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I hate myself?
I hate myself sooo much. I do suffer from depression, eating disorder, anxiety at times. I see a counsellor but i don't see her again for weeks. i have no one to rely on. I feel fat and i just want to crawl out of my skin right now. i always want to hurt myself because i feel i deserved to be punished..and i dont know what to do.

I have been to my doctor..lets just say they are all less than helpful..infact i was told i would grow out of my eating disorder, it was just a phase.. was then sent to a phychiatric nurse for being suicidal and she told me that all "stupid teenagers" thought suicide was a way out.. oh and also accused me of lying and said that i was "throwing everything back in her face"...just because i wasn't agreeing to the statements she was making about me! Oh and someone i confided in for months and who supported me completely dumped me as a friend, my mum said i was a shame on the family and also broke my confidence in her by telling other family members about me!!
Additional Details
i dont know what i am supposed to do now!! go and die in the gutter where i belong!

and yeah i know i will get hurtful answrs, but i am so used to being hurt i just give up now!

Please, please, please go see a PROPER psychotherapist.
The very fact that you are sharing this hurt with us means that you dont really hate yourself. If you did you would not be looking to improve. You hate the way you feel. That is true. But that is not the real you. There is a beautiful person in you just screaming to get out. Dont ever lose sight of that. Hold onto that thought. Help her find her way home. She needs you to be strong.
Love you

cherie d
listen i myself suffer from depression. I have been on many different medications and i promise you things are going to get better. some people just dont understand that there are different levels of depression. I am now older and have children- two of them and im about to get married and if you had asked me if my life was going to be like this 3 years ago i would not have believed you but listen to me sweetheart, things do get better and god you will love life. i promise you that you will be happy oneday!

You really do need to see yr GP and tell them how you're feeling.
I have suffered from ALL of the things you mention here at one point or another. I've had all kinds of therapy....tablets....etc etc and at some level that made me feel crap in the first place cos I would think stuff like 'see, it's only me who needs therapy, everyone else can cope...why am I so crap' etc etc. Last year however, I again went on a course of antidepressants AND a course of therapy, both of which have helped me immensely.Another thing that helped me was someone telling me that I wwasn't crap unless I thought I was....and really deep down I knew I wasn't. I'd never killed anyone...never even hurt anyone or anything! and if you think about it, how many people do you know that ARE crap...that have done some bad/nasty things in their life...and they don't beat themselves up about it. They just get on with it.
About feeling fat.... I'm feeling very fat right now!!! It seems to be an in built part of female life now!!! It's something you'll be able to have a giggle about when you're feeling better. I still have my days of feeling crap about myself BUT I now also have my days when I just don't care.....it's normal to have lummpy bits and wobbly bits! It is not normal NOT to!!!! and just think what these real stick insect types feel when they sit down....it MUST hurt if you've got bones for a bum!!!!
Please get help....keep writing on here if you need to....you know deep, deep down that you're a normal, good person :)

Dont kill yourself. Your worth saving. Death is not an escape. ive been there myself(sucide) and I got through it and live is alot beter for me now. I know what it feels to have your friends turn on you when you need friends the most. those friends are beter to be your enemies than friends. Try meating new people. I use skype. spend some money on yourself. I dont know what to say just please dont kill yourself.

ღ♥ღ latoya
heya. ok im a 15 year old boy and i dont like to say but im a bit fat as well. i know what u feel like: and sometimes it can really really hurt deep down. But i just feel that if people dont like me for what i am, then why should i bother with them? i bet you're a really nice girl, and u seem like a loyal friend: someone who people can talk to. i know im sounding a bit weiiird now, but just stop hating yourself. there are many people in the world that love u, and doing this to yourself never helps. i know it hurts, but ask yourself: do YOU really hate yourself or is it just some idi0ts that have somehow made u think this.

i know that im sounding poxy now (!!!) but i want you to stop this, cos you dont deserve this, and you're not going to give in. i want you to wipe away those tears foreeeever, admit that you are a wonderful nice girl, and put a nice BIIIIGGGGsmile on your face!!!!!!!! (sorry im a bit crazy when in comes to typing!!!)

