more often and by myself. Once I got in a good mood, that's when I started seeing my friends and family again. But most of all, my mom.

But face it honey, we're all b****es at some point and no matter what something is always going to get us mad. Try thinking of good memories and how it made you feel. Or how about the best night of your life. Try to top that.

Hope you feel better. Things can get tough but it'll all work out. Best of luck!

You are very angry about many thing and the question is "why?"
You realise it yourself so that is a good thing. Sounds like you might be a bit bipolar - then again you may just be a pain in the a*s teenager- always a very real possibility! (some people are and never grow out of it and grow up to be pain in the a*s adults too).
It takes all types to make the world go around, but talk to your parents about your feelings and maybe talk to your Doctor or a therapist. Good luck.
PS: Therapists are just like any job and some are good and some stink-make sure you have a good one.

If it's hormonal, see a gyn. (You'll know because it will seem worse for about a week or so before your period, and they may say you have PMDD).

If it's most of the time, then you may have depression, anger, rage issues, etc.

Either way, seek a good counselor (get a recommendation, because a bad counselor is worse than no counselor at all) and possibly a psychiatrist, though they only seem to like to push meds, which, to me just delays the healing process longer.

I also found that relaxation techniques, music, and spirituality help me when I am raging, or crying a lot.

Hope that helps. Ignore the people who are telling you to do destructive things, they have no compassion and apparently have issues themselves.

Just stop caring it works for me, also you should try talking to a therapist because you might have Bipolar disorder, which can cause your feelings to rapidly change all over the place and make you say and feel things that you wouldn't normally say or feel. I really hope this helps because I hate seeing people feel like you are.

Listen to music
write in journal
see or talk to a friend
watch movies

to get that anger out and if you keep suffering you're only hurting yourself and those who love you and just want to help you and all you need is a big hug and a smile and tell you everything is going to be okay.

Taniesha V
don't think that maybe go do some yoga yo relief your stress. or what i have been doing lately is cleaning my room.

have not taken anything personally. you are in the right track, you have admitted your feelings, actions, and thoughtfulness of others...GREAT START: Now, how to change these actions. First ,you need to apologize to the people you were spite-full recently, next you need to ask yourself ,"What will really make me change my attitude and actions toward others" . Why the anger? Why do you wish to be left alone, when everyone loves to have a caring word and shoulder to lean on. Give yourself an honest pep talk and you will come to the right answers you are seeking. Hey, go for a long walk and contemplate the beauty around you, GOOD LUCK you sound like a wonderful person. GOD BLESS

Find a way to let your frustration out. Breaking stuff works for me. Not recommended if you are breaking something that isn't yours.

If you're being real about this then your anger issues stem from some unresolved stuff. Whatever issues you have I suggest you work on and resolve. Here's the thing, everyone in this world has issues. Everyone! The key is how you deal with them. If you don't mind me asking, how old are you? Teenage years are a b*t*h.

What happened to make you be like this? Something that you're not dealing with is likely what's eating your a$$. Look in the yellow pages and find a councelor. Go deal with your issues and the anger will deal with itself..

If you can't afford to pay full price, you can find some who take a sliding scale.

crystal s
okay....so i know the feeling..only cause I am going thru a deployment with my husband. Do you have things that make you happy? If so find those things and focus on it. Also I am living in Germany and feel hopeless..

You need to find something positive rather it is with in you...or with in someone else...or something. I know it seems hard at times to make it all make sense...But you can. you Just have t find something to focus on :) Something positive not negitaive.

Hope this helps....

just go in your room for a while until youi cool down and then see if that works

since I live by the ocean , I go there when i'm bugged at times,,, so maybe the wide open spaces like a park or river listen to the water be happy not to worry,, Ray in Monterey

just look at the positives in the world, i guess lol

Suhaily F
You can change only if you want to. If you know you have all these people who love you and you know all the positive aspects of your life then you gotta think what is the thing thats stirring this anger in you.Meditate on what the real cause of your anger and when you find it then you can take the next step..
Good Luck Hon, I know it's hard....

A Xanax a day keeps the crazies away!

Don't feel bad sweetie, we ALL have days like that. Go home, soak in a hot bubble bath and forget about the whole world.

I hope you feel better soon.

Gentle hugs, Lynn

Find a rock to climb under, or a cave to move into.

Rachel G
i know how you feel... Dont be an emo. or go suisidal. Start a new life. in a place you feel happy

Swack for the crack
Relax,chill out and eat some chocolate.

Get away for a while I guess... Maybe you don't have enough privacy in your life. Take a trip alone.

Another reason could be that you are constantly surrounded by people you don't like... so find people you do like... people you have things in common with.

Living in the Moment
anger management

hit someone and get it over with or go to anger managment. it's ok cus i hate you to

darren s
Stop focusing on you and start focusing on what you can do for others. Selfishness is almost always what leads to hate, anger, and frustration of others.

its called being a teenager ...get over it...

Bo Bo
Aww I'm sorry. I think you just need to go somewhere and be alone. Try and take the things about of your life that make you mad. When you feel like you are being mean bite your tongue and say something nice. Here is a good song http://youtube.com/watch?v=1bD5doenL7g

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