BTW look 90 people+ have stood by you on this site alone! it just shows that people do care about u, and theyre ALL saying not to do something like that

have you tried calling the Samaritans? i dont know the number but i am sure they have a website? please dont suffer in silence any longer and give them a call. your mum does not sound very understanding about this. if you were my daughter i would be very worried about your mental health! you dont say how old you are but you could ring childline maybe? has something in your life triggered this depression? do you have any friends? i know its not very hip but do you have a local church? you could speak to someone there and make friends? if they have a local youth group. best of luck to you. and chin up. the teenage years are often the worst. xxxx p.s volunteering is a great idea try your local charity shop. or special needs centre. my daughter has down syndrome and there are lots of teenagers who help out at the childrens centre which she attends every month and they have a great time helping others in need.

aline b
I really like your efforts in explaining and still trying to communicate with others. I truely believe you're on your way , since you keep analyzing and you can show some rebellion against bad environment and wrong help. Please, keep trying. I read all sorts of reactions here and it shows that some people really WANT to help you. You'll make it. You'll go through.

Go and see a different doctor, confide in another member of your family who may be a little more understanding than your Mum.

Start liking yourself, you have everything to live for, you just need to believe it.

Please see someone soon, there are other people out there who can help you. What have you done so wrong that you feel you deserve to be punished?

Good luck, I hope things work out for you x

hope this helps you, my daughter has the same problems she's 23 this year even my X partner now whom ive just kicked out, used to have ago at her about her weight and call her names and say its all her fault for loosing her babies all cause she's over weight, ive always told her she hasn't a problem, its people out in this world that have a problem, she has a heart like yourself and full of beauty, keep your head up high as you can stand taller then all the others.

Linda A
You must be going through such a hard time in your life. Can I assure you things will get better. I will guess you are between the age of 13 and 22. You cant blame your mum for telling another family member. Remember parents are only human, she was probably just looking for advise herself. I can promise you you will come out of this episode a stronger person!! Look after yourself, and stay strong!


You do not belong in the gutter, and you don't deserve to die!

Your GP hasn't been helpful, and the psychiatric nurse has not treated you in a professional way, there are good people who can help you, but unfortunately you haven't found them yet.

Childline would be a good place to start

Phone 0800 1111

Also you can email the Samaritans, or phone them


Phone 08457 909090
email: [email protected]

Mind are a national mental health charity, the website offers a search facility so you can check to see where you nearest local organisation is.


I work for Mind in my town, and as well as offering a drop-in centre and tenancy support service we have a young persons service as well. Give your local branch a ring and see if they have a young persons service, or depending on your age, if you can use any of there other services.

The Mind website also offers information in an easy to read format and might help you to understand your depression, anxiety and eating problems. Also what help you should look for and where to start.

As others have suggested, you should go back to your Dr's surgery and make an appointment with a different GP. I think you need to do this as soon as you can, tell them it's an emergency and don't let them fob you off. As it's Easter you won't be able to do that until next week now, but does your town have a surgery that offers a walk in service while ordinary surgeries are closed?

Try the NHS direct website, or phone them, they will be able to answer that question for you

NHS Direct 0845 46 47

Please, please try any or all of the things I've suggested.

You deserve and need help.

If you are still at school is there a teacher who you feel comfortable enough with, to confide in?

If you are at college, do they have a counsellor for students?

You've had a bad experience with a friend you trusted and confided in, so sorry about that, but sometimes they find things just too hard to deal with and in the end have to back away....... I've had that happen to me lots of times! It doesn't mean that everyone will do the same though, so maybe there is someone else you think you might be able to trust. Try gently testing things out first before you tell them everything, that way you might just 'know' that it isn't the right person before saying too much.

I'm now over 40 and have suffered from depression since being a teenager. I've had different GP's, counsellors, CPN's (community psychiatric nurse), psychiatrists and a whole range of other health professionals all trying to help me. There will be some who understand you more than others, some who you will find eaiser to talk to as well.

For the past 10 years I have had the same GP and he is very understanding and helpful, so please try seeing another one, and hopefully, you too, will find one who is better for you and you're needs. Explain the treatment of the nurse and request to see a different one.

Don't be afraid to stand up for yourself in this way, it is your right. Being a teenager does not mean that you should receive a poorer service, or that you can't complain.

You obviously need help from someone before you see your counsellor again, as it sounds like it is some time away.

People who have never thought about suicide in a serious way, or haven't been in that much turmoil that they considered it as a real option have no right to judge others.

You are not a 'stupid teenager', you are a real person, with real needs.

Your Mum is wrong, you have not brought any shame on the family................. in fact she is the one that should be ashamed. If you can, try to show her some of the information you get from where I've suggested. She needs to change the way she thinks about you and your illness. Which definitely doesn't include telling everyone about it.

My parents still don't fully understand me and my illness, but I've just learned to live with that, and know that it is there problem, not mine.

I hope you can get some help, and try some of the things I've suggested.

You are worthy of getting all the help you need!

Trust me, as someone who has experienced some of what you are going through, but who has made it to over 40 - which probably sounds ancient to you......... lol

Take care.

if i were you, I'd go see a different doctor. depression is very real, and usually isn't a PHASE you'll grow out of. the good news is that over time you will learn how to handle the bad feelings you are having. i was diagnosed at 14 (I'm 34 now) with chronic depression. there are times (like now) that you may feel everyone is "dumping" you. if this is the case, then it's time to meet new people that actually care about you and your feelings. it is hard to overcome depression on your own, and you shouldn't have to handle it alone. find a counsellor or a crisis phone line in your area, and keep talking to people. there are tonnes of professionals out there that can help you. it may take time to find the right one, but don't give up!
you are NOT alone in your feelings. i give you credit for having the strength to admit you need help! most people are too chicken to admit what you are feeling. you may not realize it right now, but you seem like a strong person who can get through this.
sending lots of hugs (if you want them)! good luck, and continue to be strong! good luck

Hey, you have a lot of problems but hurting yourself won`t make them go away.
You need someone who will listen to you without judging. Phone either the Samaritans or Childline and they will listen and put you in touch with agencies to help you.
Go back to your mum and calmly explain your feelings.

Suzanne G
You need serious help if this is true. Go to a hospital! You'll find someone that can help you if you kep looking.

Cat Chase
I felt like you five years ago. The fact you have put this question on means that you want to change so belive me YOU WILL.

You need to draw a line under all the negative thinking you are doing so here is what I did. Don't just dish it but give things a go and see if slowly you feel a bit better.

Volunteer - just an hour a week - to help out for a cause which you would enjoy. I did at a riding stable which gave kids with disabilities a chance to ride. I also spend an hour a week walking dogs at a local centre for lost dogs. It made me realise that I really had very little to complain about and also that just giving one hour really made a difference to these kids. I began to feel ashamed at all the time I had spent thinking and complaining about myself. There will be places like that near you for sure. Just give it a go.

How about you work on Something tp improve yr feelings and yr health?.. How about a plan?.. Try to go on a trip...Try to watch Comdey Tv Episodes.. it helps .. to make yrself feel better.. and eat less...Remember there r always ppl you're so important to them,,,.. Dont waste yr life on Being depressed....
xx Have a good day xx

I am so sorry you are hurting right now. I went through depression as a teen but got through ok. Now I am a mom to 4 girls and a boy. Try something opposite to emotion to help. Try to remember what once gave you joy and make every attempt to do it. Read funny books, watch funny movies. Usually when we are down we dwell in the sad stuff. Laughing can do wonders. Depression is very real and very difficult no matter what age you are. Go to an art museum, listen to up beat music. Go for a walk in a garden, read the bible, smell pleasant smells like lavendar or go to store and try some new perfume testers. Trust me with time this uneasy stage will pass. I tried suicide several times as a teen but thank God I did not succeed. I now have beautiful children to fill my life. I do not take meds now but take 10 1000mg of fish oil to balance my emotions and it works wonders but is not an overnight cure. Fish oil takes about a month to work. Hope this helps.

I'm sorry you have to feel this way and that you feel now one is helping you, i wish i could help you as i had a sister who felt somewhat the same , please try and get another doctor to help you or try the Samaritans if you are in the UK, remember doing something stupid will not help, i hope you get through this good luck.

Cathy :)
:( Sounds like you are in a pretty bad situation. You know I've been there too - if I was the last person on earth I couldn't have been more alone - sounds like you are feeling the same way? I'm sorry I don't really have an answer for you cos I'm 23, safe and making a go of my life as much as I can, but I still hate myself. But I can tell you what I do know helped me. It really really sucs that there are far too few people who care about young people who feel like you do - wether it's because of depression, abuse, or anything else, some people just seem to think that we are a waste of space! I know it's really hard, but try not to get too angry with them for letting you down - what's important is getting good help, or helping yourself. Try not to be too hard on yourself - I don't mean about the big stuff - the reasons why you feel like this - I'm not going to tell you that you shouldn't hate yourself, not cos you should but because that would be v hipocritical of me. What I mean is the small every day stuff - take really small steps - go down to the shops tomorrow and treat yourself to something you'd like - a magazine or something like that, or do something that you enjoy even if it's just for 10 minutes - remind yourself that you did a good job doing that cos if you're anything like me it is extremely hard to let yourself feel happy! Think about what you really really want - is there somewhere you'd be happier living? Maybe if you can think of the future there's a job you want to do? Try to find out about how to get there. Doing voluntary work has helped me more than anything to get my confidence up, get out, meet new people, do stuff I never imagined before and to stop me thinkin bout the bad stuff for a while too. I couldn't think of a future for a long time, but knew I was always interested in plants - now I'm going to go to the himalayas in the summer to study them! That's something way beyond my craziest dreams, and nothing big got me there, just lots of little tiny baby steps. There are lots of charities that can help you too. The first place you should look is childline (if you're 18 or under) - they can talk stuff through with you but they can also put you in touch with heaps of organisations that can help you. They are really nice there - I used to be mute but I wrote to a councillor there for a while and she was really nice - she was really the one person who didn't ever let me down. Some other places that helped me a lot were fairbridge, bernardos and venture scotland, though obiously it would depend where you live. I think that meeting other people like you can also help a lot.

I get the feeling I'm spraffing a lot and I hope I'm not making you feel worse instead of better so I'm just going to shut up now, but please remember that honestly honestly your childhood is not "the best years of your life" (I used to be terrified thinking it gets worse?!?) - and honestly it takes a long time but stuff honestly does get better when you're older and you can do what you want. I'm thinking of you xxx

I know this may sound stupid but have you thought of going and talking to your local vicar...you sound like you just need someone to listen to you and accept you for who you are...the doctor and the psychiatric nurse have seen you as just another job....i'm in no way religious but the idea of talking to a vicar comes from knowing that he will listen to you and have some good advice and this will make you feel that you have at least one person who will respect you and so lifting your mood

screw the counselor and everyone else who put you down. you are going through a hard time in your life and killing yourself is no way to deal with it. I know it's hard, even though i have never experienced something like this. I really don't have an answer but you have to find something good in your life, it may be hard but try it. Find one thing that you like about yourself, and focus on that. forget everything else and focus on what you are good at, or something that you like about yourself. Please try it and please dont harm yourself.

You need serious help! No one on Yahoo can help you with what you are going through, you need to see a psychiatrist........SOON!

You'll feel better this summer. Try to read a good book once in awhile and have a hobby you like. Remember, you have food, clothing and shelter. Many children in the world are starving and homeless. Try to learn about faith in a God. He might help you sometimes.

Sword of Justice
just go near a river, listen the water flow,, repeat it every day,,you will feel your soul relieved

god loves you.and come on here,we will make you feel better-I hope!!

you have to learn to appreciate your good quality, everyone has worth and strengths, you just have to find it. You probably have a chemical unbalance that creates these feelings, you should get professional help and be open to it..

good luck, stay strong

Well......Without knowing you and your history it is very difficult for people to give you constructive answers.
You don't really say what it is you want...just a rant about how awful you are ...how fat you are..and a little about your eating and mental health problems. You haven't even said what age you are but I'm guessing your in your teenage years.

I've been a Psychiatric nurse for probably as long as you've been born and it's not an easy job...The mind is a strange thing and changing peoples perceptions is difficult...Me telling you "No your not awful or fat" just isn't going to do it ...is it?
So I think you have to go back to your doctor or nurse and tell them HOW YOU FEEL and WHAT YOU WANT TO CHANGE....
You haven't asked for help from what I can see and are too angry blaming others for not recognising your distress. Your poor mum hasn't got a clue what is happening to you...she's probably besides herself with grief watching you self destruct and too scared to say anything in case you rant at her...

Write down how you feel..
how long you've felt like this?
Were there any "triggers" for how your feeling...did something happen around that time?
Why do you feel you have to be punished?
What ACTUALLY have you done that makes you feel punishment is necessary?
What do you think wuold make things better for you ...don't answer "By dying" as thats not an answer.

Once you have all the questions answered....and don't answer them "I deserve to be punished because i'm bad"...That's not an answer either....Go to someone who you can trust...there will be someone...most likely your mum and go over them with her. She'll probably be able to make more sense of how your feeling if she knows why your feeling so awful.

I'd like to say that i've seen loads of young girls with symptoms like yours...some have been abused..WHICH IS NOT THEIR FAULT...
some have come from broken homes and feel unloved because a parent left..WHICH IS NOT THEIR FAULT...and some get bullied by peers and made to feel worthless...WHICH IS NOT THEIR FAULT.

So again..without really knowing what's made you feel so bad about yourself..it's difficult to get to the bottom of it....
But I bet your not fat, ugly or awful...just needing help finding the right road.

Good luck with your search of who you are and who you can be.

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